Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Confersayshuns wif the Mom - Part II


Well, I hadded some "confersayshuns" wif Mommy this weekend too. In case any of you were finking "Sammy is a goody four paws" lets review this:

SAMMY: Mommy, look at me.
MOM: Sammy get off the table
SAMMY: but Mommy, look at me
MOM: Sammy, get off the table
SAMMY: But Mommy, I can to tricks
SAMMY: Mommy, look, I can push stuff off the edge!
SAMMY: OOOO, more stuff to push off the table
SAMMY: oh! and this, this might bounce
SAMMY: mommy? is you mad at me? you used my full ferst name
MOM: I'm getting up, you better get on the floor
SAMMY: you're really mad? why?
MOM: (at this point, she is shreeking so loud that it sounds like this:)AHHHHHHHHHHHHHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHONTHEFLOOR
SAMMY: mommy, that frobbing vein in your head does not look healfy for you. you should learn to 'alax more
SAMMY: Oh, you mean get on the floor? why didn't you just say so!

This conversayshun was repeated about eleventy squillion times this weekend. I don't know why she likes to repeat herself alot.


caspersmom said...

Oooh, Sammy you better keep up the cutesy stuff like rolling over on your back and batting your eyes instead of getting that throbbing vein a working. Were you too busy pushing stuff off the table that you just didn't hear her??? Should have know something was up when she yelled SAMUEL. I always play the cutesy stuff when I have been naughty, usually works. Sometimes.


Renee said...

Hummmm Sammy I don't think that throbbing vein in your mommy is very healthy for her either...maybe you should give her a break and stay off the tables.

BTW: I know of this nifty little device you can put on tables to scare kitties off...it's called a snappy trap. It looks like a mouse trap, but instead of a bar it has a big flap that makes a lot of noise.

Max said...

Look, if the vein in her head doesn't actually pop, yer doing good :)

Daisy said...

Hahahahah! Sammy, you are funny.

Parker said...

My Mommy put rolled out aluminum foil on counters and tables to train us not to jump up. (we kitties usually hate the feel of the foil on our pads). I have had the same conversations with my Mommy about other stuff I shouldn't do!

DEBRA said...


The only time Momma has dis conversayshun wif me is when I get mad at Boo. She doesnt UDDERSTAND I am protectin her. She belongs to me and none of de oddur kitties can be near her. I hafta to be protector kitty. I don't knoos what she sees in dat Boo gurl. Sometimes juss to keep da peace, I let her pet Boo.


:::wavin paws::::
Boo, Ping, Jinx and Gracie

Bye to my sweet handsome manly mancat Sammys!

Purrs and Nosekisse
Your adoring little baby angel

Caesar and Princess said...

Sammy you are funny.... poor mommie
I hope her vein does not pop

The Meezer Gang said...

Sammy, you guys make us laugh and laugh!!! Funny guys you are!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

ooo throbbing veins, Bendrix causes this all the time. I Hendrix would never....OK every once in a while.
you make us laugh and laugh Sammy & Miles.

Bendrix thinks he is going to try those tricks tonight....

How did your daddy's interview go? We thought good thoughts for him!

Dragonheart said...

Sammy, you and Miles both make me laugh. :) You probably didn't hear your mom because you were knocking stuff off the table, right?

=^..^= said...

Hahaha! You so funny, Sammy. *wipes a tear* I fink maybe it is time to try some purring and acting cute to push that popping vein back.


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Hmm...I'd better not come visit. I think it would be bad for your mom's health. I don't know why she is so mad though, you can do tricks!!


Gemini said...

Oh the Almost Dad doesn't yell at Cheysuli for being on the counter. He likes to sneak into the kitchen when he hears her and make a loud noise that so that she jumps and then runs.

Tara said...

hehehe...I often have the same conversation with my mom. I don't know why they don't understand that stuff belongs on the floor!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

ooohhhh....the ole frobbing vein! that is a clue! You were getting to the with this one my friend. The other clue is the full first name!!

Omnibus Driver said...

The Divine Miss Marilyn is having a fit of the giggles here in Omnibus land...

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh we laffed so hard we neerly felled offa the computer chair and Mommy the typist! Beans are so weird the way they repeats themselfs like that.
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

Pee Ess. Mommy laffed lots too.

Nosekissies and LOTSA purrs to my boyfriendcat Miles! PURRRRRRRRS, Sanjee

Anni said...

that sounds like my house! except i just give up and let them be on the counter. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Sammy -- Try licking her eyelids when she's asleep. It works for Miss Maxine. It tickles and I wake up smiling.

Ernesto said...

Heh... I have similar conversations with the Feeders on a daily basis! I think they need to work on their kitty conversation skills.

DaisyMae Maus said...

I think that our moms repeat themselves so much 'cuz they've got short attention spans. Perhaps they should be working on expanding their minds more with ginkgo biloba or courses at the learning annex.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

duz yur momma need sum erfqwake putty ta put unner the stuff on her tables? Midnight tries ta nock stuff off too, but the good stuff is stucked ta the table an she can't. haha

we kin send ya sum if ya wants

Kukka-Maria said...

On the table + flicking things = A GOOD TIME!

What's her deal? Jealous SHE can't get on the table?

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