Friday, December 29, 2006

The Miles Report - Holiday and Year End edishun


The Holiday Report

Well, we hadded a good holiday. We gotted lots of toys - that Sammy has now hidden from me so that I cannot play wif them. We hadded lots of fun wif Daddy - and Sammy didded his speshul snuggling between Mommy and Daddy and maded biscuits on Daddy and Daddy was furry happy. I did not snuggle or make biscuits. But, I did lay around alot on the couch.

The Food Report

This year, we hadded lots of good food. Shrimpy Crack, Tem-tay-shuns, Ham, Turkey, Chick-hen, roast beast, real live dead shrimp. And some not so good food, like broccoli (alfough Sammy likes it) and banana ice cream.

The General Blogging Report - by Sammy

Next week will be our ferst blogaversary - we started our blog on January 2, after spending a couple of monfs reading ofurr kitties blogs. Our Mommy discovered Max's blog ferst, (at The Mows comic site) and readed it to us, and then we discovered Timmy, and Derby and Beau and William and Eponine (and Cowboy) lots of ofurrs, and finally she relented and let us start ours.
We haf maded so many new furriends, and our catmunity really cares about each ofurr. I am so glad that we is a part of it!

The Good and the Bad Report

Lots of good fings happened to us this year. New furriends, new foods, going to visit daddy, lots of toys to play wif. I turned 1 and Sammy turned 2 so we is a little older and wiser at the end of the year than we was at the beginning.
Grampa Norton wented to the Bridge on May 3. He was 2 weeks away from turning 18. We was furry furry sad. We losted his twin sister, Gramma Trixie, on August 28. She missed her brofur furry furry much, and hadded to run off to the Bridge to be wif him. We miss her furry furry much too. It's not the same wifout them. Some of our furriends ran off to the Bridge this year too. Ofurrs were furry sick. Some got losted and then found, some are still losted. Some beans losted their jobbies (our mommy included). Some found ofurr jobbies, some are still looking. We purray efurry day for all of them.

The New Year

Bof Sammy and I haf maded our resolutions, and we is ready to start a new year, full of happiness and healf and good fings for efurryone. We knows that there will prolly be bad and sad times next year too, but we has a wonderful catmunity that pulls togefurr for efurryone, so we knows that we will all get frough it togefurr.


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Furrsday Furteen - by Sammy Meezer

Thirteen New Year's Resolutions - by Sammy Meezer

1…. I resolve to learn how to werk the TiVo so that I can record good TV shows

2.... I resolve to teach Mommy that the rules are the rules

3.... I resolve to find a new hiding spot for all the toys - they're MINE

4.... I resolve to eat all the tem-tay-shuns I can eat wifout 'asploding.

5.... I resolve to push Miles down the stairs more often (he LIKES it, I'm doing him a favor by doing it

6.... I resolve to learn the fine art of sleeping on mommy's face and not smothering her at the same time

7.... I resolve to NOT haf my pikshur taken this year. I haf almost perfekted the "bobble head" motion when the flashy fing goes off.

8.... I resolve to get the nasty ginger kitties who torment me from the patio to STOP

9.... I resolve to not be so scairty when people come to visit

10.. I resolve to not be so scairty when I goes to visit anyone

11.. I resolve to find a way to cure Miles' "pooting problem" that does not involve a needle and fread, or a cork. (Mommy saided no to those)

12.. I resolve to keep being the "good and perfekt" boy that Mommy says I am now

13.. I resolve to maybe keep one or two of these resolutions.

Happy New Year to all of our furriends!!!

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Secret Paws


I gotted my secret paws purresent last week from Julius and Caeser! They are wonderful bunnies and I was so happy wif my purresents.

Here are my pikshurs:

OOOOO, a pakage! It smells good!!!

Hey Miles!! Check it out!! These are COOL!

Tem-tay-shuns!!!!!!!!!!!! and 4 cans of Stinky Goodness!! OMG!!!
Julius and Caeser, you is AWSOME!!!
FANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

We has a new look!


Looky what I didded!! I changed our bloggie ALL BY MYSELF!!! It taked 7 hours to convert our blog to the new blogger last week - so all you wif big blogs beware, it's not a fast process. But, now we can change our bloggie around the way we likes it, and we now has a Meezer colored bloggie!! Let us know what you fink - like, is the werds hard to read 'acause the colors are too light? or, does it gif you a headache or anyfing?

We will post Sammy's Secret Paws pikshurs tomorrow hopefully.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

We wish you a Meezer Chrissmas
We wish you a Meezer Chrissmas
We wish you a Meezer Chrissmas
And a Happy Mew Year!!!

Merry Chrissmas efurry poodin' fluffie, woofie, ratlet and bean a Happy Holly-day!!

The Meezer Family - Sammy, Miles, Meezer Mom and Meezer Dad

Friday, December 22, 2006


I gotted my secret paws package yesterday - from Julius and Caeser - and like Miles, my secret paws were BUNNIES!! Oh, fluffies are awsome secret paws! I will post pikshurs tomorrow.

So, yesterday, mommy wented down to the dungeon to do some laundry, and I followed her, but she didn't see me! She wente upstairs, but I was still down in the dungeon sitting in the corner talking to The One Who Came Before (it was his favorite place and it's my favorite place too - and we talk) and she CLOSED THE DOOR ON ME. I was STUCK down there for a squillion hours (Mom's note: Ok, it was only about 30 minutes). When she finally opened the door, I was sitting there on the top step crying my little eyes out. She pickded me up, and my head was all hot, an my nose was all hot, and when I kissded her, she saided that my tongue and breaf were all hot too. Well, I was nervous and werried that she would not come back for a long time to rescue me, so I gotted a little werked up being nervous. THEN, she wented back down in the dungeon. So, I followed. I can't help it. But this time, when I seed her heading for the stairs, I ranned up ahead of her so that I would not be locked in again.

UPDATE: My sweet, gorgeous, beautiful ABBY has a hurty leg and has to see the v-e-t today. Her mommy is furry werried, and so am I. Please efurryone, say a little purrayer for her!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Furrsday Furteen - by Miles Meezer

Thirteen New Year's Resolutions Miles Meezer

I knows it's early, but next week is Sammy's turn at the Furrsday Furteen, so I fought I would make my resolutions now.

1…. I resolve to find a way to stand on the ceiling in the bedroom (why? mainly 'acuase it would be really cool to stand upside down!!)

2... I resolve to stop pooting unner the covers (Mom's response: I give this one until about 11pm New Year's night to be broken).

3... I resolve to run up and down the stairs eleventy eight times a day for exercize.

4... I resolve to yowl at the top of my lungs efurrytime I run upstairs, 'acuase you is not there and I cannot find you.

5... I resolve to not laugh at you when you are in the baftub (Mom's note: Great, now I feel self-conscious taking a bath in front of the cat).

6... I resolve to not jump on your oper-way-shun owie until it's not an owie anymore. Efenn if the bean v-e-t says it could take 6 monfs. (Mom's note, I also give this one until 11pm New Years night- about 2 seconds after the poot of death from under the covers).

7... I resolve to not stick my face in your dinner until you are done eating it, not 'afore you start eating it.

8... I resolve to not fall off the balcony and onto the stairs landing anymore.

9... I resolve to put the bitey on you efurry time you call me "Poosie"

10.. I resolve to grow tall enuf to reach the kit-chen counter so that I can grab food off there.

11.. I resolve to smack Sammy in the head at least eleventy five times a day

12.. I resolve to not get so upset when I cannot watch my cartoons on TV

13.. I resolve to eat as much ham as feline-ly possible and not 'asplode.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Did it werk?


We tried switching to the new blogger, but it just hung and then we hadded to log back in wif our old account name. This is frustrating .

Oh, and I has an apology to mommy - I is sorry for jumping into the pile of purresents that you putted on the loveseat to wrap. Also, I is sorry for ripping the wrapping paper while you was trying to wrap fings. Maybe you shoud use gifty bags again this year, 'acause the wrapping paper fing is too much fun.

Also, this is Chrissmas Wish Wednseday, so here are our wishes:

We wish that efurryone who needs a job will get one SOON ('speshully Brandi's mom and our mommy)
We wish that all kitties and beans who are facing illness will get better (speshully Smudge, Miss Georgia and Chatham), or have their illness managed so that they can still have good lives
We wish that efurry bean and efurry kitty gets lots of love and snuggles the chrissmas
Lastly, we wish that all kitties waiting for 'doption will find their furefurr homes.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006



Ok, this morning when I was poking mommy in the eye to gets her up to gif us brek-fest, she pulled me down into snuggling position, but I didn't wants to snuggle, i wanted her to gets up. Then she tolded me that it's the LAW the kitties haf to snuggle wif the beans for 5 WHOLE MINUTES 'afore getting up. How comes I nefurr hearded this 'afore? Did this law just get passed and signed by the purresident? I guess I should watch the news more offen. Is the right, or is this some trick so that she doesn't haf to get out of bed when I wakes her up?

Monday, December 18, 2006

We haf such wonderful furriends!


My wonderful, sweet, georgous, beautiful ABBY (and Ping, Jinx, Boo and Gracie) sented us some wonderful Chrissmas purresents!!

There was this photo album wif MY pikshur on the cover - the kitty doesn't haf a tail eifurr, just like ABBY!!

There was aslo the mostest wonderfulest FEV-VER TOY I haf evurr seen!!!!! I jumped, I spinned, I pulled, I rassled it! OHHHHHHHHHHH, it's wonderful!

And theBIGGEST bag of Tem-tay-shuns I has efurr seed!!!! Miles tried to pick it up in his mouf and it was too heavy for him!!

And some Gift Tags!!!!!!!!!

We also gotted really nice chrissmas cards from Meeko and Kiara and Oreo!!! This is turning out to be such a speshul chrissmas!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Secret Paws


My secret paws came yesterday, and I was soooooooooooooo 'acited!!! Mommy saided that efenn fough Sammy has not gotten his secret paws package yet, I could open mine.
It camed alll the way from HAWAII!!! And it was from RABBIE BURNS!! I LOVE reading about Bad Bunny Burns, along wif all the rest of the Poiland Tribe (Hi Merlin and KoKo and the Ratlets!!).

Here are some pikshurs:

This is my pakage

OOOOOOOOOOOO What's in here? It smells like NIP!!! (sorry the pikshurs area little fuzzy, I was so 'acited I could not sit still).

LOOKIT!!! There were some makadamia nuts and coffee for mommy! And: 3 homemade toys that PoiMom maded, filled wif NIP, a can of my favorite stinky goodness, a homemade chrissmas ornament wif my name on it, and sand and shells inside (HAWAII sand!!!) and the mostest coolest nap blankie that I has efurr seen - it's black and white and fuzzy and I love it! I rolled on it, I chewed on it, I sleeped on it (so did Sammy).

ARRRGGGHHH - Dread Pirate Blogger will not let me post more pikshurs. I will post them later.

Rabbie Burns, you is the coolest bunny I had efurr met. FANK YOU so much for my pressies.

We cannot wait to see what Sammy gets for his secret paws!!

Friday, December 15, 2006


YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy putted up our tree! It's a REAL tree, and it's on Sammy's elevated floor. Sammy is not happy about that, 'acuase there's not much room for him to sit on his elevated floor now. Mommy putted lights on it last night and started putting these white balls all ofurr it. THEN, she kittynapped us and maded us sleep in the bedroom WIF THE DOOR CLOSED all night. Well, she didded bring up our food and water, and our litter box is already there. SOOOOOO, in order to protest, 30 seconds after we gotted in the room wif the door closed, I let loose wif the stinky poo to end all stinky poos. Mommy coughed. Mommy's eyes watered. She burrowed unner the blankies. She putted pillows on her face (bad move mommy, Sammy immediately laid down right ofurr her nose and mouf on top of the pillow). She sprayed - some orange smelling stuff that maded the room smell like orange poo. All I could do was LAUGH and LAUGH and LAUGH. Finally, she wented ofurr to the litterbox wif a clof ofurr her mouf and scooped it and it stopped stinking. SO THEN, about 5 minutes later, Sammy didded the same fing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. She hadded to get up again wif a clof ofurr her face and scoop it again. Then she saided that the tem-tay-shuns must be making the bad smell, so we would nefurr get them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! We cried, we sobbed, we whined, we begged. We tolded her that we would not do that anymore, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't take our tem-tay-shuns away. She saided "we'll see". NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. That means NO. I don't know what to do now.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Furrsday Furteen, Number 2 - by Sammy

Thirteen Reasons Your Favorite Snowman ended up on the Floor - By Sammy Meezer

1…. He tried to commit suicide from the top of the entertainment center

2.... He saw a fev-ver on the floor and wanted to play wif it

3.... He was trying to escape to the outside, only to find that it was the same temperature out there as it was in here (hint to mom: the fermostat is on the wall in the dining room - use it)

4.... Tem-tay-shuns - I hear snowmen like them too

5.... He needed to go to the snowman's litterbox room

6.... He wanted some of the goat cheese that was in the frigerfrator

7.... He wanted to watch his soaps

8.... The dust bunnies were teasing him and he was trying to put a whooping on them

9.... He wanted some microwave popcorn

10.. He hadded a headache and needed some aspirin

11.. He wanted to make a Long Island Iced tea at the bar

12.. We was playing hide-n-go-seek and he was IT

13.. He was snooping for his chrissmas purresents.

SEE!! There's lots of reasons ofurr than me pushing him that your favorite snowman ended up on the floor.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More life lessons


Mommy says we might get a little chrissmas tree!!! I tolded her that I was so furry sorry that I was bad when she bringded up the big tree from the basement. I tolded her that I was just 'vestigating it, and that I didn't mean to chew frew the light wires. She saided that if she can find a little real tree, we can haf that for our chrissmas tree - one that woud fit on the "elevated floor" in the lifing room. Alfough now I don't know where Sammy is going to sit if his elevated floor has a tree growing out of it.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How to confuse the beans


When you are a kitten, eat all the food you can find - stinky goodness, crunchies, treats, ice cream, anyfing. Keep eating all the food. Then, when you turn 1, stop eating efurryfing, no stinky goodness, no crunchies, no bean food, no nofing. Make your mommy fink you is going to starve to deaf. But, really, just only eat when she is sleeping to keep your energy up. Do this for a whole year. Then, when you turn 2, let her see you eating crunchies, but when she puts down your stinky goodness in the morning, demand that she gif you a kiss or you won't eat it. Then, when she gifs you a kiss, don't eat the stinky goodness anyway. Now, when you are 2 1/2 start eating stinky goodness like there is no tomorrow. Scarf down yours. Scarf down your brofurrs. Ask for a 2nd bowl when the beans start fixing their dinner. Scarf all that down. Then scarf down all the treats you can eat. Then, the next day, eat nofing. I started this plan yesterday. Mommy is so confused she can hardly talk. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

IMPORTANT NOTE TO THOSE WHO HAF SWITCHED TO BLOGGER BETA: If you does not haf the option to leave an anonymouse or other comment turned on, we can no longer leave you a comment. There is somefing wrong with the Google sign in for the comments that tells us or correct password is not correct. So, please don't fink we has forgotten about you, we just cannot comment wifout the Anonymouse or Other options being enabled in your comment sekshuns.

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Miles Report - Weekend edishun


It's time for the Miles report, weekend edishun.

The Holiday Dekorashun Report

The fake tree that showed up last year showed up this year too - in a box. I immediately jumpded in the box and started crawling frough it and playing wif the lights. The box immediately wented back to it's hiding spot and Mommy saided "no big tree this year if you're just gonna crawl frough it. I will has to go out and get a table top tree". BAH!! Mommy is a humbug.

The Food Report

Well, Sammy is happy, the crap crunchies were tossed into the garbage and he gotted his junk food Whiskas Meaty crunchies back. He was furry happy. I gotted the following this weekend:
NO ham
NO turkey
NO kielbasa (whatefurr that is, mommy hadded some and I wanted some too)
NO eggs (mommy putted tabasko on them)
NO bacon
NO chick-hen
0h, wait, Mommy is reading ofurr my shoulder (not cool Mom, how can I do fair and akurate reporting wif her looking ofurr my shoulder???) and she saided that I had 5 bites of steak, oh wow, you can see that it maded and impreshun on me. 5 whole bites. And they were really teeny-tiny bites too - not nearly as big as my mouf.

The Wrestling Report - by Sammy

::STOMP STOMP CLAP:: ::STOMP STOMP CLAP:: I AM THE CHAMPION, I AM THE CHAMPION, no time for losers, 'cause I AM THE CHAMPION, of the WERLD!!!!! I frew the brat down the stairs and then ranned down to the landing and pinned his lead butt.

The "How many ways can we jump on Mommy's owie 'afore she says OOF" report

Um, so far, 1. HAHAHAHAHAHA. If I sit next to the bed and look up at Mommy wif big eyes, she says "come on up poosie", and I HATES being called "poosie" so I jump up and land on her owie. And then she goes "OOF" and I win.

That is the Miles report for now.

Your Furriend,

Miles Meezer (aka Poosie) (MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM stop it!!).

Friday, December 08, 2006

I fink mommy is a pod people


Um, hey lady!!! Yeah, you!!! The one we call "mommy". What is this crap in my cruncy bowl? It is NOT Purina One Natural OR Whiskas Meat flavored crunchies (yeah, yeah, yeah, I LIKE JUNK FOOD). LADY!! Back here!!! Look, my real mommy knows that I like to eat the werst for me junk food crunchies, not this healf food crap that seems to have found it's way into my bowl. I gets my healfy food from eating begetables (like brussels sprouts, and corn). So, eifurr you're a im-poster and haf abdukted my mommy to a space ship, or you are my real mommy and you just don't love me anymore. And lets talk tem-tay-shuns. 5 tem-tay-shuns does not a treat make. that's like an amuse buche (I may be a cat, but I watch all the cooking shows). A treat is at least eleventy-nine treats. Or a squillion. So, eifurr you are an alien or you just don't love me anymore.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Fert Furrsday Firteen - By Miles Meezer

Thirteen Things about Miles

1…. I am an applehead Siamese Cat

2.... I am a year and a half old

3.... I love ham

4.... I also love shrimps and crab

5.... My goal in life is to stand on the ceiling in the bedroom - I keep trying to jump there every night

6.... I am a daredevil - I hang over the balcony edge an look into the lifing room

7.... I haf falled ofurr the balcony edge

8.... I love to sleep unner the blankes on the bed and bite mommys toes

9.... I am furry furriendly - unlike Sammy who is ascairty of efurryone

10.... When Chey gets 'lekted President in 2008, I will be the Minister of Ag-gra-kulture (or Minister of Ham, as I call it)

11.... I love ham

12.... I like to stick my nose up mommy's nostrils when she is sleeping. Just like my hero Max

13.... I once bit Mommy on her nipple frough her tank top when she was sleeping - it was funny to watch her jump straight up and scream at the same time. I am saving that one to do again on a speshul okshun.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

WHAT? It HAS to be broked


I do NOT weigh more than sammy


Miles honey, calm down, it's ok. But the scale says you weigh 15.5 lbs and that Sammy weighs 14.5 lbs


Nuh uh. It can't be right. Haf you SEED him? He's wider than me


How many times does I haf to tell you, I'm FLOOFY not fat. And now I has proof. I has floofy furs and you has thinner flatter furs.


But, I'm the BABY. I can't weigh more then you do.


Um, maybe you should cut back on the HAM.


no HAM???? MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, does I haf to gif up ham?


No, but perhaps you will only get tem-tay-shuns once a day instead of some in the morning and some at night.


MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM, that's not fair to me, the skinny one.


Um, Sam, you're not exactly skinny. Remember, Norton and Trixie only weighed about 7.5 lbs their whole lives. Now, they were smaller kitties than you and Miles, but you two are not exactly rail thin. So, maybe we cut down on the temtations for a week and then weigh you both next week


Hey. Sammy, I haf a plan - we can bof move the weighy fingy out of the human litterbox room and toss it down the stairs, then she can't weigh us anymore. Then, in a couple of days, she will furrget that she wanted to starve us to death.

Monday, December 04, 2006

My Letter to Santy Claws


Dear Santy Claws

I am attaching a pikshur to my letter so that you can see how cute I am. Mommy says I may need to rely on my cuteness in order to get on your "good boy" list.

I haf tried to be a good boy this year. If I haf done some naughty fings, it's just 'acuase I turned 1 this year and I didn't know that some fings are wrong.

1. the time I stealed the ham from mommy and ranned upstairs and ate it unner the bed

2. or jumping up and down on mommy's head when she is sleeping

3. my all around "bad manners" as she calls them, when we goes to bed.

Cripes, all of my bad deeds haf been dokumented on this blog for Santy Claws to read. Now I'm gonna get a whole trakker trailer full of coal.
But, see how cute I am? If I promise to be a good boy from today until Christmas, will I get some purresents?

This is my wish list:

1. Really long and wide Velcro Strips for the bedroom wall and ceiling
2. Velcro paw covers to walk on the velcro strips on the bedroom wall, so that I can achieve my lifelong goal of standing on the ceiling
3. A pot belly pig. No, not to eat. to haf as a pet
4. A country ham from Virginia (oh wait, if I eat ham in front of the pot belly pig, he will gets upset and start oinking really loud. Maybe a stuffed toy pot belly pig will be better than a live one).
5. Breaf mints for Sammy

Please reconsider putting me on your bad list dear Santy Claws. I fink I can get some references from the cats in the catblogsphere if you needs them.

Miles Meezer (the cute one)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dear Santy Claws


Dear Santy Claws

I haf been a furry good boy this year. No matter what my mommy says about me. I don't fink the following should be issues in me getting Christmas Loot:

Laying on mommy's face so she can't breafe
Pushing fings off the counter and into the human litterbox
pushing Miles down the stairs
clawing mommy's head while making biscuits
tossing mommy's cell phone off the table and onto her head when she is sleeping
sneaking into the forbidden room and getting locked in there
sitting on the elevated floor (it's NOT a table, it has a rug on it, it's a floor!!)
sitting on the dining room table (Antique Irish Linen? My butt doesn't leave marks)
knocking ofurr the bowl wif all the coins in it
taking the fev-vers out of the fev-ver pillows (they're FEV-VERS!!!!!!!!! I has to haf them)
sitting on Miles's head (no one should be punished for that)

I fink, that being the good boy that I haf been, I should gets the following rewards for Christmas:

FEV-VER wands
FEV-VER butt mousies
FEV-VERS - just a bag of fev-vers
A ginormous bag of Tem-tay-shuns
anofurr ginormous baf of tem-tay-shuns
fev-vers and tem-tay-shuns in my stocking
oh, and a really dorky sweater for me to gif to Miles.

Fank you Santy Claws.

Your furriend (who has been a really good boy)

Sammy Meezer

Saturday, December 02, 2006

My Challenge


Grr, Midnight and Cocoa challenged me to write a song 'bout HAM to the tune of Jingle Bells. If I does a good job, they will donate $10 to Libby for her v-e-t bills!! So............
Here Goes!!!

Hammy Smells

Dashing frough the house
on my four furry feet
mommy's at the cold box
getting me a treat

On my feets I run
For a treat that is YUM YUM
I can't wait to get it
into my tum-tum


Hammy Smells
Hammy Smells
Hammy Smells so fine
and the taste
oh my gosh
it is so deeeeeeeeee-vine

City Ham
Country Ham
dices cubes and slices
salty good
piggy good
tastes better than mices

Well, didded I do a good job? Does Libby gets the money? We is going to fink of a challenge for someone - we will post it Monday.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Formerly Feral Friday


This is not a story about me (and I am formerly feral, if just for a little while), but a story 'bout the kitty we meeted last week at our daddy's house. Sorry we doesn't haf a pikshur.

Mr Kitty (we will call him that 'acause we doesn't know what his name was, or is now) usded to lif in a home, wif at least a mommy, and maybe a daddy. One day in the late winter this year, the mommy hadded to move out of their 'partment, and lefted Mr Kitty behind. Then the mean nasty landlord (mommy says we can call him Simon LeGree) maded the kitty move out to the outside werld. He had nefurr efurr been outside in his whole 10 years of life.
He wandered around near his house and the office building akrost the street, looking for food and a new purrson to take care of him. He gotted into a fight wif anofurr animal - maybe a woofie, or a racoon or somefing, and he losted his left eye, and part of his ears. He was in really bad shape, but had losted his trust of people. The lady that lived downstairs started taking him food efurry morning when she wented to werk, and he started to trust her. She hadded 1 poodin, 3 woofies and 2 fev-vers at her house, so she didn't fink that she could take him in. So, during the summer, she fed him and when she hadded to werk at night, she broughted him into the office building and he sleeped in a crate near her desk. When it started to get fall outside, she fought that she should prolly take him home wif her - he was getting reallly sick wif a URI. So, she broughted him to the v-e-t, who said that he needed medikshun, and he needed to haf a hoo-ha-ectomy too! Maybe that's why he was getting into fights. She bringed him to her house, and put him in a warm shed while he took his medikshun. He started to feel better and she gotted him his hoo-ha-ectomy. Then, her werk closed, and to keep her job, she took a job offer 1200 miles away. She could not take Mr Kitty wif her, 'acause of all of her ofurr animals. He camed inside and lived in the hallway, 'acuase her woofies scairt him really bad. He was a really really sweet kitty. A white and gray tuxie, but he needed to haf surgery to close his eye socket, so he looked really rough. But he purred whenefurr mommy would pet him. Mommy gived him lots of extra foods last week while we was there - to fatten him up. We finded out that the lady downstairs finded him a really good furefurr home, and mommy telled him. He wented to live wif his furefurr daddy last Saturday. We hopes that he likes it there, and that he will get the surgery that he needs for his eye. He is a really sweet kitty who was put frough some horrible ordeals, at an eldery age. But now he has a furefurr home! YAY!

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...