Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm sorry you were late for werk


Yes Mommy, I am going to be cute like this efurry morning so that I can get more belly scritches. You'll just haf to set the beepy thing to get you up earlier so you won't be late for work 'acause you're adoring me.

My friend Abby was not feeling well and hadded to go to the V-E-T yesterday. So, since I am getting better at teleporting, I'm going to go visit her and help her feel better.


Gigolo Kitty said...

Good advice Sammy! You are a wise kitty!

Luna said...

Hi... you are a so cute kitty!! =^.^= welcome to my blog

Buzzerbee & meep said...

You go, Sammy! There is nuthin' more important than luvin' a kitty! If your mom explained to her work, they'd probably let her come in later . . .

Hope your friend Abby is feelin' better.

Patches & Mittens said...

Mittens has been sneezing and I sneezed once today. Maybe you could come over????

DEBRA said...


Glad your Mom didn't mind you teleportin' over last night. You sure helped make me feel so much better.Kitty hugs are the best!

Sammy is my sweetie pie!


Tucker said...

Mamas don't ever have enough time in the morning for scritches. Don't they know how important scritches are!?!?!?

Sorry about your friend Abby. I hope she gets better so she don't have to go the Pokey Place again.

Da Katz & Reni said...

oh what a purrty kitty. Iz your name Sammy???

Mommi say she hadz a kitty named Sammy long time ago. He was purrty like you iz.

Mommi gotz to get a jobbie so she gotz to post dis paper tingy uv work histry or sumting.

Soze I gotta stop playin wit da keybored.

Have a nice scritchy wit your mommi.

Bye Bye.

Chatham said...

Just think of all the rubs you could get if she didn't werk AT ALL!!

one of us said...

AWWWWWWW so sweet ~Poi Mom Jane

Bonnie said...

What sweet cat Sammy. Mine would never apologize for making me late. It would be my duty to just work AND pet them...

brandi said...

I get lots of scritchies mostly in the evening when mamam gets home. But SOMETMES in the morning. When I look really cute and beg sweetly enought.

I don't care, scritchies are good any time.Mama loves giving them to me at night. Maybe she saves up during the day when she is away! Anyway, I get a lot when she is home!

I get brushies at night after dinner, too. :-) I purr loud then!

Kukka-Maria said...

Sounds like your mom (like mine) needs to learn some time management.

Lesson 1: Morning Schedule
1. Wake up to scratchy kisses
2. Pet cat
3. Get up
4. Give treats to cat
5. Shower, if you must.
6. Give fresh water and fill bowls
7. More treats
8. Belly rubs
9. Go to work to earn more money for food and treats

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