Tuesday, December 05, 2006

WHAT? It HAS to be broked


I do NOT weigh more than sammy


Miles honey, calm down, it's ok. But the scale says you weigh 15.5 lbs and that Sammy weighs 14.5 lbs


Nuh uh. It can't be right. Haf you SEED him? He's wider than me


How many times does I haf to tell you, I'm FLOOFY not fat. And now I has proof. I has floofy furs and you has thinner flatter furs.


But, I'm the BABY. I can't weigh more then you do.


Um, maybe you should cut back on the HAM.


no HAM???? MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, does I haf to gif up ham?


No, but perhaps you will only get tem-tay-shuns once a day instead of some in the morning and some at night.


MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM, that's not fair to me, the skinny one.


Um, Sam, you're not exactly skinny. Remember, Norton and Trixie only weighed about 7.5 lbs their whole lives. Now, they were smaller kitties than you and Miles, but you two are not exactly rail thin. So, maybe we cut down on the temtations for a week and then weigh you both next week


Hey. Sammy, I haf a plan - we can bof move the weighy fingy out of the human litterbox room and toss it down the stairs, then she can't weigh us anymore. Then, in a couple of days, she will furrget that she wanted to starve us to death.


Anonymous said...

My sympathy goes out to both of you, because remember I recently went through that same thing with *my mom!

bat & bandit said...

heh heh miles! i weigh more than my "big" brother now, too!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

umm...guys? have you seen ME? I only weigh 13+ pounds...

DEBRA said...

Daddy kept sayin I wuz gettin plump...so Momma cut down on my Tem-tat-shunz.I LOVE tem-tat-shunz. I am still only 5 1/2 pounds...what's the BIG deal Momma. Can I have some more tem-tat-shunz now pleeze?

Of course yu can come ofur and play fev-vers!! Dah more dah meerier!!

Meet ya ofur by dah cat condo!
Oh goodie I gets to see my handsome Sammys again!!

Purrssssss and Headbutts!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, maybe you can still have your temptations if you promise to exercise more? I haven't tried temptations yet, but most of the cats with blogs seem to really like them!

Patches & Mittens said...

Those scaley things don't work anyway. Momma says they are "undependable." She says you get a different reading everytime you step on the durn things. Besides, you are boy cats, and they can weigh more....that just is what the books tell you. I have to go make biscuits on Momma's leg now.

Your bestest furriend

The Tower Hill Mob said...

I agree with Dragonheart. If you race around the house, knocking things over, maybe your Mum will give up and give you Temptations.
Or maybe not.

Gemini said...

Oh I am furry sorry to hear that you will be staving. You can sneak over here. We are all getting fat 'cause Georgia is on pred and gets so hungry and the vet said not to worry about her weight...

Renee said...

I know what your mommy can do to make you exercise... have you at the top of the stairs and throw the temtations down the stairs to the bottom. Then you run to get them.

It must be terrible to have to DIEt for the holidays. Poor kitties. I think that Lilly could stand to loose some weight too.

Anonymous said...

I weigh 15 pounds, so I'm right in the middle of you two! And I think we're all purrrrfect.

Everycat knows you can't lose weight at Christmastime anyway.

Kukka-Maria said...

What? Cut down on the treats?

I feel faint...

Anonymous said...

Hmm..I thought I was tiny at 8 lbs. And Chase is a pretty BIG cat at 12.7 lbs. I certainly don't think there is a need to cut out Temp-tay-shuns though. They are like air, nothing to them!!


Hot(M)BC said...

Furry good plan, Miles! You's not fat at all, just nice n snuggly.
Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to my boyfriendcat :)

Anonymous said...

Shame, diets suck. Just ask Mrs. B. Well at least she lost 2 lbs in the last year. She now weighs 12.5 lbs, but she is small-boned and should be under 10 lbs. Maybe all the chasing from LT will help.

William said...

I am so totally with you on that plan, Miles. KILL THE SCALE!

I don't get why treats are always the first to be sacrificed anyway. It's not like they're a squillion calories each or anything.

Derby said...

I only get treats once a day too. Not because I have a weight problem. Mum isn't just around to give them to me.

Anonymous said...

tem-tay-tions not twince a day !!! how dare she hay wait I only get them once a day but Lilly she decoved the dairy ones and well she wants them all the time all day long and she well (fuffy)

I like you plane

Mu shue

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Miles has a grate idea. Let us know if yoo need us to come ovur at 4a.m. and help yoo throw that weighy fingy down the stairs.

Les Trois Chats said...

Miles - Mommy said she will throw HERS down the stairs in support!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Don't worry. We manly guys can't help it if we weigh more!

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