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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

ME feels like DANCING today!!!

Oh and ME wented outside again last night - ME wishes the mom lady person would not follow me around.  It's 'barassing for all of the nayborhood woofies, mine FURRIENDS, to see the mom lady person following me around. 

now do dance  - "when a prollem comes along, ME must whip it"

Monday, May 23, 2016

So this weekend me and Nicky had a epic rasslin match in the bedroom at 0:tooearly am.  The mom was not happy.  Nicky won because when the mom hollered at us, I did the right thing and stopped rasslin.  Nicky attacked me when I was defenseless (sitting there looking cute at the mom so she would not be mad).  So he claimed victory.  Then he hogged the bed later that night and the rest of us had to sleep somewhere else.  

The mom has decided that Billy can go outside whenever he wants, being fully snoopervised, to roll around on the sidewalk. BUT if he starts to run ofur to the naybor's house he has to come in.  He spent about a hour outside on Sunday being very good and just rolling around on the sidewalk and grass.  He smelled funky when he camed in. 

Sammy sneezed in the mom's mouth. 
Friday, May 20, 2016

If you haf not heard, mine little brofur Billy has cancer.  The v-e-t cannot say how long he has - it may be a couple of months, it may be many months or a year.  He has lost a lot of weight but is eating well.  The mom is going to make sure that he has plenty of whatever he wants to eat.  We is purring that he has many many months with us. Please purrr and purray that he will. 
Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mommy, why can't I lay on Sammy's head? 

Mommy, I want treats too (I doesn't want Billy's pills, just the treats)

Mommy, why can't I ride Miles down the hall like he's a horse

Mommy the air talks to me - and I's scared.  it's not saying anything bad, but should it be talking to me at all? 

Mommy, why can't I lay on top of Miles to cuddle with you? 

Monday, May 16, 2016

I gotted CHICK-HEN!!! well me and Billy did - howefur, he seems to forget how to open his mouf to eat foods from the mom's fingers.  On the other hand, I just grab.  The mom says that's rood.  Well the mom, I's STARVING so yore rood for making me starve!!!

Nicky was screaming at the air at the back slidy door - he said that the air was talking to him and he was screaming back.  

Sammy thinks that the new alien next door is growing too fast.  


Yes it is Miles - I think that it ate some skweerls, skunks, children and maybe a goat or cow or something.  It's just a eating machine.  The mom says all baby aliens are eating machines.  I haf warned her to keep her hands and feet away from it.  



Friday, May 13, 2016

Well, the mom is at it again with her insane ramblings. 

1.  Billy, get out of the toilet

v.  Sammy, get your head out of my armpit

%.  Nicky, get your butt off of Sam's face


uh piggy boy you forgot the bestest one:   Miles, get out of the pile of underwear. 


::hanging head in shame::

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Today is mine purrfday!!!!


Monday, May 09, 2016

Sometimes it's hard beeing a Orinch Meniss in a house full of Meezers. 

One brofur is LOWD

One brofur is RAM-BUNK-SHUS

and One brofur is a lazy lump

The mom lady person says that ME, howefur, is a DEE-LIGHT to live wif.  ME mops up the extra water in the baftub wif mine furs.  ME cleans up all of the foods that the Meezers leave on the floor by the foods dish.  ME is a hat for the mom lady person when she sleeps, so that she keeps nice and warm all night.  ME does NOT scream from unner the bed.  ME does NOT run around the house wif mine tail all poofed out 'acause I see ghosts or air or somefing.  ME does not just lay around on the cowch or bed all day doing NOFING.  ME is the BESTEST boy in the whole house. 

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Get one of those bird or mouse toys that sound like the real thing - you know they squeek or chirp when you play with them.  

Then put them on the bed and play with them - and toss them around so that they land on the mom's head (I won't say "throw them at the mom's head" but well, you get what I'm saying)

She will wake up wondering why there are birds and mice in the house and why they are smacking her in the head while she is sleeping.  

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

But Mom Lady Person......

ME needs to go out and roll around on the porch and sidewalk - it will help me breathe better

ME had to punch Miles in the head - he was being too lowd

ME had to sit on Nicky's head - it was in the way of mine butt

ME had to stick mine paws in your mashed taters - mine paws was cold and wet and your taters was warm

YOUR face was in the way of mine sneeze