Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Where's the snow?

Last year after after crissmas and noo years, we had lots and lots of white stuff falling from the sky and all over the ground. Mommy called it Snow, and Norton and Trixie said it comes down every year when it's cold out. This year, the ground is still all green and brown, and no white stuff is falling. Where did it go? Mommy went out last year and brought some of the white stuff inside in a pan, and I gotted to touch it. I will never do that again! It gots my paws all wet and COLD. I want Mommy to bring some in when it snows again so that I can make Miles touch it. He's a scaredy about everyfing, so that should make him run around the house screaming really loud.

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Patches & Mittens said...

Welcome to the land of kitty blogging. Sandpaper kisses are the bestest kisses ever. Pictures please!!!

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