Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Setting the Record Straight


1. I did not MEAN to give Miles an Owie. Really, I blame Mommy for it. She's the one that gived me the nip, so it's her fault.
B. I blame Miles for his own owie, 'acause he was under the quilt wiggling around when Mommy was asleep, and in my nipped up state, the wiggling quilt needed to be attacked and rabbit kicked into submission. Only later did I realize that it was Miles and not the quilt that was wiggling.
3. I did too getted ham last night. Miles hadded his, and I was upstairs doing gymnastics on the really cool railing, and looking down into the living room upside down, but I was not done wif my routine yet when he was getting his ham. He came upstairs to say "nah nah nah, Mommy loves me more 'acause I gotted ham" but I was on my way down, and Mommy had a plate full just for me. Mommy said she would never give just one of us treaties, that all 4 of us gets them when she has them.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Miles has an owie - hope it's better real soon! Nip can be powerful stuff; combine that with sumbody bein' under a quilt and there's gonna be truble.
Buzzerbee & meep

one of us said...

We occasionally end up with owies from each other. However, Shadow means to give them to Ko Ko and me. ~Merlin

Patches & Mittens said...

I always blame Mittens for everything! She does lets me, too....she doesnt stick up for herself or nothin.

I do gynastics, too.......balance beam is what I am good at. I jump up on the railing and it is far down below to the bottom of the house and Mom freaks out. Well, I used to do that, I quite acuz I felled when Mom was gone and hurted my little leg and couldnt jump for a while (I am not telling her, so you dont say nothing to your mom either). Excuse me, I have to go wash.....

DEBRA said...


I know you didn't mean to give Miles an Owie. When I get nip I get a wild eye look and I do the wiggley thingy all over. I am a crazie kitty when I do the nip nip. We all still love you. M'stakes and aceedents happen.


Les Trois Chats said...

I like to jump on the railing too, and Mom and the boy and girl have complete freak-outs because, well, I'm not all that good at balancing yet and I usually end up holding the rail with my front arms like a person (grab). Dad just says "Well if he falls, he'll learn, and we can't be here all the time." Mom gives him a look and gives me a squeeze.

Mom used to tell me all the time that she was only giving me a treat. But then I figured out that she tells all of us that she's only giving us treats and she loves us best. But I really like when she does it, so I'm pretending I don't know.

~ moose

Kukka-Maria said...

I think you might want to swear off of the nip, my friend. When you think your brother is a rabbit, you are pretty far gone.

12 little steps, brother...12 little steps to shaking the nip.

Bonnie Underfoot said...

My plan: Keep the nip. Get rid of the brother. I don't even go near the bed anymore acause of him.