Wednesday, September 27, 2006

An Open Letter to "the boys"

Meezer Mom

Sammy and Miles

You know I love you both furry furry much. I have loved you since the minute I saw both of you - Sammy in the garden, all cold and abandonded and scared, and Miles with your kitty mommy and siblings. I love cuddling both of you and the hundreds of kissies I get each day. I love to watch you run around and chase each other. I love to see your silly sweet face peeking at me from under the covers in the middle of the night.

HOWEVER, we need to go over the rules of the house again.

For instance, whenever I open the door to the "human litterbox room" in the middle of the night, after running down the hall, it's usually becuase I have to use the "human litterbox" right away. I do not have the time to stand there while you jump on the seat and stand there and stare at me before you jump on the windowsill - Sammy.

Also Sammy, in the little "human litterbox room" downstairs, I would like to know if you thought it was really fun to watch the 17 cents splash into the bowl while you pushed it off the counter. How did you get in there anyway?

Speaking of pushing things Miles - is it really that much fun to push the drawers out of the new coffee table on a daily basis so that I have to put them back when I get home from "werk?". Also, is it necessary to bring mouthfulls of your stinky goodness out into the living room and drop them on the floor when I give you dinner at night?

Where have all my socks gone? I know I take them off my feet when I get in the bathtub, but they are gone by the time I get out of the tub. Somewhere in the house there are at least 30 pairs of socks hiding. Do you know anything about this Sammy? Is Norton coming back to steal my socks every night like he used to, or did you just take really good notes for almost 2 years and learn his tricks?

Miles - water is actually WET. and if you stick your paw in the tub at night when I am sitting there, it will get wet. Every time. I don't know why you have to sample it every night if you're just going to run away and jump on the bed with wet.................nevermind, I am on to you now.

Sammy, I actually use both my mouth and nose to breathe. Sleeping directly over them will in fact make me gasp for air and flail about in the bed at night. I know that this makes you laugh really hard, but do you have to do it every night? I do have to thank you for being a good boy lately though - I have not gotten hit in the head with flying objects from the nightstand. I appreciate that.

Who has learned to use the TV remote? I know that the TV is off when I leave in the mornings. How come it's on sometimes when I get home at night?

Lastly, about the "I POOPED" rampage through the house, Sammy. Thanks for the warning that there's a present for me in the litterbox, but really, you don't have to do it at 2:30am. and Miles, holy cow. Is there a problem with your digestive tract, or do you just do that on purpose to give me "smellavision" dreams at night? I have gone through 4 of the extra size jars of Vicks Vapo-Rub and 3 cans of Febreeze Air Effects in the last 2 months Seriously, I'm going to move that box back to the dungeon now that we don't have a senior catizen that needs it upstairs.

You know that I love you both, and I am fairly certain that you love me for more than litter scooping and treat giving. A little consideration sometimes would be a nice thing.

Your Mommy

PS - Thank you all for your continued good thoughts and prayers about my job situation. It's been really stressful and I hope that I find something out before Friday afternoon - vacation starts next week and I would sure hate to find out while I'm on vacation. I truly appreciate all of your good thoughts and prayers.

NOTE from SAMMY and MILES: we will 'aspond tomorrow, but we just want to wish Mommy and Daddy "Happy Anniversary" they has been married 20 years today!


Hot(M)BC said...

LOL Love the letter!
Happy Anniversary!
~~ Mom Robyn

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to my boyfriendcat Miles!
:) Sanjee

Miles, your Mom says nicer things bout your smellavision than mine does bout mine! hehehe
~~ Mini

Happy Annipurrsary MeezerMom and MeezerDad!
Boni, Mini, Gree, Pepi and Sanjee

DEBRA said...


Abby's Mom (Debra)

Uh oh Sammys and Miles. Better let yur Mommy havf some more sleeps in the dark part of the day. I don't know whys beans want to seep during the best part of the day, but they do. We has to keep down the noise, and movin stuff. Yur Mommy really lubs you I can tell, she udder a little bean stress, so she needs some X-tra snuggle time.
We be finking of you MeezerMomma and keepin you in our purrayers.

Hopes you have a furry nice day since it is your annerversary...boy that is about 3 in cat years.

Be furry sweet to yur Mommy Sammys, becuz I know how sweet and snuggly you are!
Headbutts and Purrrrrrrrrssssssss


Kelly Cat said...

Look, I'm a cat so I know there may be some bias here, but I'm also fair, so I want to hear *both* sides of the story before deciding whether the human really has a case or is impugning the reputation of two fine cats.

Sammy, Miles: your turn now.

Kelly's human adds: Happy 20th A. to Meezer Mom and Dad! Sending more Good vibes that you'll get good news soon.

Kaze said...

Happy Anniversary!!! That is such a wonderful milestone! You'd better be celebrating!!! (the Lap Lady)

I don't know, all of those things sound OK to me. Especially the litterbox stink. I don't get why people care so much.

The Tower Hill Mob said...

We don't know why beans get so upset over the litterbox stuff. They sometimes make stinks,too... especially Dad after his Stinky Goodness Italian!
Happy anniversary to your beans! Give them LOTS of loving and cuddles to show your appreciation.

Renee said...

Happy Anniversary Meezer Parents!

And I don't think that Meezer Mom is being all that unreasonable here kitties. You should give her suggestions some serious thought.

Kukka-Maria said...

This is just an abomination! Why she thinks she can make the rules in your house is beyond me.

Revolt! Revolt!

Gemini said...


It sounds like some hard rules for kitties to remember.

Junior said...

Happy Annipurrsary!

Wow! So many rules! I am really lucky! My Meowmy has not alid down to many rules.

Mrs. Sniffles said...

Wow, it sounds like you've got a lot of action in your house. Have a happy anniversary!!!

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

Happy Annifursary, meezer mom & dad. just be glad they don't leave those smelly "presents" on your pillow. if they're anything like what we produce, they're certainly not chocolate mints!

(an' we knows you loves your furkids lots, letter regardless;-)

meows 'n' headbutts from
nels, ed, nitro, & xing

Sadie said...

Brava! Love love LOVE the letter!

Merlin, I hope you will read this very closely.

Meezers, I don't think your Mom is being unreasonable here. At least for her anniversary, maybe you could follow the rules a little better.

Or maybe not. ;)

Sadie said...

Oops, forgot to say in my comment that I'm Merlin's Mom.

Merlin said...

Yeah, yeah. Whatever, Mom.

Maybe I ought to come up with some of my own rules?

Go Meezers! Party on!

Rascal said...

Miles and Sammy, what's up with this? Did you put a burr under your Mommy's tail or something?

Tell your Mommy and Daddy congratulations and that we continue to pray her job will work out well.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Life with you Meezers is never dull. We live vicariously through you!
Happy Anniversary to your folks. Hope you kit cats get an extra treat or something to celebrate too!

Buzzerbee & meep said...

Happy 20th Anniversary to Meezers Mom & Dad!

We are thinkin' real good kitty thoughts that Meezers Mom will get good news before vacation.

Sammy - you do an "I Pooped" rampage too?!?! Mom says we go absolutely nuts after we "go" - she thinks that the level of our craziness is directly related to the amount of stinkiness.

Millie said...

oh my! I don't know any of that stuff. I'm gonna have to learn. (and I gotta keep this a secret from the Lady.)

Sir Sidney and Emperor Nero said...

Who wrote that? I think it is all made up and not true at all. I make the rules around here. OK only when Nero lets me.

caspersmom said...


Hope you have a great time celebrating. Loved your letter to your loving kitties. I'm afraid I don't let my cats sleep with me except for Casper once in awhile and he knows not to sleep up close to my face. If he is in a deep sleep I will let him stay. Had to really laugh when visiting the human litter box. Cleo likes to get in my way in the middle of the night when it's urgent. But the rest of the day she isn't there. Looking forward to Sammy and Miles response.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

ya hasn't been hittin her in the head wif stuff flyin frum the nitestand anymore? that's sum good progress rite thare. we're a little disturbed 'bout the 17 cents though. ya coulda invested that wif the Calico Girls.

Lone Star Purrs said...

Happy Anniversary!! Momma wuz finkin' 'bout writin us a letter like this today. Heehee....silly beans!

Anonymous said...

Happy 20th Anniversary to your Mommy and Daddy! That's amazing!

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