Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Sunday post - with Memes!!


our good friend Sly and our good friend Mickey tagged us for some meme's. Sly would like some random facts and Mickey would like to know what we would put in our "Box of Life". So, ferst:

More random facts about us
1. Mommy thinks Sammy walks like a soldier - his steps are always exactly the same length, even when he runs. He doesn't gallop around the house like me - it's more like he double-time marches.
2. when I lay unner the covers, I haf to lay on top of the top sheet and unner the blankie or quilt - nefurr unner the top sheet next to akshual human flesh.
3. I'm either really clingy and haf to be near mommy ALL the time, or I completely ignore her and spend my time upstairs away from her.
4. Sammy is the pickiest eater that mommy has efur seen.
5. I am not a very picky eater, however, lately, I have not been eating all the stinky goodness I get.
6. I am terrified of the front door to the outside when it is open. Sammy is too.
7. We do, however, like it when the slidy door is open and we can sit in front of the screen. As long as no one gets near us. If someone gets near us, we run fast to the upstairs and unner the bed.

Ok, now for the 2nd meme:

A SIMPLE BUT VERY IMPORTANT MEME: List your treasures and tag other kitties and their humans also, as many as you like. Let this reflection spread through out the world. We need to count our contentments as Blessings!~~~What do you look back over and treasure enough to place inside your BOX OF LIFE?~~~

1. Sammy - I would put my fev-ver toys in my box of life
2. Miles - I would put some ham in my box of life
3. Sammy - I would put my snuggle time in bed wif mommy in my box of life.
4. I would put my windowsill and couch kissies wif mommy in my box of life
5. I would put my skritching time on the dining room table in my box of life
6. I would put all thet sweet things mommy says to me in my box of life - even my nickname Poosie.
7. I would put tons of purrrsss and love for kitties who have no homes in my box of life.
8. I would put all my purrrsss for sick kitties and beans in my box of life - so that I never run out.

We would like to tag Frostin and his court for the memes (either or both, they can pick), and we would like to tag Sly for the Box of Life Meme, and we would like to tag William and Russell and Caroline and Olivia for either or both. We would like to tag Patches, Mittens, Mistrie and Precious for either or both a well.

PS - please keep purring for mommy's innerview Monday! She's starting to get nervous!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

don't get nurfuss mommie, just hold a kitty and it will be fine, k???

smiles, auntie bee

Hot(M)BC said...

Wow, yall posted on Sunday! Good meme stuff yoo guys. And yoo's so sweet :)
Purrrrrrrs n nosekissies to my boyfriendcat Miles :) ~~Sanjee

Heere's a note for Mommy Meezer - Stop bein nerfus! We all don't wanna hafta come poop on yore pillow to distrakt yoo from bein nerfus! Ewww!

The Devil Dog said...

Tell your momshe will be great, we all just know it! We are sending good thoughts and prayers to her.

Dad had sent a resume to a company over two months ago. They just responded last Wednesday. But he already has a good job. And Dad was told to call this other company (2 months ago) and he did. Turns out they wanted a drive with a different cdl than dad had. He just found out yesterday they went under! o tell your mom it make take a little bit, but it will all work out. Just have faith. (I know it's hard, mom hard a real hard time keeping the faith, but we helped, and we will help your mom too.!)


Dragonheart said...

Those are wonderful things in your Box of Life. :)

I am purring for your mom! Tell her to relax and she'll do fine. :)

Honey P. Sunshine said...

dat was furry nice, poopsie

Parker said...

Lovely Memes! Hey Mommy - you're gonna' do great, I just know it!

Tara said...

Those are wonderful things to put in your box of life. And with both of you there for your mommy, she will do just fine, I just know it.


Daisy said...

I loved all the things in your Box of Life. And I am glad some hams got in there, too.

Gemini said...

I am purring for your Momma you guys! I hope it goes fantastic!!!

I am thinking I might be a little worried about you and not finishing your stinky goodness, but you know, Chey's appetite is off a bit too. Maybe it's a meezer thing?

Lux said...

Oh, you're both so sweet! I like what you put in your box of life.

That's funny about Sammy walking like a soldier!

I'll keep my paws crossed for your mom's interview tomorrow ...

Astrid, Kashim & Othello said...

We loved your memes and we will purray for your mommies interviews and keep paws crossed for her to get the jobbie!!
puurrs and hugs Kashim & Othello

Eric and Flynn said...

We're purring furr yer mum. We know she'll do grate. We like yer box of life too.

Mickey said...

I loved the answers to both memes. I like screens too :)
I like your Box of Life too.Got everything you need,maybe throw in a footon to eat yer ham on,heehee!!
Sending positive purrs to your MOM!!!!!!!!!!!

William said...

Those are great memes, guys! Thanks for picking us, too. We'll be putting on our thinking caps and do them soon.

Oh, and Caroline wanted to let you know she yelled hi at the meeezer birds (we had two!) a lot this weekend. I'm surprised they came back at all.

Good luck to your mommy tomorrow!

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

What a furry nice box of life you haz made. I did not know your name waz Poosie though. When did dis happen?

-Dr Tweety

Henry Helton said...

Very nice memes! Your box of life sounds awesome!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Good stuff in yoor box of life. Mom sez dat dey really make beans jump thru hoops fur a job these days. We're sure yoor mom will do grate, we'll keep purring fur her tho, just in case.

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