Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Dance is over

Like Derby's mom's Panthers, our Panthers losted in the "Big Dance" too. We are sad 'bout this, so this is for our Mom and Dad - we lookeded up the werds so that we would get them right:

Hail to Pitt Hail to Pitt Efurry Loyal Son
Hail to Pitt Hail to Pitt Till the victory is won
The Gold and Blue shall wave furever
On High through fair and stormy weather
We'll sing Her praises fur and wide until the end of time
Hooperay, hooperary for dear old U-N-I
Give her a grand old Alleghenee, genac, genac, genac
we'll wave and cheer for many a year
and sing her songs out loud and clear
for our Uni-ver-si-ty

Weird song. We wonder what kind of weird language Mom and Dad studied in that collage place.

Oh, and if THIS is what they consider a Panther, no wonder they losted.


Derby said...

Hmmm, the Panthers I know are all black. Maybe this guy needs a dye job.

Mum was a Panther in high school too. Then wented to a school and was a Pointer. Then went back to school again as a Panther. Sheesh, shes been to lots of schools.

Yeah, mum hadded the game on and she is bummed too. The KY Wildcats are playing now.

Derby said...

Also, thanks for your help at the party on Friday night. Gotted a bit crazy for a while.

Patches & Mittens said...

Well, that is a scary monster and I am going to hide!

Nice to see you at the party, Derby. Thanks for filling us in on everything.

Chatham said...

GO Nittany Lions!!

Beau said...

I hope the Lions, Cougars, and Wildcats look better than that cougar. He also looks malnourished.

Sanjee said...

That's a panther??? It looks more like a teddy bear with evil demon eyes.

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