Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Miles Report


The Food Report:

On Monday when Trixie wented away, Mommy gived me ham. Well, ok, she didn't GIVED me ham, I TOOKED the ham out of her sammich when she wasn't looking. I deserved it 'acause I was sad.
Yesterday, Mommy gived me bacon. Ok, well again, she didn't so much gived it to me as I tooked it, but it was BACON. and then she really did gived me a slice of deli ham. She is trying to figure out how much stinky goodness to give us in the mornings, 'acause she's not used to feeding 2 kitties, she's used to feeding 3 or more. I don't fink we're getting enough.

The Snuggling Report

I has made shur that Mommy is nefurr alone when sitting down on the cowch or in bed. I am making shur that I am laying on her at all times.

The Sadness Report

Mommy saided that she would leave the patch of Trixie's fur under the bench where she used to lay so that I could lay next to it. I has been doing that for a couple of days. She saided that she will take out the carpet sucking monster and clean it up when she sees that I am not laying next to it anymore. Maybe in a day or two.

The Outside Report - by SAMMY

The mean ginger kitties that torment me have not been around in a few days. I wonder where they wented. The doggie next door, Dutchess, runs around in circles in her yard, and has worn all the grass out. There are lots of weeds in Mommy's garden, she needs to get out there and pull them, but when she's feeling better. There haf been no UFO's lately.

Fings are getting back to normal around here - well as normal as we will efurr be.


DEBRA said...


Boo hadda taste of Boar's Head Ham yesterday and she sat and licked her chops. She didn't foreget witch package that it claim out of. So efurrytime she sees Momma wif that package she begs for some. She said YOU are right deli ham is umm umm good.

Momma found a piece of my tail furs that she said she is keepin, now I don't knows what for. But she gets all leaky eyed on me sometimes. I fink Momma needs one of them sigh-call-o-gists sometimes. She is actin all funny lately.

We's hopes that you find a new normal and we wants to be there to help. Maybe I can teleport ofur later and see how you all of you are doin?

We's is gonna get some bad wet-ter today. Some type of big boomie storm comin in Eer-nast-toe or somefink. I dunno. I's is gonna go naps some.

I will dream of you and Miles in my dreams playin and frolicin wif me and Boo.

Purrss and Headbutts to my sweet and gentle blue eyed Sammy and Miles and MeezerMom


Kaze said...

I know its hard adjusting to life without Trixie and you two are doing a great job of helping your mom. I'm jealous you got bacon!! We LOVE bacon!

Rascal said...

Very furry interesting report. And about that food. If the humans leave it unsupervised for any length of time whatsoever, then it is fair game for Cats. That's the rules. Go for it Miles!

Knightly, Lizzie, & Firenze said...

I wish I could try ham, but Mom doesn't like it so there's none in the apartment. But, she found out that I like popcorn when she dropped a few pieces on the floor. She didn't think that I would like it, but I proved her wrong when I stuck my head in the bag and started gobbling it up. Lizzie and Firenze cleaned my head a lot later on and Mom said it was because butter from the popcorn bag was on my noggin.


We are glad to hear that y'all are feeling better, but it will take time to get use to Trixie being with her brothers. Miles, you are taking good care of your Mom and keep snuggling with her - she needs lots of snuggles.

Chin skritches for you and Sammy,

Amy, the Monsters' Mom

Renee said...

Lilly loves bacon and steak and ham and chicken and porkchops and even veggies...but she's a dog, she'll eat anything...garbage disposal.
I know that it seems strange when Lilly is at the groomer's. We come home to an empty house. It felt that way before we adopted her too. DH didn't understand that our home needed a dog, but now he sees how important she is.
And I'm sure that your Mommy is giving you the amount of food that is recommended on the package. She loves you and doesn't want you to get too fat because that isn't good for you. And she has to take some of the stinky goodness back to account for all the ham & bacon that you're eating.
See we humans do what's best for you.

Badness said...

Hang in there precious, sweet things. Take good care of your mama. She needs you very much right now. Share this poem with her.

Request From Rainbow Bridge

by Constance Jenkins

In Loving Memory of Isolde Jenkins

Weep not for me though I am gone
Into that gentle night.
Grieve if you will, but not for long
Upon my soul's sweet flight.
I am at peace, my soul's at rest
There is no need for tears.
For with your love I was so blessed
For all those many years.
There is no pain, I suffer not,
The fear now all is gone.
Put now these things out of your thoughts,
In your memory I live on.
Remember not my fight for breath
Remember not the strife.
Please do not dwell upon my death,
But celebrate my life.

Patches & Mittens said...

Thanks for the report. It was kinda like a newspaper, only better.


DEBRA said...

Sammy and Miles

It is lookin furry bad here...I hopes it the suns is shining brightly at your house.

I thaught I'd teleport ofvr to see you both and snuggle up close wif to your Mom. I knows I am not Trixie but I is a lil girl kitty.



Gemini said...

Cheysuli said to tell Miles that it's a well known fact that two cats eat more than three or four...

I don't quite understand but she said Miles would.

DEBRA said...

Sammy and Miles

Abby left me at home...but it is gettin scarity lookin outside. I am goingto try and teleport ofvr by myself. I have nefur gone by myself before.

I am going to ::purr::purr::purr

and here I am. I am so proud of myself.

Hi Sammy and Miles and MeezerMom. It is so furry good to see you, and oh I see Abby ofvr there nappin away. Hey Miles I hear you got some good deli ham?


Finnegan & Buddy said...

Good job, Miles & Sammy! You got to do stuff to comfort yore beans but you allso got to do silly stuff to make them feel better. I chase my tale and Buddy does his silly upside down poses to make mom laff. Keep up the good werk!

Finny & Buddy

The Meezers said...

YAY! Boo maded it all by herself! Mommy has some deli ham ofurr on the table for us. Lets get some! - Miles

DEBRA said...


Fank you for the deli hams. I LUB it. Abby says we best be gettin back to our Momma.She will be lookin for us when she comes back from werk. It has been furry nice to visit wif you and Sammys and your sweet Momma.

We will chek back wif you later this week to see how you are doin.

Fanks again for your hoss-po-towel-ity.

Purrs and Headbutts

Hot(M)BC said...

We's glad we could come last night Sammy and Miles. Blogger booted us too. HMPH! Where do we go to protest dat? Can Finny help us sue them fur dat? It's prolly too much trubbles anyways.

Mommy's back is hurty, so we's gotta help her lots and sit on her and purr to make her better, like you can see on our bloggy today. We'll be sendin happy purr thoughts to yall. And we'll pops ofur and visit between sittin on her n stuff. Maybe wes can dance sum more. We'll be back to our bloggy soon but wes wanted yall to know we'll be finkin of yous and telerportin ofur to visit when wes can.


Fat Eric said...

We just returned to the blogosphere and were so sad to hear about Trixie, although we know she had a long and happy life. We are sure that Miles and Sammy are doing their best to make everyone feel better. Thinking of you.

Fat Eric and family

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

our Lady's human momma had 2 brofer kitties go ta the Rainbow Bridge a while back an she says she's neffur gonna haf her curtains cleaned on account of there's lotsa one kitty's fur on 'em where he usta lay. she also has a bag of fur from the offur kitty's last brushing. it's 'portant ta keep fur.
glad ta hear yur gettin so much oinky goodness!

The Tower Hill Mob said...

We're glad that you guys are helping your beans recover. Tell them eating ham is an important step in this process. It's very hard to get used to only 2 kitties- we still miss brother Jiggsy.

Eric and Flynn said...

Bacon???? Oooh yummy.
We fink leaving the fur is a good idea. When our bestest furriend, Kitty yum bum went ofurr the Rainbow Bridge, our mum left her furr against the back of the sofa where she used to hide away.

Zeus said...

It's going to take some time for everything to return to normal. Try not to rush through it - it's ok to feel sad and lonely without Miss Trixie. We all really feel for you in what you're going through right now, and we're so happy knowing we can bring some smiles to your faces with our writings during this time.

-Marina, Zeus, and Isis

Renee said...

Miles & Sammy,
My DD just LOVES hearing about your adventures. And I like that your adventures aren't quite as risque as Kukka's.

William said...

Miles, what's "bacon"? My mom says I'm 3 degrees from Kevin Bacon, but I don't think that's the same it?

Sammy, maybe those other kitties are just being respectful. You never know.

Both, I probably shouldn't tell you this secret but my mom has a tuft of Sophie's fur that she keeps in a frame with Sophie's picture in it. I can look at it but I can't play with it or anything.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

We just came to your site since you visited ours, and we were so sad to hear about your loss. Mom burst into tears as she read all about Trixie. We're sorry we never got to be friends with her.


brandi said...

Miles, mama gave me hamm today, cause she loves me, too, and was thinking of your household.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Yer doing the bestest job EVUR taking care of yer lady like that. Yoo have such a grate family to support eachothur!

Derby said...

Hi Sammy and Miles,

Sounds like you two are doing your best to help your beans. Ham is a very important part of remembering Trixie in your hearts. So keep up the good work.

BTW - the little bear you sent is now name Trixie Norton.

Max said...

When life bites, a kitty has to have some ham. And bacon. And extra Stinky Goodness. That's the law...

Life has been biting way too many of us too hard lately. On the butt, even. We all need a really big pig to share, I think...

Anonymous said...

Hello Sweet Miles,

You made my mommy smile and laugh with the food Report.It reminded her of the time when she made a salad with can tuna on top.She forgot her icetea and went to the kitchen to get it.When she turn the corner to the dinning room there I was quietly munching away.
I turned to look at her with tuna all over my face mommy just laughed.Now she knows she has to share.The sadness Report reminded of of Buffy's favorite blanket she
could'nt part with it after Buffy die even though it was covered with hair.Finally her mommy had to do it for her.Lastly the snuggling report I 've been snuggling mommy lots lately she been taking allergy pills so it's okay.I love to snuggle :)

Valderbar said...

So sorry to hear that Trixie crossed the bridge. :(

Kukka-Maria said...

The mean ginger kitties had better stop messing with you, or they will have me and the rest of the Tomcat Stable to deal with!

And we mean business!

Perhaps pumping a bit of iron to get ready for the rumble will help soothe your grief for a little bit?

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