Monday, February 12, 2007

The Miles Report - Cold weafurr edishun


It's been a while since I haf done a Miles Report. So here are some fings to catch up on

The Food Report

Mommy says i'm 'apposed to be on a diet. BUT, I haf gotten around that by pafetikally mrowing and yowling efurry time she goes into the kit-chen. We has to SPLIT a can of green can Fancy Feast efurry morning. That is 'apposed to be all the stinky goodness we get for the day. We haf a 1/2 bowl (mommy says about 1 cup) of Purina DH ('skripshun dental food for my teefs) to snak on, but I hates it. Only Sammy eats it. It's apposed to be for me, but I won't eat it. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Me and Sammy did haf some real live dead shrimp on Furrsday - Mommy gets a little pakage when it's on sale. Sammy akchually eated some - he has not eated any in a long time, but he finally 'amembered that he likes it too. Then, at night, we walk around in circles in front of Mommy yowling for Tem-tay-shuns, so in order to shut us up, we gets some. She's not furry good at the kitty diet stuff. I've had chick-hen, pork chops, turkey burger, shrimps and a little bite of ham in the last 2 weeks.

The Balentimes Report

We has to fink of somefing to gets Mommy for Balentimes day. The weafurr guy on the talking pikshur box saided somefing about a snow storm on balentimes day, so maybe we will just snuggle wif her all day and watch the snow out the big window. We doesn't haf furry much money to spend.

The Meezer Tails Shop Report

We is going to be putting new stuff in our store this week, 'acause Mommy and Daddy still do not haf new jobbies. They say that the job market in New York is furry bad.

The Weafurr Report - by Sammy

It's freaking cold here!! cold cold cold. It's cold next to the window! It's cold next to ALL the windows. Mommy keeps the heat down at 62 degrees 'acause gas heat is 'spensive here. We haf some space heaters, but Miles is ushually hogging those. Good fing we has lots of blankies. I fink it's snowing in the forbidden room - the heat doesn't werk furry well in there so it's colder in there than the rest of the house. Mommy says she has to get anofurr heater in there so that she can start her tomato seeds for the summer. She has the fun greenhouse in there that I likes to get into and eat the plants. YUM. Anyway, it's COLD. And we is 'apposed to get snow efurry day this week.

The Mommy and Daddy Jobbie Report

Mommy hadded 2 innerviews last week in Buffalo - that place 87 miles away. She says she is waiting for call backs. She is also waiting for anofurr posishun to "get funded" at anofurr company close to home. They haf her resume and want to innerview her. Daddy is also waiting for a place near him to open up so he can go werk there - hopefully it will open soon. They are also "wating for funding" or somefing like that. He knows the purrson who is theh boss there, so that's a good fing. So, we're kind of making progress getting them out and werking again. Keep your paws crossed and say some purrayers.

The "OK, we need some help" report

Ok, so, how does I get Mommy to STOP CALLING ME POOSIE?????? I fink she has forgotted my real name! And, she is calling Sammy "Squishy" all the time too. We fink she needs some med-a-k-shun for her brain, but we doesn't know how to get it. Any ideas?

That is the Miles Report for this week.

Happy Meezer, Midnight Monday!!!


Cheysuli said...

We've heard that it hasn't stopped snowing and snowing. We hopes you are okay. I would think that when the snow is that deep, it would keep you a bit warmer, but then again I'm just a cat!

I hope things go well for your Mom and Dad looking for jobs.

Renee said...

Maybe if you sign mom & dad up for one of those online job places they'll get hired quickly and then mom won't be around so much to call you & sammy silly names... just a thought.

Perhaps you and sammy could "inflate" their resumes so they get really good jobs.

I don't know really. It' has been a very long time since I had a job and of course even longer since I tried to get one...the last job I had I wasn't even looking to work and they said I could work there. And I'm sure I could get another job that way if I wanted it. But I don't. They have me volunteering 2 times a month instead and really that is getting to be too much.

Dragonheart said...

I hope it warms up for you soon! It sounds very cold where you are.

I also hope your mom and dad find jobs soon.

Tracy said...

Maybe your Mommy could put linky things on your blog to stores like as an affliate. Maybe that could generat a little bit of money.

Hope the job hunt gets better. What sort of works do Mommy and Daddy have the training to do?

Carmen said...

I definitely think that snuggling qualifies as a valentine's present. I think that's going to be Pooh's present to me, anyway. And maybe a hairball. ;)

DEBRA said...

Ooh it sounds furry cold where you are Sammys. I can teleport ofur and we can snuggles together. I really enjoyed da partee the oddur night.

We is keepin our paws crossed furr yur Mommie and Daddy....juss hopin they can find someplace close by. Dat is a long drive furr yur Mommie if'n she has to go to Buffalo.

HI Miles!
:::::wavin paws::::
Boo, Jinx, Ping & Gracie

Bye to my strong handsome sweet Sammy!

Purrs and Headbutts
Your Abby

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

About your Momma calling you Poosie. Give her a few days or a week, and she will call you something else! That is what happens here. Course, your next nickname may even be worse!


Forty Paws said...

Ooohhh. Lots of kitty blogs are talking about how cold it is. Makes us cold just reading about it!!!
Stay warm! and good luck to your humans on their job hunting!

Luf, Us

Spirit and Ezra said...

Ezra sez... I wood rather be called Poosie than something like Mr. Snugglebum. Not that I get called that!

Spirit sez... Our Momma saided she was gonna buy sum stuffs wiff your picktures on it. She saided it would be cute if the shirts and stuffs had your names on it. Or a cute slogan effen. But she's still gonna buy somfing no matter what.

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Ohhh, Sammy and Miles! We haf been froo that name thing too. It's terribul. I (Buddy) am furry good at looking arownd wen Mom calls me by my reel name so if she calls me somefing else, I just ignor her. And Finny knows his name too, but he is such a mooshie snuggle-lover that he ansers to ennyfing for a hug. You cood try hissing or growling at yore mom wen she calls you names. But be careful, that mite get you in trubble too!

Yore frend Buddy

INAMINI said...

Well-dun repurt. All dat sno- wow.
Wehope yur beans fins wurk soon. Good-luck!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

We are happy to see an updated meezer report. We think you would help your mommas brain with more meowing & marching around the bed in the middle of the night.

Max said...

I agree with scooby, shaggy, & scout. Make sure the meowing is, like, concertal. That always helps.

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