Friday, September 08, 2006



Ferst, I need to 'pologize for 'barassing Mommy about her feets. I didn't mean to emply that her feets stink ALL the time. Her feets usually smell really good at night, but when she wears her old sneakers that has been in mud puddles and such, they don't 'zaktly smell like flowers. I'm sorry Mommy.

It's not 'zaktly true that I don't like people food like Mommy and Miles say. I do like people food. I love corn (oh, and corn husks are the yummiest). I like cabbage. I like cooked carrots and cooked green beans, and I like lettuce (Trixie tolded me about lettuce, she always loved it). Mommy always tries to take the corn husks away from me 'acause she doesn't fink they're good for me to eat, but they are so yummy. I also like rice. Can cats be vege-tar-ee-uns?


Vege-tables - uck. I mean, I tried broccoli once and it was HORRIBLE. I was a bad boy the ofurr night and I ated some raw hamburger when Mommy was not looking, but I did not eat the rice or the cabbage or the corn.

Today is Latte's purrfday - he's 1 year old!
The Good Cat group is back from summer bay-k-shun
And there's anofurr Meezer wif a blog! Go bisit Luxor if you have a chance!
OH, and Chatham, the furry nice senior Meezer (he is older than Trixie and Norton were) woke up wif a swollen face today and hadded to go to the 'mergency v-e-t, and then has to go back to his regular v-e-t later on today, so maybe efurryone can go cheer him up.


DEBRA said...


Guess what I founded out I likes? Momma was making this stuff called mac-er-rhon-nee and ch-eeze and she had somefink she called vel-vee-tah and she let me taste it cuz I was sittin there lookin at her wif a pitiful look on my face. YUM-O!! I likes it alot. So I utter-stands what you mean bout likin veg-tee-bles.

Boo likes ham. I fink Miles got her started on dat tho!

You look so handsome today Sammys!
~purrs and headbutts

Kukka-Maria said...

Cats can be vegetarians! In fact, my gram's dog is a veggie! He will eat grass and everyone will say, "Dogs eat grass to make themselves throw up. He must not be feeling well."

He never throws up and begs for green beans when gram is cooking. I think he is just a vegetarian.

Me? I gots to have my meat!

Merlin said...

The only people food that I know that I like is this orange-y stuff. Mom says it's cheese dip but I just know I like it. It's yummy.

Patches & Mittens said...

If cats were meant to eat vegetables, they would have them in our purina. I do like soda crackers though; but not vegetables, no thank you.


Latte said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

I like some veggies too, I like pasta sauce and I really really like chips which aren't really good for you veggies but they are potatoes!

Gemini said...

Cheysuli doesn't really like veggies, she only likes the meat stuff. I'll have to try the veggies, cause mostly I am like you Sammy and don't like so much meat stuff.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Shaggy & the cat mom had as a girl like parsley to nibble on. Cats aren't vegebletarians,
Gimme M-E-A-T!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

I'll eat anything, including lettuce. In fact, I INSIST on sampling everything. They've tried to deny me...not a very smart move on their part...

Edsel/The Pooch said...

corn husks???? i'm sorry, that's not natural. give me a nice, big, pink shrimp any day!!

Derby said...

Meat yes, vegetables no.

Renee said...

Everyone is different. Lilly will eat anything... in fact you should see the pig she made of herself on our camping trip!
The Camping Reports

Anonymous said...

I'm with miles vegetables Yuck!!!
Yet I do like rice and I love tuna
and ham."Oh No" now I'm hungry gotta go bug mom.

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