Friday, June 15, 2018

it's been a while


It's been a while since we posted.  We doesn't know how much longer we will be keeping this blog.  I has cancer and Sammy has cancer and the mom is very very sad.  We has to move 'acause our landlord is selling our house.  Grammie has been in and out of the hospital.  The mom has had kid-me stones.  It's all just been bad around here.  

We loves you all.  

Monday, May 21, 2018

Update on us


I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will watch it.  I doesn't want to go through this again. 

Miles is not feeling well either. He has to go to the v-e-t this week.  

Nicky is a pain in my butt.  He keeps chasing me around the house all the time trying to eat me.  

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Miles purrfday

Happy Birthday Poosie baby!   

I love you to the moon and back!

Have a fun pawty!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Lies about Miles, and things Miles won't do.......... maybe


1.  I IS NOT FAT  - I'm undertall

Q.  I IS NOT A PIGGY - I just like to eat all mine foods really fast, then barf

18.  I DID NOT POOP ON THE FLOOR.  (ok, maybe I did)

D.  I DO NOT SCREAM LIKE A LITTLE GIRL IN A HORROR MOVIE (well, maybe sometimes I does)



7.  Maybe I will

Z.  It looks comfy

%.  Is that a fleece blankie in it? 

10.  ooooo it is. 


12ty.  ::sigh:: this box is comfy..................

Wednesday, April 04, 2018



The mom is a BIG FAT LIAR.

She SAID she was going to update the blog last week.  LIAR

She SAID I would not haf to go back to the v-e-t.  LIAR

She SAID I could sleep on the bed with her.  LIAR (response from the mom: I DID put you on the bed,  YOU jumped down and slept under it for 23 minutes then crawled out and HOLLERED at me from next to the bed for 10 minutes.  Then I got up and put you BACK on the bed and you walked all over me for 10 minutes and then jumped back down) 
(response from Miles: whatever, the mom)

She SAID I would be getting special foods.  LIAR (response from the mom: you ARE getting special foods, your brothers have to eat it too because, well, just because)   (response from Miles:  It SUCKS.  They are tasteless little rabbit terd pellets of yuckiness) (response from the mom: whatever, Miles)

She SAID I would get FRENCH TOAST.  LIAR  (response from the mom;  what, who's the LIAR?  You HAD french toast Sunday) (response from Miles - FRENCH TOAST EVERY DAY) (response from the mom:  Um NO)

She SAID I would get HAM for Easter.  LIAR.  (response from the mom:  Who's LYING again? You GOT ham for Easter).  (response from Miles:  wait, Easter is only once a year? NOT FAIR)

Thursday, March 29, 2018

update on us


It's been a while and anyone who is still reading our blog may be interested in an update - even though we don't think anyone reads it anymore.  

Miles - Miles has been projektile barfing and pooping.  He now has a thyroid prollem.  And the mom says that his ves-tib-u-lar prollem (like mine) is back again and he is falling down the stairs and can't jump up on anything.  His usually clears up in a few weeks or months.  Mine nefur has. 

Sammy - Sammy is doing some better.  He has about 3 more weeks of treatments.  Then the Dr will check him again in a month after that.  He is still pulling the fur off of the tops of his front legs, so he looks kind of weird.  Mom says it's stress.  

Me - I'm doing good.  I have been nice and even though there's a nice box out in the living room that Miles likes, I have not pounced on him or mailed him off anywhere.  It would be icky right now with him pooping all over the place.  


Sheesh, it's bad enough that the mom has told everyone on bookface that I poop everywhere, but Nicky, you didn't need to mention it here.  


Tuesday, March 13, 2018



We is having a SNOW PARTY.  Also combined with a HOUSE TRASHING PARTY.  


Wednesday, March 07, 2018

We are just so mad at the mom


She is so unhelpful with our blog.  We are thinking of shutting it down.  

In other news, Sammy is going for treatment.  

I had bacon and chick-hen

Nicky got outside. Then got yelled at by the mom.  A LOT. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Meezer Tuesday Report


Meezer Tuesday (because EVERY DAY IS MEEZER DAY) report

Foods:   I hadded BACON and CHICKHEN and POTATO PAMCAKES.  The BACON was good and the CHICKEN was sublime, but PAMCAKES should NEFUR be made from vile potatoes.  

Sammy Report:   Sammy is doing ok - he hadded another tumor removed.  We are hoping to get clearance for his radiation treatment to start.  

Nicky Report - Nicky is a spastic idiot.  He has been chasing Sammy around the house, and when Sammy hides, he comes after ME.  

Then I scream like a teenage girl in a horror movie until he stops.  HEY, I DID NOT WRITE THIS.  


It's mine blog too and I gets to write whatever I wants to write. And I want to write that you are very annoying when you scream like a little girl.  I has an idea - why doesn't you go lay in your box for a while? 

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Sammy Update


I has to haf another surgery to remove another small tumor.  The maybe we can do some treatment.  We just has to take a look at our finances and figure it all out.  

Otherwise I is doing ok.  The mom gived up on putting that suit on me for now.  And once she took it off me I pulled out all of the furs on my front legs where the sleeves were.  Now the mom feels like a horrible person for making me wear it.  The 2nd thing I did was lick the scab off mine belly again.  So I got the cone of shame back for a while.  So after that I just sat around and cried and cried and howled all night to keep her up.  

Monday, February 05, 2018



So, the dinosaur thing was a little scairty.  So I turned the dial on the t-i-m-e-m-a-c-h-i-n-e tellybision and wented here: It was silly.  I kind of want to find a channel about ghosts.  I like those shows. 

it's been a while

MILES It's been a while since we posted.  We doesn't know how much longer we will be keeping this blog.  I has cancer and Sammy ha...