Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm heeeerrrreeee


Hello! My name is Seville (as in Seville Oranges, get it?) and I just arrived at the Meezer household yesterday. I am one of the squillions of Green Wall Shelter Kitties and I came from the litter that Boni, Sanjee and Mini's mom Robyn got at the shelter. I am so happy to be here!

I had a nice trip here and only had to wait outside until the lady got home for a little while. Sure was hot though. Once I got inside it was nice and cool.

I met all of the Meezers! At first they were a little shy, preferring to chew on my box instead of say hello. I guess poodins can be like that sometimes. This is Sammy thinking about saying "hello". He is the shyest.

Once they all got a little more interested, the lady read the letter that arrived with me

I brought some stinky goodness, treats and a toy with me too!

Sammy went wild for the giant fur mousie.

I found out Miles was the most social of the Meezers

Miles seemed to like sniffing me, and then after the lady set me on the couch, he came up and eventually sat with me. I did talk to Trixie for a few minutes, she said I reminded her of her brofurr Norton because I'm a ginger cat too.

Tomorrow, I think I will ask the lady to take me outside to visit her gardens, if it's not too hot.

I am furry glad to be here living with the Meezers - I hope to report on more of my adventures soon!


Kukka's mom will not bail her out of jail. Brach has started a protest, and I maded a poster too, but the Dread Pirate Blogger (thanks Brach, I likes that) will not let me post the pikshur. But I has been marching around the lifing room shouting "FREE KUKKA NOW' for the last hour. I hopes our protest will werk and that Kukka can get out of jail soon.


MILES! Oh for petes sake SHUT UP. I can't sleep! I want Kukka out of jail too, but can we do wifout all the shouting? If you don't shut up, you will lose your voice and then you will not be able to scream at Mommy for ham when she gets home from werk.


Oh, you're right Sammy. "free kukka now! free kukka now! free kukka now!" I has to save my voice.


DEBRA said...

Hi Seville welcome to the catbloggin world! I bet you are going to have lots of fun adventures with Sammy and Miles and Trixie! C-ya soon!!

HI sweetest Sammys!

Purrs and headbutts~

Patches & Mittens said...

Oh, wow, another 'ramic cat got dopted! Keep us posted on Seville's ventures. Our two are on the drying machine. It is too hot in the Big Outside for them. Looks like you made quite a haul!

Patches Lady

Hi there sweetest Trixie friend!!

Mittens Pollypaws

Oreo said...

Hey Seville! Glad you made it safly. Your brofur Pitch am comin to live wiff me.

Zeus said...

Hello Seville! I wonder if your house has a indoor theatre too...Sammy, show him where it is!

Brach said...

Kukka always says Miles is a precious and courteous boy.

It shows in this post!

Gemini said...

Oh you got a good home Seville! I'm sure that both Meezer boys and Trixie will be so furry nice and friendly.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Looks like you went to a good home Seville! Looking forward to seeing more of you! Nice of you to bring gifts with you!

PrincessMia said...

Hi Seville! Very pleased to meet you and looking forward to reading all about your adventures in MeezerLand.

caspersmom said...

Hey, Sammy thanks for sticking up for me. Don't know why mom had to find that picture anyhow Would have moved if I'd known Gizmo was that close.

Goodness that's a weird cat that you have with all those neat goodies you got. Guess you will get to know Seville over time.


Anonymous said...

we're furry glad ta meet you Seville. an we're excited cause your brofur Darkle is on his way to our house!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Hi guys...we'll tell Midnight that his brother Seville found a good home. (sigh) Our Mom is way behind in updating our links...GET WITH IT, Mom!

Do you think Finnegan J. Katz should be hired to represent our dear Kukka?

Derby said...

Hi Seville. Vir-ginger and I are happy you found a good home. The Meezers are good kitties.

Hot(M)BC said...

Yay! We's so happy Seville made it to yalls house ok. We bets yall will all have lotsa fun together. Give Seville a headbutt for us.
~~ Sanjee and the rest of the Hot(M)BC

Emma's Kat said...

Hi Meezers!! Emma and I have not gotten around to visiting you yet as there are so many new sites we've discovered and not enough time!!! But, here we are and so glad to finally meet you at your place! We haven't gotten our Green Wall kitty, Min Min yet! We are anxiously awaiting her arrival! Come visit us at Emma's Blog and Kat's Cat!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Hello to Seville. You am so lucky to be adopted into Sammy and Miles' home. They am such nice sweet kitties. You sure knew how to make em happy right away by bringing toys and foods to share!

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