Tuesday, October 31, 2006



Happy Hal-o-weenie efurryone! Fank you all for your comments regarding my costume prollems. After reading all the comments, and realizing that I would rip her to shreds, she said that she would not put a costume on me - this year. Well, it's a small viktory.

Mommy gets her staples out of her owie this morning - so maybe she will not be so sore anymore and will be able to move around wifout being in pain. YAY.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Someone get her med-i-k-shun- kwik!


Does the hosspital make you lose your mind? Ferst she wanted to dress me up as a Pirate for hal-o-ween, and now she has anofur costume in mind. She says that since I come running when she calls my name, she is going to dress me up as a ...........GULP............WOOFIE!!!! I don't want to be a woofie? This is furry disturbing. Last year, when I was a baby, she didn't want to dress me up. Now that I'm big, she wants to dress me up. Or maybe it's acause she has losted her mind. That has to be it.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dread Pirate..........


Mommy saided this morning while we was snuggling in bed that I would make a good pirate for hal-o-ween. She saided that I would look cute wif peg legs, a hat, an eye patch and a parrot. I felted her head for fever and it felted fine. Maybe her high sugars are making her dee-lu-shi-nal. If she finks that she's gonna get me dressed up in a costume, she's gonna need more medikal treatment. She didn't suggest a costume for Sammy, just for me. I fink that she should make a cardboard bed to fit ofurr Sammy so that he can be a scairty cat.

Friday, October 27, 2006



Oh oh oh oh oh, I forgotted what all you smart kitties tolded me, and I jumped on mommy's owie oper-way-shun spot last night while she was in bed. I felted so bad when she screamed. But she was not mean to me, she put her arm out like she always does, and letted me sleep in my snuggly spot. then she kissded me and tolded me that she was sore there and to please not jump on her. Then she putted a pillow ofurr her owie spot so that I would 'amember, and I didn't jump on her again all night.

Mommy was really really tired. She saided that in the hos-pi-tall, they wakded her up efurry hour to eifurr stab her and take blood, or stab her and gif her med-a-k-shun. She saided that her sugars were waaaayyyyy high, and they hadded to gif her in-su-lin efurry 4 hours, and take her blood efurry 2 hours to test for that. She also saided that they had to take her blood efurry hour for a different test - for her red blood cells which were really low. then they just decided to gif her a trans-fu-shun to give her more blood. SEE????? If you stab someone and take their blood all the time, you haf to put it back!! She should haf pooped on them like Max and then they would haf stopped stabbing her.

Thursday, October 26, 2006





MOMMY'S HOME. She said she missded us lots. And we missded her too. She has lots to tell us 'bout the hospital, but right now we're gonna snuggle and purr for her.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Offline after today for a few days


After today, we will be offline for 2 or 3 days, depending on when Mommy gets out of the hospital. I am furry scared that Mommy is going away, efenn though she says that "mommy always comes back" - she does, it just seems like it takes furefurr for her to come back when she goes away. And we can't go bisit her in the hospital. We will be ok while she is gone - it's only for a couple of days. Then she says she will be home and we can cuddle her on the couch and in bed. I can't wait for that.

So, today we will be sticking close to her and purring. We will talk to you all again in a few days.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Getting ready....


Our mommy is hafing an oper-way-shun next Tuesday, so we is helping her get ready. She says she has to clean the house, 'acause she won't be able to do that for a couple of weeks after. She says that she will be in the hoss-pi-tal for a couple of days, but we will haf someone looking in on us . After the oper-way-shun, she says she will not be so sicky, and she will be able to kon-sen-trate on getting a new jobbie. She's too sicky to go on interviews right now. But her head hunters haf "irons in the fire" for her for after her oper-way-shun I fought they were hunting heads, not irons. And why would they burn the irons? People make no sense to me.
So, I has been helping her clean the house- I haf been pushing fings off all of the tables, and down the stairs so that she can pick them up off the floor. She says I am a good boy for doing that. OH! And guess what she is doing for me? She still turns on the beepy fing so that I can push the button efurry morning and turn it off. Efenn though she doesn't always get up when i turn it off. Until I jump on her tummy and she jumps out of bed and runs down the hall to the human litter box room.

We will be at Derby's big October purrfday and gotcha day party later today. We hopes to see you all there!

Thursday, October 19, 2006



She PUSHED me off the couch and onto my head!!!!!

Ok, here's what happened: I was laying on the couch wif Mommy last night - purring on her to help her feel better, and I was hafing dreams about my belly being tickled. The next fing I know, I am awake on the floor, 'acause Mommy says I felled off the couch onto my head, from wiggling around too much. Now, doesn't she unnerstand that we poodins NEFURR fall off anyfing? We are graceful and elegant - not klumsy. So, the only fing I can fink of is that she PUSHED me off the couch.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oh come ON


If you're up at 2am anyway, what's the harm in giving me a belly rub? And if you're up 'acause my tail was up your nose, or I licked the inside of your ear, or I bited your nostril, what's the harm in giving me a belly rub?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Secret Paws


Fank you Sophia for our Secret Paws gifties. As you can see from the pikshurs, I took them ofurr- but after a couple of days, I did give Miles his own blankie. We love all the gifties - and I 'speshully love the fev-ver stick and the mousie - and the NIP!! YAY NIP!!!!

Me wif the blankie - I smelled Sophia!!! Oh, and it's a Tummy Tuesday pikshur too!

Me showing Miles all of MY toys.

Me putting the bitey on the fev-ver toy! I was going nutso wif it!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Purrayers Needed

Hey efurryone, Mittens needs our purrayers - she is hafing stomach prollems and is sick. Please purray for Trixie's and our bestest furriend.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Mommy says Fank you for the kind thoughts and werds.

To answer some of your questions - I did not get drunk or haf a hangover from drinking the cream and kahlua - mommy says it was mostly cream and melted ice. It tasted really really good though.

It's been cold here- and yet mommy still has the cold air blowy thingy blowing on her at night. It's COLD lady, so don't get mad when I get under the covers and kick you in the back or tummy.

We tried to upload pikshurs of our blankies and all the neat stuff Sophia sented us, but blogger is being a poopy.

Oh, our mommy wants to know if anyone that uses Blogroller is having prollems with getting the updates on the linkies- ours are all blank and no updates are showing. We doesn't know why.

Friday, October 13, 2006



Mommy is sicky AND mad this morning - the werk place that laid her off is being mean and not helping her wif all the fings that she needed to sort out. She is really really mad about that. And the people who are hunting for heads for her call her and when she calls back, they won't call her back.
And, my knocking efurryfing off the coffee table prolly didn't help much. but it was fun and I HADDED to do it - it's the law or somefing like that.

GUESS WHAT? Mommy saided that Buffalo, which is about 75 miles west of our house gotted 2 FEET of snow yesterday. Some places closer to us - like 20 miles away gotted 6 inches of snow last night. We didn't get any, but is winter 'apposed to be here yet?

And the FUNNIEST fing effur happened last night - Mommy maded somefing to drink call a Ka-lua and cream. She putted it down on the coffee table and wented back to the kitchen to get her dinner, and Miles drinked it! He started licking the ice cubes that hadded the cream all ofurr it. Mommy FREAKED out. She saided that all the ka-lua was on the bottom, but Miles gotted about 3 licks in on the cream. Mommy almost called poison control!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Chatham's Cat Couch saided that Chatham has to take anofurr round of anti-by-ot-iks for his bladder infection. He is not feeling well and not eating as much as he should, so, could we all please send some purrs out to our senior Meezer furriend? Fank you!!



We is spending the day purring on Mommy. She gotted sicky again last night and she could not go to her 'puter conference today. So we is being good boys.

We hadded a lot of fun yesterday wif efurryone who camed ofurr!! We will post our secret paws pikshurs tomorrow when Mommy is feeling better.

OH, and I finded lots of fun stuffs unner the bafroom sink in the cabinet last night. Good fing mommy didn't know I was in there when she closed the door - I nefurr would have finded all the fun stuff - like curlers, and tampons (Kukka, you would haf LOVED it unner there) and sponges that mommy uses for her make-up. I tried to tell mommy that I was frowing stuff out onto the floor 'acause I was taking in-ben-torie, but she didn't believe me.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

We gotted it!


We gotted our Secret Paws pakage! Fank you so much Sophia and Diva Kitty's Mom! We love our blankies (and Sophia didded a good job putting her smell on them!). They are red and beautiful. We wanted to post pikshurs, but Mommy goofed up wif the camera and has to re-do them. We will post them tomorrow. Sammy and I fighted ofurr the blankies - and Sammy claimed all the toys - the red fev-ver toy, and the nip mouse, and the crocheted toy, and the nip. So, I tried to claim bof blankies. Oh, and I claimed all the stinky goodness - 'acause it's my favorite.

Fank you again Sophia and Diva Kitty Mom! You are AWSOME!

Our furriend Butterscotch wented to the Bridge yesterday. Farewell sweet Butterscotch - you were well loved and you loved well. Purrs and snuggles to your Mommy, grammie and to Frisky. We hopes that Frisky keeps your blog going.

We is going to snuggle on our new blankies all day today - if anycat wants to come an visit wif us today, we would loves the company!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006



Good grief- here is my "tummy tuesday" pikshur



Bonus pikshur of my lucious tummy furs!

Monday, October 09, 2006


Please go visit Butterscotch's blog - his mommy needs us, and he needs all of our good thoughts.

We're writing our story


Is efurryone writing a story for Max's new book? Mommy says that the stories are due this week!! We was going to write one story, but on our bay-k-shun, we hearded anofurr story 'bout a kitty who went frough a lot of prollems and now he's getting a new fureffur home - and it maded us so happy that we wants to write about it. So, we is going to werk on it today.

Mommy is werking on getting the pikshurs moved from one 'puter to her new 'puter. She says it's hard wifout a CD writer for her old 'puter. but, hopefully tomorrow you will see pikshurs of our bay-k-shun.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


We is home! We sleeped most of the way in the car - we bof came out of the PTU a couple of times (mommy has to leave the door open or Sammy howls, but we usually just stay in there anyway). Once we gotted home, Sammy ran around yowling, up and down the stairs. And I miss the foo-ton.

Mommy gotted her new 'puter, so she is werking on getting all of our pikshurs transferred ofurr.

Saturday, October 07, 2006



The PTU is out and I hearded somefing about going home. Looks like we will be trapped in the metal monster wif wheels today.

Friday, October 06, 2006


She touchded me! and mommy letted her!! the lady that lives downstairs from daddy camed up to talk yesterday, and she wanted to pet me - and MOMMY tied me up and then tied me to the foo-ton so that she could pet me. WHAT? Oh, sorry mommy, i'll tell the troof - mommy pickded me up and holded me so that she could pet me. she saided that i was a big manly kitty, that part is all good but she didn't haf to TOUCH me did she? I hadded to go into the bedroom and take a 1 hour baf.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


know what's really fun? sitting in the kitchen in the middle of the night and screaming at the cabinets for no reason. then, when they gets up. run like there's a monster out there.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

bay-k-shun update


The foo-ton is MINE. all MINE. I am finking of charging a toll for anyone else to sit on it. I could get rich, or fat if i charge them a slice of ham or roast beast.

Also, I sit on the kit-chen table and howl at the wall because it annoys you. And it echoes really good in daddy's kit-chen. I likes to hear my voice echo.

Sammy hides under the bed all the time because he also knows it annoys you.

There's a HUMONGOUS moth flying around the 'partment. I fink Sammy might have catched it and eated it, but I'm not shur.

I lick your feet when I walk by 'acuase I know it annoys you.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Plan


So, here's the plan: When they are in bed, jump up on the side of the bed, bounce once off the dad, ofurr to the mom, then down to the floor, run around to the ofurr side of the bed, jump up on the side of the bed, bounce once off the dad, ofurr to the mom, then down to the floor - repeat at least eleventeen to one squillion times. Bay-k-shuns are FUN

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Face Stomp


I discovered a new dance last night - the Face Stomp. Here's what you do. You wait till your mommy is asleep. then you lay on the pillows ofurr her head. When she's good and asleep, you gets up and you stands on her face and then you just pick up your pawsies and put them down real hard like. This will make her sit straight up, which leads to the bestest part of the dance - the flying through the air part!


FOO-TON!!! HAM!!! ROAST BEAST!!!! The daddy gived me a slice of deli ham AND a slice of deli roast beast. But I still didn't let him hold me. I'm not that easy.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Goin somewhere


We is locked in the Prisioner Transport Unit and we are going out to the metal monster wif wheels. Wait, this metal monster is not OURS. Mommy says it's a rental, our needs to haf some werk done on it.


oh, to see DADDY? For how long? A whole week? WOW.

We will update once we gets to Daddy's house. I'll try not to puke in the car - I puked 2 times yesterday and my tummy is a little queezy.

We is here. We is unner the bed - well I is unner the bed - Miles is unner the blankies on the bed where mommy and daddy won't find him. Efenn though we has been here 'afore, we is going to play scairt for a day or so.

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...