Thursday, August 31, 2006

No wonder they hate me


The big mean ginger kitties were back last night. They camed up to the patio door and pounded on it. So I whapped the door back. Then they whapped it. Then I whapped it. then whap whap whap whap whap "STOP IT!!!". That was Mommy. I tried to tell her that I was only pro-tek-ting our house, but she saided that it was too loud. So, i just hunched down and growled my meanest growl at them. After a few minutes of growling, Mommy camed ofurr and pickded me up and said that I was her "cute little sa-kure-i-tee guard" and kissed on me. I hope that the ginger kitties could not see frough the blinds to see this, that would be terrible and they would laff at me. Sometimes Mommy treats me like a baby, and not the man of the house that I am when daddy is away.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Miles Report


The Food Report:

On Monday when Trixie wented away, Mommy gived me ham. Well, ok, she didn't GIVED me ham, I TOOKED the ham out of her sammich when she wasn't looking. I deserved it 'acause I was sad.
Yesterday, Mommy gived me bacon. Ok, well again, she didn't so much gived it to me as I tooked it, but it was BACON. and then she really did gived me a slice of deli ham. She is trying to figure out how much stinky goodness to give us in the mornings, 'acause she's not used to feeding 2 kitties, she's used to feeding 3 or more. I don't fink we're getting enough.

The Snuggling Report

I has made shur that Mommy is nefurr alone when sitting down on the cowch or in bed. I am making shur that I am laying on her at all times.

The Sadness Report

Mommy saided that she would leave the patch of Trixie's fur under the bench where she used to lay so that I could lay next to it. I has been doing that for a couple of days. She saided that she will take out the carpet sucking monster and clean it up when she sees that I am not laying next to it anymore. Maybe in a day or two.

The Outside Report - by SAMMY

The mean ginger kitties that torment me have not been around in a few days. I wonder where they wented. The doggie next door, Dutchess, runs around in circles in her yard, and has worn all the grass out. There are lots of weeds in Mommy's garden, she needs to get out there and pull them, but when she's feeling better. There haf been no UFO's lately.

Fings are getting back to normal around here - well as normal as we will efurr be.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Booted Off Blogger


We gotted booted off blogger at the Calico's blog. We want to fank efurryone for coming out to celebrate Trixie's life. We are simply awed that so many furriends took the time to celebrate wif us. Efurry bean and poodin should take some time to sing and dance wif each ofurr once in a while.



Last night, after efurryfing had calmed down from our furry bad day, Mommy picked each one of us up and danced wif us. She saided that she used to dance wif Trixie all the time, spinning round and round and singing. She saided that she wanted to celebrate Trixie's long life and the loved that she gived to all of us, and the bestest way to do that was to do what she liked doing and 'amember her. We sat and thinked of all the fings that Trixie likded to do. Staring at the wind was boring (plus, there was no wind inside). Biting toes gets old quick. There was no christmas tree lights to chew on, (we will save this for the holiday seasn). We settled on dancing. We spinned round and round and Mommy singed "you are my sunshine" - I could not begin to tell you the tune 'acause it maded my ears hurt to listen, but I liked the dancing part. It gived me happy thoughts of Trixie.


I would like to fank efurryone for coming to visit us yesterday and sit wif us. Last night I just sitted in Norton's spot on the couch and stared at Trixie's blankie that was across the room. Then Mommy camed ofurr and we danced. Like Miles said, the dancing was fun, the singing was horrible. But it was a nice way to 'amember Trixie.

Tonigh at 9pm our time (6pm for west coast kitties) Patches, Mittens, Mistrie and CalicoMom are having a candle lighting ceremony for Trixie. Please come to the Big Piney Woods wif us to purr for her. And then after, maybe we can all dance in her memory. And then maybe after that, we could all purray for Luna.

Efurryone is invited ofurr anytime this week if you wants to come and visit wif us.

Meezer Mom and Dad

We would like to thank everyone for all of your kind words and thoughts and for all the cards and messages sent through Trixie's Rainbow Bridge site. We really appreciate the kindness you have all shown us.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Trixie went to the Bridge

Meezers Mom

Norton and Ralphie came to take our beautiful little Princess to the Rainbow Bridge at 5:15am this morning. (click on the link for her Rainbow Bridge site) She had gone into kidney failure and the end was swift and she did not suffer. Oh my baby girl, be happy and free and joyous with your brothers. You have missed them so much, and now you are all together again.

Your daddy and I will miss you so much. You were our beautiful and sweet, runty little girl. Thank goodness for your big mouth, otherwise, we never would have seen you there on the side of the road, where you and Norton were left. You were so very small when we found you - obviously the runt of your litter. But, you definately held your own with your brothers.

You were your daddys little girl. If he was in the room, I didn't exist. You were also the instigator of most of the trouble in the house. Always looking for ways to get Norton and Ralphie in trouble - swishing your tail in their faces to make then wrestle you, then crying for daddy to rescue you and yell at the boys. Sometimes it worked, most times we knew what you were up to, but you were always so cute, we could not be mad at you.
It's funny how your fur never really grew back over your left eye after we caught you squeezing out from under the bedroom door when you were a baby. You left most of that fur there on the bottom of the door, and boy, were you surprised when we were standing there watching you squeeze out.
We moved you around so many times - Connecticut where you were born, New York, Wisconscin, New York again, Pennsylvania and New York one more time. You never complained, you were just happy you were going with us. Oh, and you loved to ride in the back of the station wagon and tease the truckers behind us. More than once, we got an air horn blown at us, only to look back and see you there laying on your back where the truck driver could see you. Funny girl. Jumping into the toll booth when we were trying to throw the coins in the basket. Faking a hurt paw (well, ok, it was hurt for a while after daddy stepped on it, but we did catch you running around, and when we saw you, you just lifted your paw up like it was broken and gave us the wounded look). You had a life full of adventure, and full of love.

Oh baby girl, it hurts so much that you are gone. I know that you will come back often to visit us. I will always feel you, in the middle of the night, staring at me, watching me sleep. What was that all about anyway? How come you never stared at daddy? Why me? Even if I told you over and over that it bothered me, I would not trade one night of having you with me.

To all of Trixie's friends in the blogsphere- thank you so much for your kind words and prayers the last few days. She did not suffer at all, but slipped quietly away in my arms, just like her brothers did. She is at the Bridge, free and happy, and with those she loved for so long.

I have tried to post some pictures, but blogger is not letting me, I will post some as soon as I can.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Getting Old


The boys have let me take over for today. I wanted to pass on some werds of wisdom on getting old. Some of you out there are considered Senior Catizens, and some of you are just babies. It's wonderful to have so many furriends of so many ages.

I am 18 years and almost 4 months old. That's a little over 90 in human years. Just recently, I lost my eyesight. It's kind of scary because I get turned around in the house and don't know where I am sometimes. But mommy makes it better for me. And Miles has guided me around some too.

My hips hurt and I walk funny. I am furry unsteady on my feet - I fall over alot, and this morning I slipped down the stairs. Mommy says that she worries about me when she's not here, so she' s bringing up the giant pen from the basement to put me in when she's gone. She puts a litterbox in there (I have been having lots of litter box troubles lately too - I can't seem to make it there in time, so maybe having one real close will help) and my food and some nice big fluffy quilts for me to lay on. The boys will of course jump in and out, but I don't think I can climb up the side anymore to get out. I think it will be ok if I'm only allowed to a confined area for some of the day - at least I won't get lost! This morning I ended up in the bathtub and I couldn't get out. I don't even remember how I got in!
My brother Norton had the same problems too. I miss him so much, but he does come and visit me - I can feel him near me. I know that my time to go to the bridge will be coming up soon, but that's ok too - I'll be wif my brofurrs and I'll be really happy.

I want to thank Mittens for coming over the other day and spending the day with me. I didn't want her to leave, but she did have to go home and take care of her mommy, and I understand that. I like having visitors and anyone can teleport over to see me any time they want. Mommy said it was ok.

Friday, August 25, 2006

No, it wasn't me


Why does you fink it was me maded the mess in the lifing room? Just 'acause fings were knocked off the tables, doesn't mean it was me. It could have been Miles. Just 'acause he's nefurr done it 'afore doesn't mean he can't start doin' it now.

Thursday, August 24, 2006



It gotted here yesterday!! LOOKIE!!!

I slepted underneaf it all night.

Zeus tagged us for a bookie meme.

What's on page 123

1. Grab the nearest book.

2. Open the book to page 123

3. Find the fifth sentence

4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.

5. Don't you dare dig for that cool or intellectual book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

6. Tag whomever you want, or not.

OK, Well, the book on our koffee table was

by none ofur than MAX!

The fifth sentence on page 123 is "They don't want me to have any turkey"

We don't know who to tag, so consider yourself tagged if you want to play.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fank you all


Fank you all for proving that my brofur is a little weird for liking paw massages so much. (not that those of you who also like them are weird, just Sammy).

Mommy is home sicky today - she has a sore froat and stuffy head fing. So, we are doing our bestest to make her feel better. She efen opened the patio door this morning to get some "fresh air"in the house. We don't know what was really wrong wif the ofurr air inside the house. We runned away, but then we came back and sniffed around. Lots of new smells out there. Those ginger kitties that torment Sammy has left their stink all ofurr our patio and it's driving Sammy and I nuts.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

am I weird?


Am I weird 'acause I likes to have my paw pads massaged? I makes me all weak in the tummy and I get all purry and mooshy and I can't fink. My paws go all crazy and I make biscuits and get "baby paws" and I can't stop. I loves it when Mommy massages me between my paw pads. Miles and Trixie hate having their paws massaged. They said I was weird. Do any of you like to has your paw pads massaged, or am I just weird?

Oh, and Miles wants efurryone to know that he gotted 2 pieces of deli ham last night for being nice to Trixie

Monday, August 21, 2006

Yes, I am a good boy scout


Mommy caughted me being a good boy the ofur night. Trixie cannot see anymore, and sometimes she gets confused when she walks around, so I wa a good boy and escorted her to the litter box, then stayed there to make sure she didn't trip ofurr the edge when she gotted out, then I walked her back to under the bench in the hallway where she likes to sleep. Mommy seed this and was all ofurr me for being such a good boy. I didn't want Trixie to fall face ferst in the litterbox! That would be awful. Oh, by the way mommy, I fink that it needs a scoop, the smell that was there when I lefted it a few minutes ago was bad. heeeeee
Oh! And I also herd that ham is a good reward for being a good boy.

Sunday, August 20, 2006



Ok, Miles and I has a prollem. Foreffur since I lived here ferst, I has hadded the prime snuggling spot in the bed at night wheneffur I wanted it. AND I has also hadded the spot on the pillow ontop of mommys head. Well, for the last few bedtimes, MILES has taken offur the prime snuggling spot and won't let me haf it back. I haf been forced to take the less than primes snuggling spot that is NOT under mommy's arm, or snuggled up against her tummy. This is WRONG. It's MY spot. I was here ferst. So, when this happens, Miles and I start rasslin' for the spot. Then mommy gets made and neifurr of us gets any snuggling spots. He ruins all the fun.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Geez, maybe she's getting smart


Well, no sign of the horrid toofpaste last night. Miles gotted some treats that he liked that were 'apposed to be good for his teef. I didn't like them. Mommy says that if I don't eat somefing that's good for my teef, then I eifer has to get my teef brushed, or have the v-e-t do it. I can't help it, there's not a lot of foods out there that I likes. I try and eat them, but then they make me gag. I don't know what to do.

Friday, August 18, 2006

you has GOT to be kidding me


O M G - she tried it wif the toof paste AGAIN last night. Holy oink! Is she really that stoopid, or has aliens invaded her brain and made her a pod person?
She gotted that yucky stuff all ofurr Miles mouf, adn he went running upstairs and hided. Then I ran around for a while, but she catched me. She tried to give me kissies ferst, but I wasn't buying that, so she put a little bit of that goo on her finger and put it under my lips. I drooled. I drooled ALOT. I drooled all ofurr her arm. She hates drool. Then I ran around and wented to the cruncy bowl, and ated the eleventeen crunchies lefted in the bowl, and drank about a squillion gallons of water. Miles finally camed downstairs wif that goo dried on his face. Mommy felted sorry for him and gotted a paper towel and washed it off his face. She said that if I would eat treats, she would give us the tartar control treats, but I don't eat them. Piglet Miles will eat anyfing, so he's ok. I don't know what I'm going to do - she better not come after me wif that yucky stuff again. EFURR! HELP ME!

Thursday, August 17, 2006



The great toof brushing 'speriment didn't go so well. Mommy tried it wif just her finger and some toofpaste, and YUCK!!! It didn't taste like chick-hen at all. It was GROSS. I wiggled and squirmed and put the bite on her finger, and I fink I skratched her hand wif my back claws. I'm sorry 'bout that, I didn't mean to. Then she tried it wif Sammy. Well, he just sat there in her lap like a little meezer lump, figuring he was gonna get his nails trimmed, and then she put the toofpaste in his mouf. Oh boy. He took one lick of that and took off like his butt was on fire. He runned upstairs and runned around the hall, then runned downstairs and into the kitchen and there were some crunchies out, so he eated a couple of them and drank some water. Then he camed back out into the lifing room and gotted up on the koffee table and started pushing efurryfing off. He ALMOST pushed Seville off the table, but Mommy tolded him if the did that, the litter of squillions would show up at our house and beat him up. I don't know if that's true, because Seville has been most pleasant, but, he didn't want to take a chance.
I hope she doesn't try it again tonight.

On anofur note, please stop by Max and Buddah's blogs. They are all sad that a member of their family wented to the People's Bridge. We send them all purrs and headbutts.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

do I has furs on my teef?


Mommy says that she is going to buy us (well, me and Sammy) toof-brushes. I don't feel any furs on my teef, why do they need to be brushed. She says that we has bad breaf. I tried telling her that breaf doesn't come from my TEEF, if comes from somewhere else - I don't know 'zactly where, but I know if doesn't come from my teef. I've seen mommy brush her teef in the morning. She has a toofbrush that makes a whirring noise and swirls all around her teef. NO WAY you're sticking somefing like that in MY mouf lady!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006



Patches, Mittens and Mistrie are almost at 20,000 visitors. That maded us look at our counter, and we are almost at 10,000! If you are number 10,000 leave us a comment and you will get a giftie from us. Our ticker is at the furry bottom of the page. YAY!

UPDATE: It seems we has a TIE! Derby and Kismet seemed to get here at about the same time, so they bof get prizes! Please email our Mommy wif your snail mail addresses (our email is in our profile) We would like to fank efurryone for visiting us and reading our blog. We has made so many wonderful furriends and we loves blogging and visiting all of you efurry day. Fank you!


Oh, my tongue feels better this morning. Mommy gived me lots of hugs and loves and I lickded efurryfing I could for a while - including my behind for a while, until Mommy saided that if i keep licking it, it might start to burn like my tongue. I don't know if that's true or not, but I didn't want to take a chance, so I lickded Sammy's behind.

Monday, August 14, 2006



Roast Beast is delicious - roast beast wif somefing called horse-rad-esh is NOT. Mommy tried to stop me, but I was too fast for her. My poor little tongue.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

blah weekend


it was a furry blah weekend here. i guess it was 'apposed to be nice outside, but mommy was in bed most of the weekend, wif the dizzies, and being really really tired. she says that she's prolly gonna have to have that trans-fu-shun fing eifer today or tomorrow, and then she might start to feel better. although we loved cuddling wif her all weekend, we don't likes it when she bounces off the walls walking down the hall, or gets really out of breaf walking up the stairs. of course, that doesn't stop Miles from walking between her feets and trying to trip her. I should bite his butt for that.

Saturday, August 12, 2006



Just a klar-i-fi-k-shun from yesterdays post - I am not against Ginger kitties at all - Gramma Trixie is a Ginger, and Grampa Norton was a Ginger, and I loves Ginger kitties. Howefurr, there are 2 really fat and fluffy Ginger kitties that live in our nay-ber-hood that are always coming up to my window when I am sleeping and pounding on it and hissing at me. They pee and poop in mommy's garden and kill her flowers. They spend hours at my window tormenting me and hissing at me. I fink that they were the ones the maded me really scairt when I was abandoned outside when I was a little baby. They hates me. I try to be nice to them, but they don't want to be nice to me.
So, I am sorry if I offended any Ginger kitty - I loves all you guys.

although we played the tag game a couple of days ago, we didn't really play it wif each of us AND our mommy, we just combined me and Miles. Ariel and Mille tagged us again, so we really should play the right way and tell you some weird fings about our mommy

1. she has to sleep wif a pillow ofurr her head
2. she has to sleep wif the window open AND a fan on, efurry day of the year.
3. she is addikted to sugar free pop-sikles
4. she loves to take bubble bafs - well that's not weird, but she makes the water so hot that she turns red like a lobster and says "ouch ouch ouch" when she gets in the tub
5. she likes to eat soft boiled eggs wif crushed up krakers, butter, and milk all mixed in. Miles likes it too.

Friday, August 11, 2006

why do you always assume it's me?


Dear Mommy

When you come home efurry day and see stuff all ofurr the floor that was on the tables when you leaved for werk, why to you fink I am the one who put it there? Just 'acause I frow stuff off the night stands, and sometimes frow stuff off the dining room table, it might not be me who is frowing stuff off the ofurr tables. Here are some fings you should 'vestigate

1. Miles - he's not all the innocent
2. Trixie - you only fink she's too stiff to jump up on fings.
3. Dutchess - ok, I know that she lives behind us and has one of those tingle collars, but it's possible.
4. The fat, fluffy ginger kitties that torment me efurry night at the back door. They hate me and they want me to get in trouble. I don't know how they gets in, they're sneaky, and did I tell you they hates me?
5. The aliens from the UFO that was outside a couple of monfs ago
6. The hedgehog that was outside a couple of monfs ago

I really fink that the ginger kitties are getting in and frowing stuff around while I am napping nicely on the cowch. Maybe we need a 'larm system installed.

Thursday, August 10, 2006



YES, I'm CRANKY!! It's been a squillion days since I hadded any Tem-tay-shuns (I LOVES the dairy ones) or any ham, or chick-hen or terkey or anyfing for a snack. WHY? I know that Mommy has been really sicky again the last couple of days - and not being able to walk wifout getting really dizzy and wanting to fall ofurr, but really now, GIMME A SNACK.

OH, Mommy was able to get our Secret Paws pakage out in the mail. YAY!

We has been tagged by William! and Gemini and Tilly and Toby

Here are the rules: The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself." In the end you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names. The people who get tagged need to write a blog about their 5 weird things/habits as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.


Here are 5 weird fings about me and Sammy

1. Sammy has to lay on mommy's lap wheneffur she is on the human litterbox
2. Efurry day when mommy gets home from werk, I has to sit on the couch and she has to sit down next to me so that I can kiss on her face, if she doesn't i will put the bite on her toes
3. when i was a baby meezer, i hadded 2 pure white stripes all the way down my back - the v-e-t said i was part skunk
4. Sammy likes corn cobs. Not corn on the cob, but just the cob part.
5. i has to sleep unner the covers efurry night.

ok, we are tagging Grr, Midnight and Cocoa, Skeezix, Buddah, Maobert, and Bonnie and Victor

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

how to make the beans nuts


...when they are going to the human litterbox room - jump up onto the human litterbox and just stand there and stare at them, but don't move

...when they are sitting on the couch, jump up on the couch, stomp across their laps and then jump down just as they reach out to pet you. Do this about 12 times in a row

...when they are sitting on the couch, lay behind them and smak them in the head wif your paw about efurry 2 minutes (Grampa Norton teached me this)

...when they go down into the dungeon, run to a corner and stand there facing the corner and start screaming at it. If they has watched a movie called "The Blair Witch Project" this will freak them out. (mommy really loved this one the ferst time I efurr wented into the dungeon when she was doing laundry)

...sneak into the place where they keep the pots and pans and start knocking them ofurr - do this while they are in anofurr room, when you hear them coming, get out of the cabinet and just sit there staring at it like a monster is in there.

...dip your paws in your water dish and then jump up behind them on the couch - reach out and start making biscuits on their necks wif your wet paws. (I didded this last night - Miles was impressed that Mommy almost stood on the ceiling!)

...stick your nose in their moufs when they are sleeping - way far in

...if there are more than 1 of you in the house, efurryone get up on the bed and sit real close to the beans and just stare at them when they are sleeping. don't blink. when they wake up, don't move, just stare.

...if you lay on the pillow ofurr their heads, make biscuits on their heads, get your paws tangled up in their hair real good then start pulling real hard to get your paws untangled. do this only when you are shur they are sleeping.

...if you can get to the dirty laundry basket, pull out somefing - like a slingshot or what they wear unner their jeans, and run around the house wif it in your mouf. Do this only when they has company.

...if you like to sit on their laps and let them pet you, reach up and lick their eyeball. (good one Miles) into anofurr room and start screaming really loud 'acause you dont' know where they went.

...wait until you know they has to go to the human litterbox and then jump up on them and stand on their stomachs.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Call the 'bamalance


Mommy gotted home yesterday from werk, and I was so happy to see her that I runned around really hard. Then I gotted up on the couch wif her and somefing TERRIBLE happened. I was laying there, and I started jumping up off the couch - not on purpose! I coulded not help it - I kepted doing it ofurr and ofurr and ofurr. Mommy lookded at me and started laughing. I didn't fink it was funny - I tried to tell her to call a 'bamalance for me 'acuase I was dying, but she just kepted laughing. She picked me up, and it was still happening. She started petting me real nice and then all of a sudden it STOPPED! She saided that I had somefing called "hik-cups". She saided I prolly gotted them from running around like crazy. I run around like that all the time and it nefurr happened 'afore. I don't like the hik-cups. They hurted my tummy.

Monday, August 07, 2006

My personal goals


I belive that I am well on my way to eating all the ham possible, but I am still far from my goal of standing on the ceiling in the bedroom. There are things up there that I need to 'vestigate. I has tried to get mommy to put extra pillows on the bed so that I can get up higher, but when I jump, I still cannot reach it. I fink that she is moving the ceiling higher so that I will not be able to reach it. I don't fink that's fair. It would be great if she would put some velcro on the ceiling and then make me velcro paw pads so that I could jump really high and stick - or better yet, put a velcro road on the wall so that I could just walk up there, across the ceiling to do my 'vestigating, and then back down the wall. I don't see anyfing wrong wif that idea, do you?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekend update

SAMMY - social report

Yesterday morning the door opened and DADDY was home! so I ranned upstairs and hided. I don't care if it was daddy and I was happy to see him, I hadded to go hide for a few minutes. Then I camed downstairs and daddy tried to pet me, and I ranned upstairs again and hided. Then I camed downstairs and lookded out my window. It's nice hafing daddy home for a couple of days, efen if he says my belly is squishy like a jelly donut. He also played wif me and Miles in the bed this morning. We playedDive Bomb Mommy, and Find the Hand.

MILES - food report

The daddy gived me the following: ham, chick-hen, whipped cream from the lemon cream pie, temptations, and more ham. It was a good weekend.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

um, yeah..............


"Sammy, wammy, bammy, spunky monkey, booda belly".

Yes, you readed that right. That is what she called me last night when it was bed time. I wonder what's in those pills she takes 'afore bed. I fink I should call her doctor, or a 'bamalance or somefing.

Why ME? Why can't she call Miles somefing stoopid like that? Or efen Gramma Trixie? Miles just laughed and laughed at me. Trixie saided that she used to call Ralphie names like that, but 'parently he LIKED it. I'm just 'barassed.

Why ME?

Friday, August 04, 2006

No Mommy, I'm not mad at you


Mommy finks I'm mad at her. Just 'acause I hasn't been kissing on her, or crawling all ofurr her, or wiggling on my back all ofurr her, or sleeping in the bed, she finks I'm mad at her. She efunn tried picking me up and kissing on me, and I turned my head and jumped down. She gotted the sad face and said she was gonna cry 'acause I didn't love her anymore. She efunn gave me a whole slice of deli ham (which of course I tooked upstairs and ate unner the bed). I'm not mad at her, I just didn't feel like being touched yesterday. Or the day 'afore. Or the day 'afore that. 'acourse, it was hot hot hot those days, but not yesterday. I just DON'T WANT TO BE TOUCHED. Maybe tonight when you gets home from werk I will kiss on you. MAYBE.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's been 3 months


I see you in the shadows
You come to visit often
You come to watch over me
How I miss you, sweet brother of mine

Sometimes I get so tired
And I wish you were here with me
It's hard to be without you
sweet Norton, brother of mine

Do you like it in the sunshine?
Are you happy there with Ralph?
Will you come to get me
when it is my time?

I never thought we'd be apart
Not even for a day
But it's been 3 whole months
how I miss you, brother of mine.

Someday we'll be together
Sleeping in the sun
You and me and Ralphie
Together for all time.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's nobody's fault but your own, Mommy


If you don't want to smell the bad smells that a kitty can make, don't put a litter box in the bedroom. I know you has it there so that Gramma Trixie doesn't has to go down the stairs, but we're gonna use it too. Why should we has to go downstairs just to use the box in the middle of the night? get nose plugs if it bothers you that much.

We woud also like to fank Patches, Mittens, Mistrie and Calico Mom for the wonderful time yesterday! You are all so nice.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Total Werld Domination


Chey has written a broadway play for me (and Gemini, the female lead) where I will eat so much ham and get so big I will take ofurr the werld! WOW! HEY MOM! Can I start eating the ham now and see how big I get?


The only fing that's gonna get that big on you is your butt. Your big ham butt will be what takes ofurr the werld. If his butt gets big enuf to take ofurr the werld, we're all in trouble.


Total Werld Domination. And I am not putting on weight in my butt area. Mommy says I'm getting a "pooch" but she didn't say anyfing about my butt getting big. That would be horrible.



We is going to be visiting our furriends Patches, Mittens and Mistrie today. It's 'apposed to be cooler there than here, and Sammy and I can climb the climbing tree, and I can yowl in the woods really loud, and Trixie can stay inside and visit wif her furriend Mittens. It should be lots of fun. Fank you Calicoes for letting us visit.

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...