Thursday, June 22, 2006

I likes hafing to rest


I likes hafing to help Mommy rest. See, I'm sleeping on a folder from her werk so that she is not doing anyfing stressful.

I finded anofer food I don't like - salsa. oh and also q-come-burrs. why do people haf to eat so many veg-tables. what's wrong wif meat? or fish? or shrimps? or even French Toast?

Mommy goes back to the dr tomorrow to see if she needs the trans-fu-shun. She says it's no big deal and it will make her feel better, but how can sticking needles in someone make them feel better? I don't know.


brandi said...

tell your mama good luck! My mama does needles every day, and she says it's no big deal (she takes insulin). Oh, and she gives blood every two months so that it helps people like your mama!

PrincessMia said...

We will keep your beanmom in our thoughts.
love and purrs,

Zeus said...

You are a very good feline friend, Miles. I am sure you are taking great care of your human pet in her time of need. Make sure to send her lots of healing purrs and headbutts!

DEBRA said...


I know you and Sammy and Trixie are giving your Momma all your healing purrs. Let us know how she is and we will keep her in our thoughts and purrayers.

Hi Sweetest Sammy!!!

Kukka-Maria said... looking so adorable reinforces my adoration. What a stud!

As for the transfusion, you mom is right. It's still scary, though!

Patches & Mittens said...

Q-Come-Burrs and salsa are NASTY! Maybe your momma would get better quicker if she ate better. Give her some of your stinky goodness. Anyway, tell her we are sending our healing purrs to her and will teleport if need be.

Patches Lady

Hi, Trixie!


William said...

Hope your mom doesn't need one of those things. Maybe if you shared some crunchies with her she wouldn't.

Cheysuli said...

Miles, yes you are adorable. I think you deserve some more ham. I have no idea why humans eat things that aren't tasty, but I do happen to have a taste for salsa!

Needles do help. The woman is an acupuncturist and she gets great results--and those aren't even the size needles delivering something important like your Mom's would be. Still, I hope that she is feeling better and doesn't have to go do that.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

No wonder your momma is sick & worn out. She does work type work at home! Home is for kitty petting & fun only.

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