Thursday, August 17, 2006



The great toof brushing 'speriment didn't go so well. Mommy tried it wif just her finger and some toofpaste, and YUCK!!! It didn't taste like chick-hen at all. It was GROSS. I wiggled and squirmed and put the bite on her finger, and I fink I skratched her hand wif my back claws. I'm sorry 'bout that, I didn't mean to. Then she tried it wif Sammy. Well, he just sat there in her lap like a little meezer lump, figuring he was gonna get his nails trimmed, and then she put the toofpaste in his mouf. Oh boy. He took one lick of that and took off like his butt was on fire. He runned upstairs and runned around the hall, then runned downstairs and into the kitchen and there were some crunchies out, so he eated a couple of them and drank some water. Then he camed back out into the lifing room and gotted up on the koffee table and started pushing efurryfing off. He ALMOST pushed Seville off the table, but Mommy tolded him if the did that, the litter of squillions would show up at our house and beat him up. I don't know if that's true, because Seville has been most pleasant, but, he didn't want to take a chance.
I hope she doesn't try it again tonight.

On anofur note, please stop by Max and Buddah's blogs. They are all sad that a member of their family wented to the People's Bridge. We send them all purrs and headbutts.


Rascal said...

Hoo hoooo! Don't humans know that toothpaste is only suitable for the lesser species? The V-E-T once told my mom that I needed to have my teeth cleaned but mom figured she could get an awful lot of tartar control kitty treats for $250 so that's what she did instead. Now I have beautiful teeth.

DEBRA said...

Hey Miles,
Rascal is right. Tar-tar-treats sound better than icky tastin toofiechikpaste.

WOO woo Sammy didn't like it eifur. Well my Sammys is a furry smart poodin. He dida the right fink by goin and gettin a few tasty crunchies to get that bad toofiechikpaste outta his mouf.

HI to my sweetest most gorgeous blue eyed Sammys!
Hi Miss Trixie! Hope you are doin well today.

Purrs and Headbutts

Buzzerbee & meep said...

Total bummer, Meezers! Sorry it didn't taste like chicken :( Then again, maybe Meep just likes it 'cause he's kinda strange . . . hmmmmm . . .

Patches & Mittens said...

Oh, wow! I have smellded that white pasty stuff. That certainly isn't fit for a cat! Why was she putting it on your purty teeths anyway? Or did she think you would like to eat it? I am confused.


Oh, Mittens gives a big head butt to Trixie.

Latte said...

Yup...when will the people ever learn that cat teeth are not to be brushed. Chase had a "dental" a few years ago and meowmy hated how much it cost but his teefies were whiter afterwards. Meowmy tried once with me when I was a little kitten but I was small and wriggly and she gave up fast.

Derby said...

You better not hurt Seville or they rest of the Squillians will show up and get you.

Ayla said...

Toothpaste. Another stupid human invention. Do you see cats brushing their teeth out in the wild? No. So why should we have to be forced into odd positions to have our teeth cleaned? Bah.

The Tower Hill Mob said...

If ANYONE hurts my littermate Seville, there will be serious consequences. Toothpaste will be the least of your worries, my little friend.

Kukka-Maria said...

I love that Sammy made a "pit stop" during his high-speed chase! Eating during a tooth-brushing is like the ultimate slap in the face for your Mom.

"You want to brush my teeth? Give it your best shot, lady! I'm making them dirtier...right now!"

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

ummm...toof PASTE? What? Like fur pasting your teef together? Sum kinda dieting trick maybes? We doesn't fink eiffur of you needs yur teefs pasted together unless maybes ya gets fat like Grr.

(Shut up Cocoa! I'm not fat, I'm FLUFFY!) When my favorite human, the Blonde Girl, goes to the dentist and has her teeth cleaned she has been heard to say the following upon leaving: "Hurry up and get me some french fries so I can get this horrible minty-freshness outta my mouth!" See. Nobody likes to have their teeth cleaned.

momsbusy said...

thanks for visitin ar bloggie. we visited yurs before but mommy came in and needed the puter so we coodnt post. she is at work so we cans post all we wants to now cuz she lefts the puter on. shhh, dont tells anyones.

we cants beleeves your mommy did such an awful thing to you guys. what was she thinkin? we guess yous ar gonna hafta starts all over trainin hers. we sure feels sorry for youses.

ar mommy has a pikshure of a kitty that looks like bof of you. she says his name was yanchan (rascal). he wents to the rainbow bridge. she is gonna put a pic and his story on our bloggie soons.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

You couldn't have told your mom any more clearly!!!
Heh-heh..."meezer lump"!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Hahahaha! Mom tried putting that chicken flavored goo on my teeth, too! I HATE IT! Now when I see the tube I run the other way.

Maxwell Smartkitty

Rose M. said...

Ohhh, I don't know if I would have any fingers left, not to mention much skin on my arms if I tried to brush the Royals teeth...although, they like the crunchy stuff the best, and only have stinky goodness for VERY special Christmas, or after their visit to Dr Soriano, who the young Royals will be spending the day with...(We don't know WHY we get to spend the WHOLE day with Dr. Soriano, but we're getting butterflies in our tummies...we'll be okay, right??)

caspersmom said...

Sorry Miles and Sammy, but you made my Mom's day. When she read your story she couldn't stop laughing. Gosh, I don't think that was funny, that toofpaste must have been terrible tasting to make you react like that. There she goes again, laughing her head off. Mom's got a sick sense of humor.


William said...

My mom laughed too. Sorry! I didn't find it funny at all.

I think everything made to torture us is really made by dogs. That's my theory.

Hot(M)BC said...

My Mommy laughed too, which is kinda bad cuz her rib pain thingy is drivin her nutso. But it made her smile real big and that's good! Sorry you hadta have ooky stuff stucked in your moufs. It sounds real nasty.
And fanks for tellin us bout Max and Buddah's bean goin to the Bridge so's we found it to send purrs and headbutts.
~~ Sanjee

bat & bandit said...

yuk! we're glad our mommy never tried to brush our teef!

Zeus said...

I think I would have put the bite on my human pet too had she tried to stick that damn contraption in my mouth! That's just too invasive for my liking! Miles and Sammy, I hope you're not too traumatized by this incident!

Ariel said...

Miles my mommy laughed so hard when she read this that she had tears in her eyes.As for me why do
humans feel the need to torture us kitty's.Like when mommy gave me some medicine for Hairballs.She also told me it would taste like chicken(such a lie).It was awfull
gross and made me gag.I got revenge though cause not only did I throw up the hair ball but I did it on her favorite

Stahp it woman!