Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Fert Furrsday Firteen - By Miles Meezer

Thirteen Things about Miles

1…. I am an applehead Siamese Cat

2.... I am a year and a half old

3.... I love ham

4.... I also love shrimps and crab

5.... My goal in life is to stand on the ceiling in the bedroom - I keep trying to jump there every night

6.... I am a daredevil - I hang over the balcony edge an look into the lifing room

7.... I haf falled ofurr the balcony edge

8.... I love to sleep unner the blankes on the bed and bite mommys toes

9.... I am furry furriendly - unlike Sammy who is ascairty of efurryone

10.... When Chey gets 'lekted President in 2008, I will be the Minister of Ag-gra-kulture (or Minister of Ham, as I call it)

11.... I love ham

12.... I like to stick my nose up mommy's nostrils when she is sleeping. Just like my hero Max

13.... I once bit Mommy on her nipple frough her tank top when she was sleeping - it was funny to watch her jump straight up and scream at the same time. I am saving that one to do again on a speshul okshun.

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Kukka-Maria said...

Miles, I love reading about you. And your ham.

Biting nipples, though? With all of mine always exposed, that just makes me nervous...

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Miles you crack us up!

Gemini said...

Oh Miles you always make us laugh. Momma says you have to much personality!

Anonymous said...

You sound like a great cat Miles (except for #13!) I'd vote for Chey. :)

Dragonheart likes sleeping under the blankets too - it's warmer there. He hasn't bit our toes yet though - although he does like attacking our feet when he's on top of the blankets, and we move them.

Happy T13! :)

Renee said...

tip for mom...sports bra to bed at night.

tip for gotta stop biting the humans. They don't appreciate it much, especially when they are sleeping.

Another tip for mom...perhaps a muzzle on that cat at night?

DEBRA said...


Yu had me cracking UP my mankitty!!
Love it...the Minister of Ham! Dat wood be gr-8 fur yu!!

Hi to my sweetest handsome mankitty Sammys!!

Purrssss and Headbutts

Carmen said...

number 13 is very funny! ha ha.

You'll make a great Minister of Ham!

Anonymous said...

You'll make a great Minister of Ham!

Jazper just pierced my right nipple yesterday with his Claws O'Death, so I know what your mommy sounded like when she screamed! (Good thing there weren't any customers in the store!)

Our TT#12 is up @
Purrchance To Dream

This week's Thursday Thirteen theme for us was Random Things!
~Not The Mama

Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on our TT.
We've added you to our catnip sidebar linkies -- hope that's ok!
~ Not The Mama

Anonymous said...

Very good job!! I did a 13 this week but I didn't do all of the fancy stuff, just a list.

Its nice to know some stuff about you!


Anonymous said...

Oh Miles, you crack me up.

Zeus said...

Damn! Biting nipples through t-shirts is living dangerously! If I had done that, I think I would have been thrown across the room. You are a wild one, Miles Meezer!

Welcome to the world of Thursday Thirteen!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

When you figure out how to stand on the ceiling, please let me know. It's also a goal of mine.
(I've done #13, but with my claws)

Anonymous said...

I've tried licking them when my OTW had particularly tasty lotion on but I try to remember not to bite bare skin, or skin with only thin fabric on it, 'cause my OTW BITES BACK!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh miles you should cheek out our thruday 13 Mu shue revievew 13 diffent cat treets and Lilly Lu did 13 things to know about her

Hot(M)BC said...

I liked your furst Thursday 13 that I did one (ok, we did) too! We'll linky to yours fur sure :)
your girlfriendcat Sanjee

Max said...

Biting nipples!
Good stuff :)

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Yay! I'm glad Miles got his tern!

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