Saturday, July 15, 2006



I was locked in the dungeon AGAIN today. Why can't mommy 'amember to look around to make shur that I am not there? I cried and cried and cried, and FINALLY she heared me - after 2 hours!!
She felted really bad though, and her face even leaked 'acause she said she felt bad. Then she gived me tuna water!! I never hadded tuna water 'afore, and ohhhhhhhhhhh, it was so good. And she efenn kepted Miles away from it so that I could have all I wanted. I suppose I will forgive her - after I make her feel bad for a little while longer.


Ayla said...

Oh Sammy! That's so horrible. I think you should go and throw up on your mom's pillow to even the score.

Derby said...

Sammy you poor thing. I am happy that the way to our dungeon doesn't have a door that can lock me in.

But getting tuna water. Yum.

Patches & Mittens said...

Now you know how to get tuna water, although it seems a bit drastic. Maybe you could pretend you gotted hurt, limp a little......on second thought, she would probably take you to the vet if you did that.

We dont have a dungeon. The worst thing Momma ever did was break my tail in the door, member that? That was good for a lot of treats and extra loves.

Mittens says hi best friend Trixie!

Patches Lady

Oreo said...

Oh no! I did not know that yore Momma was so mean Sammy! That am terrible! At least she felt bad after she abused you!! Fank you guys so much for tryin to help wiff that post yesterday. I really appreciate it.

Rose said...

Sammy, that sounded horrfibble, ina dungeon. I hate those, is a good thing we have none of that here, in Jersey, or, least we haffent seen one yet. But I know'd
how you felt. Last night when Queen Mum was gettin' somethin from the cold box, I went in to see if I liked anythin, and next thing I know, the light goes out!
It stayed out, like, fuurever, and I cried and cried, then afur she look effrywhere for me, she hears my cryin' and opens the box. I was soo cold! Queen Mum tried to pick me up, but then I saw my brofur, Prince Brutus, eatin somethin ans I went over to take it away frum him. I shoulda smaked Brutus, cuz I was copyin him, he's always goin in there, and I diddnt think it was THAT cold! oh well, I'm glad you liked the tuna water...I have to get Queen Mum to get us SALMON!! They haf that in th' can, and I love me my salmon!
Well, gotta go, it's Sunday and we got visitin t'do. Glad to meetchas!
Princess Marigold

Fat Eric said...

Poor Sammy! What an ordeal! We don't have a dungeon. I am glad your mum is trying to make it up to you. See how long you can make her feel guilty for!

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Our dungeon is like Derby's wif no door. It's a great place to hide and asplore. It's also where our litter boxes are hidden. Poor Sammy. I've been shut in, sumtimes efun on purrpose! and there's nofing worse than a closed door.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we hates closed doors but there's one of em in our house an it goes to the room wif the bed that belongs to the girl who's lergic to us an so we're not supposed to get our fuzzies in the room cept we wanna go in there cause we don't like closed doors an once i was trapped in that place for hours an so i gotted into all her stuff an left my fuzzies all over her bed an then she got a rash an i got extra treats too cause the Lady felt sad fur me being stuck in there

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

that was me (Cocoa) an i forgotted ta sign mine name

Zeus said...

I don't normally get locked up in places because I'm very loud, and my human pet knows right away when I am trapped. However, Isis gets locked in places all the time! She's so silly - she won't even cry until someone walks by, and her cries are so soft that no one hears her.

At least your human pet found you and repented for this horrible act. Isis never gets an "I'm sorry," from the human pet. It's always a conditional "I'm sorry" as in "I'm sorry, but if you hadn't followed me into the closet then you wouldn't be in here right now."

caspersmom said...

Hey Meezers, thanks for stopping by my blog site. Was good hearing from you. Yeah, me and Cleo get to wrestling too, but she tires me out kind of quick. But I give her what for before she does though.


Maobert Nichols said...

Thanks for the tip on how to git sum toona water. I used to git locked in garajes (other peeples, not my own). But thank goodniss I have my booming meezer voice ... the peeple always find me. I've bin trying to stay owt of garajes becuz the last time I was trapped for 2 days.

katnippia said...

Sammy - I feels really bad you got shut in the dungens.Pounce always gets shut in a room, cause she always hides and mommy and daddy never sees her go in theres. There was one time she gots locked ins all dayz, and mommy cames home and gave hers lots of luvez. Glad your mommy gave yuz tunie waters to make up for locking yuz in theres.

Feline Oligarchy said...

Poor Sammy. Poor Sammy's mommy! But we don't think that just one serving of tuna water is quite enough to alleviate guilt for TWO hours in the dungeon.

DEBRA said...


I is so glad to learn you is OK! That had to be terribly scairty!! But, Sammys figurin out how to get tuna waters...YUM! You still thinkin wif your head! I's so proud of you.

Just tell your Momma to be real careful!

Purrs & Headbutts

jenianddean said...

I used to sneak down sometimes when I was a kitten and we had a dungeon. It was always a good adventure with boxes to fall into and crawl around and spiders to hunt. But Mom and Dad never trusted me down there too much.

Tuna water is one of my favorite treats and I think it's worth the two hours of crying to get it!

William said...

Poor, poor boy!