Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Hey efurryone - don't furrget that Max has anofurr auction going on - a couple of really good purrizes too!!! And the green papers go to a really good cause!!

Now, do I look happy to you? Why does you fink I look this way?

GREEN is NOT my color!! It clashes wif my eyes!!!

Oh, but hey, what's this? Sammy's windowsill money!!! I fink I will borrow some and go buy me a little sumfin-sumfin (and by "borrow" i mean not pay back, and by "sumfin-sumfin" I mean tem-tay-shuns - uh oh, was that out loud? purrtend you didn't see that - just in case Sammy figures out that I tookded some of his money.) Mommy won't let me haf money of my own 'acause I'm "ir-ree-spon-sible".
Does anyone know how many of these silver fings I need to buy tem-tay-shuns?

Oh, and mommy says fanks for the good foughts for her jobbie innerview. She won't know for about 2 weeks if she gets a 2nd innerview. She's really nervous.

Oh, and yeah, we has anofurr new look. This is what mommy does when she is nervous. Ushually, it's the furnachure in the house, this time it's our blog. Let us know what you fink of it. We still has the ofurr template that we can go back to if peoples hates it.


William said...

I bet Sammy can't even count, so he won't even notice the missing money. I'd take it all and get LOTS of treats, as many as I could!

Kukka-Maria said...

I love the new look! The blue brings out your eyes!

I wish I could help you out with the "silver thing" question. I'm just used to handling the paper money...with 100's on them.

[Editor's Note: Not sure where she's getting her cash...surely not from my purse!]

Cheysuli said...

I'm with Kukka Maria. The blue matches your eyes. I think you'll need quite a few of the silver things Miles to get those temptations...

Max said... need 8 of the big silver things, 3 of the smallest silver things, 1 of the medium silver things, and 3 of the small browny colored things. That should get you some nice crunchy treats!

DEBRA said...


We love your new look.

We juss knoos yur Mommie aced her innerviews. But two weeks is a lot of naps.

Ummm...I fink Max is rite 'bout how much of dat silver stuffs yu needs to get sum bags of tem-tay-shyns. Hey maybes yu can get more than one bag?!! LOTS of tem-tay-shyns!

:::wavin paws:::
Bye Miles!
& Jinx

Bye to my sweet handsome mancat Sammys!! *reow*
Purrss..... & nosekisses
Your sweetiegurl

Pee Ssss
I wuz finkin bout yu in da pixchur Momma took that she put up today.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I LOVE the new look! Makes me want to go change mine around.

I don't think Sammy will mind if you "borrow" the money for Temptations as long as you share wit him.


Big Piney Woods Cats said...

We voted and it was efurryone, including Momma vote YES to the new look! We loves it!

I don't know how much of that silver stuff you need, but, I think, if you use that plastic card it will get you ANYTHING!!!


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Look for a two for one deal!

Renee said...

I don't know how much money Sammy has there, but I think you should just take it all and share the temptations with him.

And I don't think that you look very happy in the green mom trying to get your ready for Saturday? Tell her that meezers are not Irish.

I don't wear green on that I can get pinched. ;)

Dragonheart said...

Miles, I have to agree that green is not your colour.

The new blog looks is great! :) Lovely Meezer colours. :)

katnippia said...

Miles, you don't lookz very happy with the green shirt on. As for the temptayshunz we don't know how much you will need.
Oh, we likez your new look. We are considering changing ours, but we are not to sure yet...Sia

Daisy said...

I agree with everyone, those blog colors look pretty. But Miles, I think that shirt looks good on you! You can wear it for Saint Patrick's day, because if you don't wear green, you could get a pinch!


I like these colors. change is good for the soul... and the eyes.
I think the green shirt looks great on you.
I agree with William... take all the money and go on a shopping spree.

Forty Paws said...

Very pretty new look.

Moving furniture is hard work, but changing your blog might be hard work too.

We vote that you take some of the money and leave the rest and share it the goods with Sammy.

Luf, Us

Mia and Ghost said...

Did you get any tem-tay-shuns???

We would be honored to join "Toofless Sisfurs and Brudders from Different Mudders" that you and Dorf are starting. Thank you for asking us.

Spoiler said...

You should lead the St. Pat's Day parade in NYC.

Mrs. Sniffles said...

Bunny Mommy and I vote for your newest blog look. The colors match you! Brown for your Meezer selves and blue for your purdy eyes.

Boy said...

WOW! Take them all and buy tem-tay-shuns and share them with sammy!
That way all of you will be happy!

Kat 3 said...

Wow! I'm going to have to talk to my Mom about this silver stuff. You're telling me that stuff buys treats?!?!
- Kat 3, part Meezer

P.S. We all here at The Morning Scratch hope your mommy gets the second interview!!

Hot(M)BC said...

Um, yoo looks better in bloo, Miles, yup. A'course I finks yore handsum in any colors tho! I dunno about them silver fingies, but I'll gif yoo a bag of tem-tay-shuns. :)
your girlfriendcat Sanjee

Oreo said...

HAHAHA! You look bout as happy as I did when Momma putted that shurt on me!! Beans am crazy. I like yore new blog fing. Purrty.

Karen Jo said...

I think your Mom wants you to wear green for St. Patrick's Day. It does clash with your eyes, though, and you don't look very happy. I don't think Sammy will mind if you take some of his money to buy Temptations, as long as you share with him. I hope your Mom did very well on her interview and gets the second one. Two weeks is a long time to wait.

Karen Jo said...

I forgot to add that I love your new look on the blog. It's very Meezerish.

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Oh it's good you are borrowing coins for the kitty treats. Shop lifting gets you put in time out.

We like the new colors and we even like the green shirt, but we think pink would be good for you!


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