Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Two post Tuesday

Our wonderful furriend Meep gived us this award for being nice. We is so honored. We loves Meep, he's a great guy. And he has a new Meezer brofurr Twizzler!
After our 'rasslin match on the table, and the stairs, and the balcony tonight, I doesn't fink that Mommy finks we is really nice. We was bof hollering and yowling and screaming at the top of our lungs for a long long time (mom's note: about 30 minutes!!). We was just hafing fun.

We would like to gif this award to Sanjee (and efurryone else at the HOT(m)BC) and Abby, (and Ping, Jinx, Boo and Gracie too) 'cause they is the nicest girlfriends in the whole werld. We would also like to give this award to our buddy Zeus, 'cause he is a great kitty, and to our furriend Derby who is furry speshul and cares lots about all the kitties in the blogsphere.
We really want to gif this award to efurrycat, because this is the best bloggysphere community in the whole werld and efurryone is nice to each ofurr and we nefurr haf fights or say bad things and we all care about each other.
Our 2nd post for today is below.


Henry Helton said...

Congratulations on your award!

Renee said...

Congratulations! Maybe they meant nice to other bloggers.

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Congrats on the bloggie award!! We think you both are gurreat guys!

We have to agree, we don't think your mommy is nice...she's just like our mommy, always spoilin' our fun!!

We hope you have a gurreat Tuesday!

~Donny and Marie

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Concatulashons on da award, yoo is nice. And thanks fur da compliment, we agree, effury kitty in da blogosphere is furry nice.

michico 小芥 said...

Congratulations for your award~!! You are really nice~!

Samantha & Tigger said...

ConCatulations on your Award! You are rally nice to every cat and bean and other critters you meet. Even if you aren't to each other sometimes, but that was just playing.
Your FL furiends,

Dragonheart said...

Congratulations on your award! :) It is very well deserved. :)

Parker said...

A grrrrrreat award to teo grrrrreat guys!

Mickey said...

Congrats for the award.Beans get wound up when cats howl and roll
around together.Heehee

Samantha & Tigger said...

Sammy, Miles and Meezer Mom, thanks for the purrayers! Tigger's blood work came out a okay and he is normal again!
Your FL furiends,
and Mom

Hot(M)BC said...

Yall are the nicest cats Miles n Sammy. Concatulations on yore awards.
Oh. Oh gosh. Mommy's leakin. I fink she's just sprung leaks lately. Fanks Miles n Sammy for tha award. Fanks lots.
alla us

Nosekissies and more purrs to my boyfriendcat Miles -- Sanjee

Bounce, Lucy and Trixie said...

Concatulations on your Nice Matters Award. You definitely deserve it!

The Fluffy Tribe said...

concatulations you are nice kitties Sammy and Miles ~the fluffy Tribe

Les Trois Chats said...

Nice certainly does matter... even if it is just the thought that counts. Least that's what I say. Congrats!
~ moose

Junior said...

I think you are nice and I am glad you got the award!

Caesar and Princess said...

Congrats on this awardie you sillies.
You are very nice too :-D

Very well deserved awardie!!

Derby said...

Thank you guys. I appreciate the award.

Forty Paws said...

Concatulations on yur nice award! You deserve it!

Luf, Us

The Furry Fighter said...

you deserve it so much! xxxx