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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mom Lady Person - ME does not think that THIS is really foods.  And you should not put it in your plate where ME will stick mine feets in it and then lick mine feets to taste it. 

ME would like THIS for dinner: 

or this
or this

Make is so!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hey, the mom!! So the other day we had the warms here - and the house was HOT HOT HOT.  So you turned on the cold air blowy thingy.  Um, it's 35 degrees this morning and we are all huddled unner the blankies with you.  Do you think you might haf forgot something? 

Like turning the cold air blowy thingy off and turning the hot air blowy thingy back on? 

Just asking. 

Because I'm SHIVERING.  

But you're the people and I'm the cat so I cannot be that smart.  
Tuesday, April 14, 2015

DOODS!! Guess what?   Mine old friends MACARONI and CHEESE bisited us last night. And I STOLE THEM FROM THE MOM'S BOWL!!!! 


They were soooooooooooo good.   

Monday, April 13, 2015

"me only speak FIJI".  

um, oh sorry, I thought I was talking to Nicky. 

Miles has been grownded for writing "SIBERIA" (or so he says and the mom believes) on the side of his apartment box, then trying to shove it to the door for the man in the bloo shorts to take. Nicky is very happy in "GrassSkirtPants Land" - otherwise known as the dining room to everyone else but him.  

Billy has been running outside now that the weather has been a little drier and warmer.

And the aliens.  Oh the aliens.  I hear that the one next door has eaten everyone in his family and is going to move to Indiana to eat some people out there.  I hope another alien does not move in there.  

That is the Meezer Monday report for today. 

Thursday, April 09, 2015

I declare this land GRASSSKIRTPANTS LAND!!! 

I like it here.  Even though it really looks a lot like mine old living room 

I am learning how to speak FIJI - it's kind of like English but with a weird accent.  And I am growing a mustache because the dood that looks like Sammy with a straw hat and mustache and hawaiian shert who is also the teacher at the "me only speaks FIJI" school said that a mustache is the most important thing to make the accent right.   Who knew? But I figure that since he is a native here that he knows best. 

The dood that looks like Billy that dances the native Fiji Dances is here too.  He kind of smells like Billy, but with lizzerd breth.  

I has not seen anyone that looks like Miles. 

I wonder where he went.  


Hey the mom? what is Nicky DOING in mine old apartment box?  He's howling and meezing and dancing and it's just WEERD.  I wonder what would happen if I painted "SIBERIA" on the box.  MOL MOL MOL.  

Ok the mom, I won't. 

Do we has any leftover HAM?  
Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Grassskirtpants? That does not even make any sense mommy.  SHEESH

anyway, life here in Fiji is good.  That dood that looks like Sammy with a straw hat and mouse-tache and hawaiian shert is here.  And he keeps saying "me only speaks Fiji".  So I am going to his school to learn how to speak Fiji.  

And we are learning the native dance of Fiji.  Which kind of looks like the native dance of the last place we were.  

Monday, April 06, 2015

HAM and LAMB!!!!! SCORE!!!!


Me only speak Fiji


We wented outside!!! Ok, ME was not ASKED to go outside, ME just WENT.  ME missed mine sidewalk and diveway all winter.  Mom Lady Person was not too happy


Some dood here that look like Sammy in a straw had and mouse-tache and Hawaiian shert only speaks Fiji.  It's kind of nice here but it looks su-supish-us-lee like our patio.  If the Sammy looking guy keeps bringing me meowgaritas I might stay.  
Thursday, April 02, 2015

what is this new name? Am I the "Brotherhood of the Traveling Fuzzypants?" SHEESH


So Timbuktu was kind of boring.  So it wrote Tahiti on the outside of Miles' apartment and hid in it again.  Next thing I knew I was moving for a while (it was a little bumpy and I thought I heard some giggling) and now I'm in Tahiti.  And GUESS WHAT?  There's a dood here that looks like Sammy with a straw hat and a moustache who says "me only speaks Tahiti" AND there's someone here who looks a lot like Billy wearing a grass skirt and six coconuts over his nipples dancing around and saying "ME only dances TAHITI DANCES".  what does that even mean? 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ok so some one of mine brofurs tricked me into painting the ceiling in his apartment, then the apartment moved and I ended up somewhere.  there was a dood that looked like sammy with a straw hat and moustache and hawaiian shert and he just kept saying "i only speak bora bora".  well i doesn't speak bora bora at all so i was kind of lost.  Just when i was going to cry about not being able to fine mine house, the apartment moved again and I ended up in Timbuktu.  NOW there's a dood there with a straw hat and a moustache who looks like sammy and all he can say is "me only speaks timbuktu"  Oh holy Bast.  
Sunday, March 29, 2015


That's about it from me.


Billy farted and scared hisself.  HAHAHAHAHAHA


At least ME could not smell it - mine nose is stuffed up and ME is hafing a hard time breafing.  The mom lady person is werried about me.  ME keeps telling her ME is OK


Umm, excuse me Sir? Is you SHUR you is not mine brofur Sammy? You look just like him -except wif a straw hat and moustache.  And hawaiian shert.  Am I in hawaii? 


Sir, i tell you already me only speak BORA BORA.  


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