Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just 'acause


Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. Just 'acause Sammy and I look alike, doesn't mean that we like the same fings.

Just 'acause HE likes to lay on his back on your lap while you are on the human litter box, and listen to you babble on about how beautiful his blue eyes are, and he purrs and acts like a goof, doesn't mean that I like that. Well, I do like hearing that I has purrty blue eyes too.


Yeah, just 'acause HE likes to climb up on your shoulder and the flip and flop all over you while you are on the couch, doesn't mean that I like to do that. I like laying calmly against your leg.


Just 'acause HE like to chase feather toys and eat the feathers out of your pillows, doesn't mean that I like feather toys. I like bottle caps. Please don't frow them all out.


Just 'acause he is a food obsessed lunatic, doesn't mean that I am too. I don't like people food, and I don't like a lot of stinky goodness, I like the crunchy food and some cruncy treats. Please 'amember to check the crunchy bowl in the mornings so that I don't has to eat stinky goodness that I don't like and then frow up on the carpet. Save the people food for him - it's funny when he eats somefing that he finks he will like and then doesn't like it - like vegetables.


Ofer fings I like:
- laying under the top cover on the bed and biting your toes
- hanging over the balcony upstairs and looking down into the living room. Just 'acause I fell on my head once or twice doesn't mean I don't like to still do it.
- getting my full belly rubbed so that I can, um, well, poot. It makes me feel better.
- licking your earlobe. I dont' care that you don't like it. It's fun
- my nose up your nostrils. Again, it's fun

Ofer fings I like that Miles doesn't:
- laying on your head
- trying to answer the phone when it rings - if you didn't have a flip phone, I could do it.
- playing wif your clock on the bedside table. I fink I figured out how to reset the time. HAHA
- stealing tampons from the drawer
- pushing fings into the human littlerbox
- pushing Miles down the stairs ( I fink he likes this too, sometimes)
- getting that spot where my tail meets my butt scratched - OOOOOHHHHHH YEAHHHHH
- hamstring rubs

Now that you have this list, please try and 'amember so that we don't has to get mad at you anymore.


Oreo said...

She am your Momma...don't she know you apart?!?!?!?!

Gemini said...

Cheysuli says humans do that with Meezers. Momma is always expecting her to cuddle like her old cat Simone did. But she doesn't like to cuddle. She's more like you Miles--liking to run around and eat!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Me likes both of you cuties. You do so many fun things that we need to try out in our house.

Maggie & Molly said...

That is a good list that you left for your momma, maybe she will print it out and put it on the refregerator so she won't forget from now on.
I am glad you liked my new toys, you can come play with me any time

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Thats an awesome list! You guys are so different, just like me & scooby are! -Shaggy

DEBRA said...


I udder-stand how it is to be different. I know what I likes and what I don'ts too. Momma udder-stands and she says I am her littlest princess(although I didn't want to tell her I am the QUEEN).

You need to teleport over and we play wif my feather toys.

Meowmeowmeooowie my Sweet Sammy!
(PS..beans don't udder-stand our meowings)


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