Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Squillions Day!!!!


Today is Squillions Day!!! Happy Squillions Day to all of my Green Wall Shelter sisfurs and brofurs!!! I am so furry 'acited that I 'acided to put on my purrtiest flower wreath and celebrate!! I loves lifing here wif the Meezers. The boyz is so much fun!!! Efenn fough they doesn't give me beer or anyfing like Zeus does wif my squillion brofurr Blackie. That's ok fough, I doesn't need to haf beer to be a party girl - I just needs my flower wreath!

Efurryone!!!! Head ofurr to see Dino, Egypt, Maxie, Tuxie and Midnight. Somefing's happening!!!!!! I wonder what it is?????????


Kukka-Maria said...

Miles, you need to wear a wreath like that on your head!

It's cuuuuuute...Poosie!

(We did agree I could call you that, right?)

Renee said...

I need more explainations...silly bean that I am. I don't understand your post.

Hot(M)BC said...

Seville! You're lookin great sisfur! You look furry happy with the Meezers, we're glad to see. Maybe you should pop by the Cat Blogosphere and adopt a virtual sisfur too? Or at least get one of the Meezers to put their link on the Squillions day post? Or maybe it's just naptime. We 'ramic kitties have to nap a lot.
Luv your brofurs,
Onyx & Mac @ HotMBC

PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS to my boyrfriendcat Miles :)
~~ Sanjee

DEBRA said...

HI Seville! I'm Ashes. Momma and da gang adopted me from Derby nearly a year ago. I love it here with my gang. I especially like Abby because we are almost the same size. We kinda look alike too. I hope you have a wunderful SQUILLION day celebration.

::::wavin paws:::

BYE to my sweet lovable handsome Sammys! (I loved da pixchur yu have ofurr at am furry GUD!)

Purrrssssssssss and nosekisses
Your sweetie,

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hi Seville, furry nice to meet yoo. Happy Squillions Day!

Catzee said...

Well, happy squillions day! I don't have a squillion but him does look happy.

Forty Paws said...

Happy Squillions Day!!! What a wonderful flower wreath you are wearing. Very beeyoutiful!!

Luf, Us

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Sunny and Cloudy here.....we have to help Momma with the washing and drying the clothes all the time, without a break. Seems almost like Squillion abuse!!

Sunny and Cloudy
The Squillions of the Big Piney Woods

Renee said...

Thanks for the explaination boys. Happy Squillion day.

Fat Eric said...

Happy Squillions Day, Seville! This is your sister Mandy Squillion here, in London with Fat Eric.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Happy Squillions Day Seville! I love your wreath!!!


Hey Poos~Pooosieeee (sorry I could resist)
Happy Squillions Day
I am thrilled to see my bloggie on your roll. Yayyyy

I hope you have the funnest day ever!

You look absolutely beeeeyoootiful in the flower wreath :-D <3

Derby said...

Happy Squillion Day Seville. You add some nice ginger color to the Meezer household.

Lots of love, Vir-ginger

iP(l)odNanny ...aka - Quilt Chick or Fat Eddy ... said...

Happy "Squillions Day" to you. And may you have a squillion more. Nice to meet you and I love your flower hair wreath. (And I'd probably love to it eat it too). Sorry but that's what I do sometimes.

Come visit me some time, if you're ever in my cyber neighborhood.

Rascal said...

That's a very attractive Squillion. Looks like he's very happy living with you.

Karen Jo said...

Happy Squillions Day, Seville. I love your wreath.

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