Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gramma Trixie

First off, the brats, I mean boys, are taking a voluntary time out from blogging today to stand in solidarity with Gemini. Seems that there was a party at her place this weekend, and the boys went and may or may not have done something that caused trouble, and they feel bad. So, they will be back tomorrow.
In the mean time, I have some things to say on this here blog thingie.

Aren't I cute? I am the original Princess. I know that MiaBella, as adorable as she is , calls herself a Princess, but I have been around a lot longer, so I'm the original. Just ask my Daddy.

This is for Mom. I'm almost 18 years old now. You can stop with the cutsey nicknames like Trixie Pixie Puddin Pop, Pincess, Pinny, Pitsie, Pixie, and Trissie. It's embarassing. And Norton does not like being called Snortin' Norton.

Since Miles did a Top 10 List of why he cannot sit still, I thought I would do a Top 10 List of Things You Have Been Wondering About Me (and one thing about Norton) For 18 years.

10. Remember when you had me "fixed" and I had to wear that cone around my head? I didn't think it was funny that you called me "flood light" and laughed when I walked into the wall face first and got stuck. You try weighing 3 lbs and wearing a 5 lb cone around your head and see how well you do walking.
9. Yes, I can see the air. And the wind.
8. Yes, I was the one who pushed the memo button on your answering machine thingie and recorded Norton and Ralphie attacking me. I just wanted you to know what went on when you were out.
7. Yes, I knew my tail was on fire when I put it in the candle, I just wanted to see if you would save me. You didn't have to throw me in the sink and try and drown me though.
6. Yes, I ate your dried wedding bouquet. It was tasty.
5. Yes, I ate all the rest of the plants in the house. Salad is very good for you.
4. The reason that I tried to jump into the toll booth change thingie on the Pennsylvania Turnpike is because Ralphie farted. Oh, and stop calling me Toll Booth Trixie because of it.
3. I do think it's funny when you cannot find me when you are going to bed at night, and run around the house screaming my name, and then go outside and look for me. I'll never tell you where I'm hiding. And neither will any of the boys if they know what's good for them.
2. The reason I stare at you 3 inches from your face all night when you are sleeping is because it freaks you out, which makes me laugh. After 18 years I would think you would get over it.
1. It was Norton who stole the ham steak out of the frying pan when it was cooking and put it in our food dish. That's what you get for turning your back on the stove when something yummy is cooking, Daddy.


Chatham said...

Gramma - I really like your list. I may have to think of one, too. After almost 19 years, I've got my people pretty well trained.

PrincessMia said...

Thank you Gramma Trixie. I think you deserve the preeminent title of Queen. ::curtseys:: Your majesty.

Timmy said...

I can't a'lieve all the amazing things that happened to you! I giggled when I read about you recording the cat fight. Oh and when your tail went on fire...didn't it stink? Momma says burnt hair always stinks...

Kukka-Maria said...

Instead of "OG" for "Original Gangster," I think we should start calling you "The OP"--for The Original Princess.

You know, from what I hear, when you turn 18, you can move out of your parents' home and get a palace of your own! I've still got 11.25 years before I qualify.

But, on second thought, who would provide you with "salad" and goodies? I really have to think this through...

Mrs. Sniffles said...

Boy you guys sounds like you have the BEST time.

Fat Eric said...

Hi Trixie
Nice to meet another Gorgeous Ginger. What an interesting life you have led.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

You Go Trixie! You've got spunk!

brandi said...

Oh, my goodness. You have had such a life. Hope your tail didn't hurt too much when it was burned. And way to go on the hamm. Smart kitties at your house, whether it was you OR Norton who stoled the hamm!

You made my mama smile.

Patches & Mittens said...

You guys wuz good at the party! Tell your MOm we said so!!!!

Les Trois Chats said...

Trixie -
You are so, so beautiful! Your momma is so lucky to have known you for so long. I like that you ate the wedding bouquet. Heehee.

~ nala

Derby said...

Queen Trixie. I think you deserve a promotion. Loved your list, it made me laugh.

Plus mum knows why she won't use candles with me around.


Zeus said...

Granny Trixie, I think even I will not mess with you! You seem to be comparable to Isis' witchcraft!

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Oh Trixie, such a legacy! You're an amazing grace. (I see the air and wind, too) What's a turnpike? Sum kinda fish? Mmmm.

one of us said...

Go Trixie...you tell 'em ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

DEBRA said...

Toll Booth Trixie...oh my...my Momma nearly split her pants on that one.

YOU ROCK Grandma Trixie!

Hi Sweet Sammy!


Georgia said...

I find it somewhat offensive that they call you Grandma when you are only two years older than I am and I most certainly am NOT a grandma!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

All the appropriate honors to you, Trixie. You are the wise elder female among us. We enjoyed reading your posting.

The Crew

Punkin said...

I remember one time; the cat who came before me, Romeo, sniffed a candle and burned his nose. So, he told me that it didn't hurt and that I should try it too. Well, I did and it hurted. I guess he just wanted me 'perience everything that he had 'perienced. Punkin

P.S. We didn't call him S**THEAD for nothin'. The mom

DaisyMae Maus said...

Excellent post, Gramma Trixie ... I can fully understand why you were so loved.


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