Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A day in the life of The Meezers


Here is a typical day in the Meezer house:

Midnight - Sammy stomps up onto the bed and steps on mommy's head as he makes his way to his pillow to sleep.

Midnight-thirty - Sammy whaps mommy in the head wif his tail repeatedly to see if she is sleeping

Midnight-thirty one - Mommy puts a pillow ofurr her head and says "knock it off Sammy"

Midnight-thirty two - Sammy stomps back ofurr Mommy's head and sits on the bedside table.

Midnight-thirty three- Sammy whaps the cell phone off the table and onto the floor

Midnight-thirty three and a half - "Sammy, stop it right now"

Midnight-thirty four - Sammy stomps back ofurr mommy's head and lays back down on his pillow

Midnight-thirty four and a half - Sammy is asleep

Three oh two am - Sammy whaps me in the head - Wrestlemania Eleventy Nine is about to begin

Three oh three am - I jump onto mommy's legs as Sammy and I are in the middle of Wrestlemania Eleventy Nine - Steel Cage ex-trava-ganza

Three oh Three and a half AM - "KNOCK IT OFF YOU TWO"

Three oh Four am - oh! Mommy has to go to the human litterbox room - goody - that means windowsill kissies

Three of Five am - I jump on the windowsill for kissies - I sit ovurr near mommy and reach out and pet her face. She kissies me.

Three oh Six am - Mommy stands up and I stand up on the windowsill on my back legs and grab her face - more kissies.

Three oh Seven am - Mommy picks me up and we goes back to bed.

Five twenty four am - Sammy stands on Mommys head

Five twenty four and two seconds am - "SAMMY, get off my head"

Five twenty four and 10 seconds - Sammy is on the bedside table. You all know what happens next

Five twenty four and 11 seconds - WHAP - cell phone into mommy's head

Five twenty four and 12 seconds - Mommy grabs Sammy and puts him into snuggling posishun

Five twenty five - Mommy and Sammy is asleep. I crawl back unner the covers and sleep on mommy's feets

Six oh eight - Sammy is on the bedside table - again

Six oh eight and 2 seconds - WHAP - remote control for tv flies into Mommy's head

Six oh eight and 3 seconds - Mommy's hand slaps Sammy off bedside table. I jump out from unner the covers and "The Great Meezer Race" is ON!!

Six oh ten - Sammy runs ofurr Mommy's head as I run ofurr her stomach.

Six oh eleventeen - "STOP IT RIGHT NOW"

Six oh eleventeen and 10 seconds - Sammy sticks his head unner the pillow ofurr mommy's face and licks her eye

Six oh twelve - Sammy sits on Mommy's chest and licks her lip

Six oh thirteen - Human litterbox room time again!! YAY! More windowsill kissies

Six oh sixteen - Mommy uses werds from the naughty list while she is on the weighty fing. And tells me to stop standing wif my front paws on her shoulders - seems that I make her gain weight when I does that.

Six twenty - BREKFEST TIME!!!!

Six twenty one - oh, time to play fingers ferst

Six twenty four - BREKKIES!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Six thirty - can I haf more brekfest?

Seven am - time to look at our email! and then take a nap

Eight am - can we read some blogs now?

Nine am - nap time

Eleventeen am - is it ham time yet?

Eleventeen oh three - time to go into the kit-chen and holler at the fridge for ham

Eleventeen oh five - MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM stop werking and make some lunch - it need some ham

Eleventeen ten - HURRY!!! I need ham now.

Eleventeen eleventeen - YAY!! HAM!!!!

Eleventeen thirty - nap time

One pm - Sammy wants tem-tay-shuns - what does you mean we can't haf any?

One oh one - "SAMMY! Get off the dining room table"


One oh three - SAMMY! ON THE FLOOR NOW

One oh four - uh oh - she's getting up and steam is coming out of her ears

One oh five - Sammy rolls ofurr onto his back on the dining room table - "oh you're so cute, but get off the table"

One oh six - Mommy picks up Sammy and puts him on the floor

One oh six and fifteen seconds - Sammy is back on the table just as Mommy sits down again.

One oh six and sixteen seconds - "SAMMY - oh nevermind. I have werk to do"

Three pm - Yawn, stretch, smack the lips. Time to go holler at the fridge again

Three oh three - "MILES, stop it, it's not time to eat"

Three oh four - "Miles, really, stop it"

Three oh five - "MILES"

Three oh six - no ham. Time to chase Sammy

Three oh seven - Lap 24,986 of "The Great Meezer Race" begins

Three oh eight - up the stairs, down the hall, into the bedroom, over the bed, around the bottom of the bed, back out to the hall, down the stairs, turn right, down the hall, turn left into the kit-chen, through the dining room, turn left, around the lifing room and back up the stairs

Three twenty - "you sound like a herd of elefants"

Three twenty eight - 10 laps complete. Time for a nap

Five pm - yawn. stretch. is it dinner time?

Five oh one - hollering at the fridge again

Five oh two - DINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Five oh four - Mom? is there any more dinner?

Five thirty - mommy sits down wif her dinner - time to jump up and eat what's on the ofurr side of the plate.

Six pm - nap time

Eight pm -baf time in the human litterbox room. Time to lay on the windowsill and wait for windowsill kissies

Eight thirty - windowsill kissie time

Nine pm - nap time while Mommy watches the talking pikshur box

Eleventeen pm - Bed Time

Midnight - it all starts again.


DK & The Fluffies said...

Sounds rather like our house! ~Fiona & Orlando Bun

The Feline Sextet said...

Teehee, that sounds furmiliar, only times 6!
The Feline Sextet

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Wow, wow, I don't feel so bad about licking Daddy's eye brows at free ina morning and purring in Momma's ear at fourfirty.


Marie the Defender said...

Hehe - midnite to six am sounds like so much fun!!!

Sammy - you look so much like my big sis Casey (who is meezer...or maybe only partly. you decide)! I show you a picture of Casey next time on my blog.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a lovely comment.

Renee said...

I say: "No wonder you need so many cat naps! That's a busy day!"

Darly says:"No wonder you're so fat!"

Parker said...

Very familiar! 'Specially the herd of elephants part! Hee!

DEBRA said...


We sleeps all fru da nite in our house. 'Cept Boo gets to stay in Momma & Daddy sleep room. But she wakes Momma up round 1 or 2 and Momma puts her out and den she comes and sleeps in the cat cup. But we's is all nappy nappy fru da nite until Momma gets up a'fore 4 and feeds us brekfast.

HI Miles!
:::wavin paws::::
Boo, Ping, Jinx and Gracie

Bye to my sweet handsome fast speed racer Sammys!

Purrs and Nosekisses
Your loving little nappie sweetie

Dragonheart said...

Oh my goodness! You guys have a very full day and night! Wow! I generally sleep through the night, from about 23:00 until 05:30. Although I often wake up for a snack in the middle of the night, but I don't wake my humans when that happens.

Caesar and Princess said...

We used to be like that... until two things happened... Mommie started locking us in a rooooom she calls the "paradise room" at night, ha! and we got "olde" but still. We miss it, good times.....

Hot(M)BC said...

Wow! Yall has such a bizzy day. We admires yoo for keepin to such a tite schedyule.
Alla us at Hot(M)BC

Nosekissies and PURRRRRRRRRRRRS to my boyfriendcat Miles :) ~~ Sanjee

Cheysuli said...

You have a very busy house. Our routine varies from day to day depending upon whether or not the woman is home.

momsbusy said...

yus hafs a fery busy life! we gottas go take a nap now, all that made us pooped!

yuki & kimiko

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

You guys have a very very exciting life! Sounds like your night time stuff is a lot of fun. I'm going to have to wake Kaze up and try some of that.


Daisy said...

Wow, that sounds like fun. But it is always a bad sign when steam comes out of the Mommie's ears.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

What brand of personal organiser to you use to keep all that scheduling straight?!?
Our favorite parts are the windowsill kisses and the marching around on the bed and bedside table at night. We do that too! then she says DammitScout,stopitrightnow!

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's so funny! There is just me but it sounds so famiar!

The Crew said...

Why do humans tell us not to do something? Don't they know we'll do whatever we want!


The Meezer Gang said...

Do you live with us???

Beau Beau & Angie said...

That sure am an eventful 24 hours dat you has. The windowsill kisses sounds furry nice. We'll haf to try that one. Stepping on the beans head is somefin we already do.

The Tower Hill Mob said...

Excellent routine, boyz! What about yakking up a hairball in the middle of the night and playing the cello on Mum's chest first thing in the morning- those are important, too!

Max said...

That sounds like a very good day to me, and quite a bit like it is here with me and Buddah...

Derby said...

You two have quite a routine there. I am amazed that your mum gets any sleep.

Kukka-Maria said...

Very clever and factual reporting Miles!

"Wrestlemania Eleventy Nine!" SNORT!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

kin we come offur an vizzit at eleventeen eleventeen today? mmmmm...ham!

Forty Paws said...

Oh my gosh. You guys sure do bug your mommy a lot!!! Almost as much as 10 of us!!!

Luf, Us

Karen Jo said...

You two have a very full day and night. No wonder you need so many naps.

DaisyMae Maus said...

You two have far more fun than the five of us ... We're comin' to your house! Break out the ham!

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