Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hey, I have Rules too!


I have some rules too that cannot be broken.
1. I am going to stick my nose up your nostril or lick your eyelids at 2:14 am if I want to - I'm up, you should be too.
2. When you leave the room with the purrson's litterbox, please check the tub 'afore you close the door - I'm usually in there prakticing tub hockey.
3. If you are silly enuf to sit on the couch wif food, I am going to stand on your lap and try and lick it as you put it in your mouf. You are eifer going to haf to give me a bite, or eat somefing wif cat spit on it. It's your choice.
4. I am a Siamese Cat - we like being "up". The more "up" the better. Given that, I will use you as a launching pad at 4:43 am to try and reach my ultimate goal of standing on the ceiling. Also, if you put somefing on the walls that would let me stick and walk up the walls when I jump at them, I would 'preciate it. Then I would not haf to bofer you at 1:27am by screaming at the walls.

You are a good Mommy now, but following these rules will make you a much better mommy, and then I just might let you sleep.


Zuleme said...

You meezers would love Silas's penthouse. It is about nine feet up. Get your daddy to build you one!

Max said...

Keep talkin', lil bro...I've been tryng to get People to understand the rules for almost 5 years now, and they still don't get it.

DEBRA said...

Miles --

You do need a tall cat condo. Bring Sammy and you can come play on mine!


Patches & Mittens said...

I love these rules. I need to make some. Do they listen, that is what I am wondering????

Gigolo Kitty said...

Some people are just plain inconsiderate . It should be a rule that kitties get to share the nice tasty morsels on the human's plate!

Les Trois Chats said...

Miles and Sammy,
Be careful with too much alk-tay about ules-ray... Moms tend to start thinkin' that they need to set down a few after a while. I'm just warning you. Plus we all just spent the night in the laundry room because Moose was trying to get on the ceiling at 1:30am.

I do still say that the people should be more careful about shutting doors (bathrooms, closets, cabinets...) because somebody might be in there still!
~ turtle

moseskitty said...

That's not nearly enough rules, but I suppose they will work untill you get your people trained better.

Buzzerbee & meep said...

Hey, if the people can have rules, so can we . . . fair is fair after all! You guys both have some pretty good rules there, by the way!

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

LOL. This is the funnyest ever. Thanks for making me lausgh so hard! Really. We are so boring, but know we are having ideas of midnight antics in mom's bedroom.

The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South

Kukka-Maria said...

Very reasonable, Miles. You're mom is lucky you take the time to train her properly!

Athena said...

You two kitties am my heroes.

Kelly Cat said...

Those are all good rules to live by!

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Like I told Sammy, Cats Rule. NO EXCEPTIONS.