Monday, January 02, 2006

My first post - by Sammy

My name is Sammy and I am an 18 month old Apple Head Seal Point Siamese cat. For those of you who don't speak "Meezer" that means I have a round head (not a wedge shaped head like some meezers) and I have very dark fur on my tail, feet, ears and nose. I also have dark fur on my tummy and part of my back. I was born all white like all meezers, and my colors came in by the time I was about 4 months old. My little "brother" Miles (I didnt' want him in the house, he just showed up one day about 6 months ago) is the same type of meezer as me, but he has black skunk stripes on his back. That just proves he's a stinker. We have a "grandma and grampa" living with us - 2 ginger cats who have been with mommy for 17 years - they are older than dirt! They are very cranky most of the time, although they were very very nice to me when I came here to live last year. Miles and I like to chase each other around the house all day. And we also like to chase each other all over the bed at night when mommy is sleeping. I don't think she likes that too much, but, we do and that's all that matters.


Mae West NYC said...

Hello from a Siamese cat in NYC.
How about some photographs, you meezies?
Visit me:

Eponine's Cowboy said...

The first on what will be many, I'm sure!

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