Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well, ok, but it seems like a girly name to me. But I am sexy and sultry.

You Are Vixen

Sexy and sultry, you're the one all the other reindeer dream about.

Why You're Naughty: That fur pulling spat you got into with Dancer over Santa.

Why You're Nice: Because even when you're nice, you're still delightfully naughty!

Is this another crack on my feets? (again, NOT peg legs)

You Are Prancer

You are the perfect reindeer, with perfect hooves and perfect flying form.

Why You're Naughty: Because you're Santa's pet, and you won't let anyone show you up.

Why You're Nice: You have the softest fur and the sweetest carrot breath.


Henry Helton said...

Prancer?! Hahahahahaha.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Miles, I hope you haven't joined Rocky's Spicy Vixen Harem. I'm part of that group. Sanjee might not be too happy if that happened.


We haven't been very good about visiting lately. We were very sorry to learn that your mom didn't get that job. Bummer. Let's hope there's a great one around the corner for her. Paws crossed.


Gemini said...

Wow you guys are both cool reindeer! I am jealous. Wait, I get to play Mrs. Claus in the CCSI so I am not jealous cause I am the boss of you!

Mickey said...

I'm Blitzen,hahaha I like to party down with Santa! Hahaha!
Have a fun day boys!!
Purrs to your folks :)

PB & J said...

You guys are such cool reindeer - neat!

Kelly Cat said...

I can just imagine the 2 of you with reindeer antlers... sort of like Max the dog in the cartoon version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Of course, a cat would never subject itself to such a thing in real life.

michico*Adan said...

That is very interesting~!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Softest fur sounds right. Carrot beaf we don't know about.
For Miles yoo are sexy so dat fits yoo.

Ramses said...

Ooh eer it seems I'z more of a Rudolf myself... ;)

Christine and FAZ said...

Wow, you guys sure have interesting 'vishus deer' personalities. FAZ

DEBRA said...

wow I didn't know you were a part of Santa's magic reendeers! Do you really go all the way around the werld in one nite? I bet yu have lots of stories to share wif us!

**wavin paws***
Bye sexy Miles
Boo, Ping, Jinx and Gracie

Bye to da softest snuggliest sweetest reendeer in da whole wide werld....

***blowin kisses***
Your adoring little petite angel gurl

Dragonheart said...

You guys are both very cool reindeer. :)

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

hahahahaa, vixen and dancer! Good thing we really aren't vishus deer.

Tybalt said...

Prancer and Vixen! Ha ha ha! I think the names fit. ;)

Captain Jack and Dante said...

Vixen and Prancer huh? ;)

Aloysius said...

I don't want to be a silly reindeer! Why would a cat want to be a deer?

Bounce, Lucy and Trixie said...

Miles we never knew you were a Spicy Vixen. Are you going to join Rocky's group of Spicy Vixens?

And Sammy, Prancer? I mean really dude, Prancer?

Queen Snickers or Empress said...

HA HA momma was Blitzen!

Angus said...

Sammy, really, carrot breath? My mom always calls me "fish-breath face". I'm not sure which is worse...:P

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

hahaha! Prancer & Vixen? I think that thing's kinda screwed up. I tried it and it said I was Donner - sweet and loveable, but kind of a dork. Me? Not hardly!

Renee said...

those are silly names for Meezers.

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Deze are furry interestin' deerz. Are dey as vishus as da regular onez? Are dey veganz too? Somehow I do not tink you should trustee dem, even if dey seem so frendly.

-Dr Tweety

Marilyn MonREOW said...

*GIGGLING* at carrot breath! I don't think I've ever eaten a carrot in my life!

Prancer -- that would be a good name for Dorydoo! She prances around like a little princess! Me? Not so much -- I tend to "tuddle." *smile*

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Hot(M)BC said...

So yoo's a raindeer and an ELF too, Miles? I's a'fused :) But dat's normal. Long as yoo's my Miles nomatter what else yoo are, it's ok.
Purrrrrrrrrs n nosekissies,
yore girlfriendcat Sanjee

Hot(M)BC said...

Hey Carrot Breath *snicker*
I don't think it's a crack on your feet, dood. heheh
your bud Pepi

Eric and Flynn said...

Yikes!!! Are yoo two turning into vishus deer?