Monday, September 25, 2006

Is it Ofurr?


Well, the furnichur is back in it's place and the wall is painted. Mommy wented out and buyed new kurtins to replace the vertikle blinds that were on the patio door. she saided that she was sick of the dusty rose blinds, and that the dark brown kurtins would go better wif the "daykor". They go furry good wif the Meezer colors. I love them. I rolled all ofurr them and putted my stink on them. Sammy loves them 'acause he can hide 'ahind them better than the blinds. Mommy likes them 'acause she doesn't has to fish the little metal fings from the bottom of the blinds out of the furnice register anymore.

Mommy saided that there is some paint left ofurr. She might paint the 'powder room" if she means the small human litterbox room, that would be good. this time she better keep the kitty art up on the wall.


Zeus said...

I wish your human lady pet could come over here and help finish the master bathroom with my human pet. Your pet seems to have more energy than my pet. Perhaps you could tell me what you have been feeding your's? I suspect that is where the difference is!

Carmen said...

Ooh, paint that matches you guys! What a great form of flattery!

I just hire painters, because I make a mess, and it wears me out.

DEBRA said...

Your Mommy has been furry buzy. Good fink you put your stinky stuff all ofur the kurtains. Gotta have the right smellovision on it. Miles did you do the artwerk in the yooham litter box?

Hi to my sweetest most gorgeous Sammys!
Tell your Mommy we's is finking good foughts for her dis week.

Headbutts and Purrsssssssssss

Latte said...

It sounds like beautiful meezer colors! Meezers are the best inspiration ever. Meowmy's cousin is getting married and her colors are brown and light blue (like a meezer palate!!) that made meowmy very excited.

Hot(M)BC said...

Meezer colors! Like my boyfriendcat? Neato! You fink I should get Mommy to paint our house in tuxie colors since we're tuxies mosly?
Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs Milesboyfriendcat :)
~~ Sanjee

Gemini said...

Oh--Meezer colors. Momma just painted a wall blue. I think she got inspired by your Momma Miles. But she painted the wall to match Cheysuli's eyes. We weren't all that interested in the paint though. It was nice and sunny and I slept ina patch of sun and watched them paint.

Lone Star Purrs said...

Our house would be all KINDS of colors if'n Momma painted to match our furs!

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

how nice that things are gonna settle down at last, and the result is a great background to show off meezers with!!

didja make any more paw prints? ;-)

(crossing our paws for more good news!)

Kukka-Maria said...

Any decor that matches the two of you must be beautiful.

Plus, curtains are more fun to play with than blinds. Well, they are more comfortable to play with. Blinds make so much more noise!

Fat Eric said...

My mum got dark blue curtains just so that my ginger and white fur would show up well on them. Wasn't that thoughtful? I like to hide behind them.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

mmmm...curtains! has ya tried climbin 'em yet?

Junior said...

Curtains? That match you? Cool! I am still wondering if I could get my Meowmy to let me put my paw prints on the walls.

Have fun playing in the curtains.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Zeus on this - my people always seem to be exhausted. But we really need some of your artwork for our walls here, so think about doing some on paper that could be framed!

Isn't it fun when things change around, though? That always gets us going for about ... well, at least a day.

William said...

So who's going to take pictures? I want to see those cat-matching curtains.

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