Monday, May 22, 2006

Little Garden of Horrors


Has anycat seen this movie?

I fink that we has a baby one of those growing in our garden. I am worried, 'acause apparently there are "aliums" out there -Buddah has seen one in his own house! And then there was the UFO in our back yard that I pointed out to Mommy. I don't fink it was the pool, I fink that it landed and planted

THIS in our garden:

Doesn't it look like the fing in that ofer pikshur? I fink it's going to open up and EAT somefing - like a kitty cat or a woofie or a person even!

**NOTE FROM THE MOM: This is a red Poppy plant. I planted it last summer, but it stayed really small until about 2 weeks ago, and yesterday I noticed that it will bloom soon! I'm so excited!

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE*** Please go and visit Edsel - his Mom has been in the hospital since Thursday and he is furry furry worried.


DEBRA said...


I did sees dat movie...dat plant thingie was named Seymour. He was a mean plant. He sure could sing a good song doh.

Since you and Miles and Trixie are indoor poodin, I don't think you need worry...but if you fink that plant is a minachur Seymour, we need to find an ex-stur-men-ator to come and get rid of that scairty plant.

Your Momma will watch out for you.

Hi Sweet Sammy!!!!


Oscar the Wonder Cat said...

ohhh I don't think I would go too near that plant just in case. Tiptoe around it if you can.

Patches & Mittens said...

Oh, Mittens took one look at that picher and runned into the closet. I think I would bat my paw at if first, before I run.

Patches Lady

Gemini said...

I'd stay away from your plant just in case. Make sure your momma doesn't get too close either if it gets much bigger.

Kukka-Maria said...

I think it looks alarmingly identical to that plant from the movie!

Plus...wasn't it poppies that put Dorothy and her Yellow-Brick Gang to sleep in the Wizard of Oz?

jenianddean said...

OH! I would stay away from that thing!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Be careful. Be V-e-r-y careful. We could send Scout over to stalk & pounce on it. He like to do that, but we think he'd run to the closet too! -Scooby & Shaggy

William said...

Stay away! You don't know what that thing will do!

one of us said...

Run Sammy and Miles and take Grammie Trixie with you. Who knows what that plant will do. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO

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