Wednesday, May 24, 2006


To any poodin out there who wants to try the Ham stinky goodness (or Pheasant or Trout), and you don't have a Wegmans nearby (it's a NY, NJ, PA, DC and VA thing) our Mommy is willing to send some to you (no charge, she says the cans are not expensive). They are the little Fancy Feast size cans. Just send Mommy an email wif your address (email is in our profile) and she will send a few cans out to you.


I killed one of Mommy's pillows. I werked all night to get a nice hole in it so that I could get some of the feathers out to eat, and I fink I werked too hard. There were about a squillion feathers on the floor when Mommy woked up this morning, and her pillow was just about flat. She said she will have to pick up all the feathers by hand when she gets home from werk tonight acause the carpet sucking monster would prolly break if she used it. After all that werk I did, I am not allowed to play in the bedroom today - she closed the door. it's NOT FAIR.


DEBRA said...

My Dear Sammy!

You did such a fine job on the feather pillow, doesn't your Momma understand us poodins like playin wif feathers?

Don't feel bad, my Momma also closes da bedroom door on all of us becuz Ping sprayed in der and Momma said she couldn't let any of us in there becuz of him.

Humpf...big brofurs!

By Sweet Sammy!

William said...

At least you didn't throw up on her bed. My bro has done that, and now we're all banned without supervision. But I have supervision. I can see a bug miles away, so I don't get it.

I ate a feather once. It was a baby hawk feather my mom found. I couldn't help it.

I've been working on a pillow on a living room chair. I know it doesn't have feathers but I can't stop myself. It's got an inviting texture.

Maybe I have a pillow problem.

Patches & Mittens said...

Momma always says "Patches, life isn't always fair." I hate it when she gets all philosophical with little me....sounds like you did a wonderful job on the pillow, I am sure it is dead!!

Patches Lady

Mrs. Sniffles said...

Aw, Sammy, poor guy. Just think how lucky you are to be allowed in the bedroom to begin with! I'm not allowed to go in there because there are a lot of unprotected wires, leather things for me to chew on, and I get stuck under the bed. I call it Forbidden Room #1 (#2 is the bathroom).

Gemini said...

Momma laughed. She said she had a dog once who ate a hole in the water bed. She'd rather pick up feathers by hand--of course Chey would have eaten them if it was after work!

Kukka-Maria said...

Miles, what a generous offer for stinky goodness. If I liked stinky goodness, I would take you up on it, but everytime my mom has tried to serve it to me, I turn up my nose (which ticks her off...BONUS!).

Sammy, as a good-will gesture, you should offer to pick up the feathers with her, but then as you try, you can say, "Whoops! I don't have opposable thumbs! Sorry!"

Then, she can't blame you for not trying...

Zeus said...

Miles - Your human pet is so kind to make such a generous offer. I think we may be able to convince our pet to contact your's so we can try it out too!

Sammy - I don't understand what the problem was. Everything in the house is technically yours so why was the human pet surprised that you wanted to modify the pillows? Maybe the feathers are comfier! You should try them out together!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Hmmmm, yes. Mom's do tend to get upset when they find what they call "messes". Tell her it's your latest artistic masterpiece and that she should appreciate your talent!


Peggy said...

Mom keeps her bedroom door closed during the day too. She got mad at us cause we knocked a few things off her dresser. We wuz just looking at ourselves in the mirror for heavens sakes! She has too much junk on her dresser anyways!
Whiskers and Dimples

LauraHinNJ said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog about Dora.

Bunnies like to *kill* pillows too!

Lone Star Purrs said...

Your Momma (and y'all)is furry generous to share your stinky good ness wif us. We'll try to convive our Momma to talk wif your's an' maybe send us some.
Sammy-I'm in trouble least you didn't get grounded! ~Kiara

Victor Tabbycat said...

If Mom wants to hide feathers in the pillows, we're aposed to find a way to get them out, right? Why else would they make feather toys for us kitties?

maverick said...

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