Tuesday, August 22, 2006

am I weird?


Am I weird 'acause I likes to have my paw pads massaged? I makes me all weak in the tummy and I get all purry and mooshy and I can't fink. My paws go all crazy and I make biscuits and get "baby paws" and I can't stop. I loves it when Mommy massages me between my paw pads. Miles and Trixie hate having their paws massaged. They said I was weird. Do any of you like to has your paw pads massaged, or am I just weird?

Oh, and Miles wants efurryone to know that he gotted 2 pieces of deli ham last night for being nice to Trixie


DEBRA said...


You look liked your ready for your dinner sitting at dey table. Dat wuz so sweet.

I like Momma to rubs my paws. The offur kitties don't want their paws touched, but the only fink I don't likes is for Momma to touch my bee-hind and since I don't have a tail she has to clean me up once in awhile and I's don't likes it AT all. I even likes for her to rub my tuxedo.

So no Sammy you aren't weird at all. I fink if more kitties would let their Mommas touch their paws they would find how nice it is and go all moooshey too.

Miles, I's glad your Momma gave you extra hams last night. You wuz so nice to Miss Trixie.

Hope your doin good today Miss Trixie.

By to my sweet and most gorgeous blue eyed Sammys!
PURRS and Headbutts

Anonymous said...

No Sammy your not weird.I've heard of other kitty's who like this. Yet as for me I won't let mommy touch my paws at all. If she does I bite her hard same thing with the vet.

Patches & Mittens said...

Wow, Sammy, you are all way on the table! Momma would kick my little butt off. Both us girls hate our pawsies touched, esp. the back ones. Momma can sometimes hold the front ones, but no massaging, no way! Mittens says hi to Trixie and again says how nice a boy you are to take care of her.

Patches Lady

Junior said...

I don't like my paws touched. I let my Meowmy get away with it now and then, but if she tries to much I bite or scratch her. Just enough to let her know that she needs to stop. I may get used to it one day.....it does feel kinda nice sometimes.

Gemini said...

I don't mind having my paws touched but I don't really like it. Cheysuli kinda likes it. Maybe it's a meezer thing?

Latte said...

I like my paws touched sometimes. Of course I hate to be touched in general but if you're going to be touched, the paws are a good place for it.

Meezer's are always allowed on the table in our house. They couldn't keep us off if they tried. And they have.

Kukka-Maria said...

I associate touch on the paw pad with nail clippings.

Uh...no thank you!

The Tower Hill Mob said...

We don't like having our tufty toes touched at all. Toby twitches his out of the way when Mum or Dad try.
I hope Trixie is well today. It's hard to be old and achy.
I'm glad Miles got some ham for being nice to Trixie. SOME kitties could learn from that example.
You're on the table. You OWN that table.heehee

=^..^= said...

If you're weird, then I must be weird too... coz me likes to haf me paw pads massaged and caressed too!


Cecilia said...

Mrs. B does not like her feet touched at all. Bubbles will let me play with his feet if he is in the mood. I love kitty paws and your Mommy is very lucky that you love it when she massages them.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

You can touch my paws any time you want. Sometimes I'll claw you. Sometimes I'll bite you. Sometimes I'll purr and lick your shirt. It all depends on my mood.

No one has ever touched my paws or claws and no one ever will!


caspersmom said...

Hi Sammy, I don't think you are weird cause you like your paw pads rubbed. I put up with a little bit of anything Mom does to me but sometimes I have to put a stop to it. She knows when I don't like it anymore and she quits. I use to be hated to be hugged but Mom would squeeze me hard then let me go. I let her hug me longer now.

Miles I think that was a real nice thing you did for Trixie, especially if she can't see to well. You really deserved the ham you got last night.

BTW my Mom hates it when we get on the table, she yells at us.


tikkles said...

In answer to your question:


You pervert.

brandi said...

If my mama tries to rub my toes she gets hissed at and/or bited! She can rub the tops of my front paws once in a while, though. Very softly. While she is petting the rest of me, sometimes, or just talking softly to me.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I don't like having my paw pads tuched becuz it makes me remember all the foot baths win they had to wash the squishy poop out frum between my toze. But that's just me.

Send Trixie over heer! I'll be nice to her for 2 slices of ham!

Derby said...

No I don't care for the paw massaage. But concats to Miles on getting HAM.

Beau Beau & Angie said...

We're more alike than I thot. I like my pawsies touched too. I don't efun mind when Mom cuts my nails.

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Wooowee - Mom jus noticed the wine glasses on the wall behind you. She likes to drinks wine. She doesn't let us play wif the wine glass though.

Mrs. Sniffles said...

I'm not sure how much I like it but I know my Bunny Mommy sure likes to do it!

Zeus said...

I've never had my paws massaged. Every time my human pet tries to touch my paw pads, I move my feet because it tickles.

Yep, I think you're weird, Sammy!

one of us said...

I LOVE having my paw pads massaged so no I don't think you are weird ~Merlin

Rascal said...

No ones ever massaged my paw pads so I'll have to go ask Mom to give it a try. If I like it, then you're not weird. If I don't like it, then yes, you're weird.

PrincessMia said...

Paw massages sound fantastic. I've never had one, but I'm going to see if I can get one.

Eric and Flynn said...

No you're not weird. I just luv to haf my paws massaged. I open my toes as far as I can, an mum says I put my silly face on. Sumtimes (this is a secret)it efen makes me drool, but don't tell nobody else.Flynn.

Touch my pads an you'll feel the claws on the end of them!!!Eric.
We's glad Miles got his ham reward.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Sammy, you are definitely not weird. I too, enjoy a good paw massage. But Tipper & Max don't like their feet bothered and Misty...well, she's just nuts. No one knows what she likes!

Miles, you are a very good brother to Trixie. No good deed goes unrewarded!


William said...

I'll let my mom do it, but just for a little while. I don't get all mad about it though like Olivia does. In my family it's Caroline who loves it--she spreads her toes out way wide!

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

ohmygoodness. there's nothing weird about you. i would do almost anything to get my feets rubbed (although it's true, i'm a bean). these silly cats just won't believe your description of how nice it is to have your feets rubbed.

nitro will let us clip his nails, but pulls away when we rub. but ed, xing, and nels--well, they use kitty curses we didn't know they even knew if we even talk about touching their paws.

n-e-n-x's mom, cheryl

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