Monday, December 10, 2007

It MY secret Paws Turn!!

In case you was all wondering, I haf gived up temporarily on trying to cure the dragonbreaf that stinks up my head furs. Mainly 'cause I was going to do something bad and Santy Paws is watching. And I'm a good boy.
The other day I gotted my Secret Paws pakage! And Sunday mommy letted me open it! It was from my good friends Scooby, Shaggy and Scout!!
Lookit all the goodies!!!
And there was the GIANT MEGA bag of tem-tay-shuns - ALL FOR ME!
and it was my favorite CHICK-HEN flavor!
Boy, they really have nice writing!
Ok, so 'asides the tem-tay-shuns, there was a cozy calming mat which is very cool, fev-ver butt mousies, a curly fuzzy mouse, nip bubbles and nip spray
Right after this pikshur, I grabbed the cozy mat and dragged it out of the box and dragged it to the stairs. Mommy was laffin and laffin so she didn't get a pikshur.
OH, and there was a bracelet for mommy - she loves it! It has all kitty cats on it!!

Scooby, Shaggy and Scout, Thank you so much for my awsome presents! Oh, and the nip spray? well, lets just say that whatever mommy sprays it on is my favorite thing in the whole werld!!


jh an Mickey Mantle said...

whoa Sammy!
That's a great gift! I would have liked to see you dragging the calming mat upstairs! We're you talking while you were dragging it?

Ramses said...

Oh what a great box full of goodies! :)

Parker said...

Wowie, wow, wow! That was one groovy package! That spray sounds fabulous!

DEBRA said...


Dat wuz a mega bagfull. (Do you need someone to help yu munch on dem???)

***battin eyelashes**

You got some fabulous prezzies to celebrate wif Sammy. Scooby, Scout and Shaggy can really pick out great stuffs!

**wavin paws**
Bye Miles
Boo, Ping, Jinx and Gracie

**bye to my sweet handsome, floofy tem-ta-shun king!

Purrs and Nosekisses
Your adoring little petite angel flower

Renee said...

Who needs Santy Paws when you've got Secret Paws presents? That's a lot of did you score so well already?

ASTOR CATS said...

That's a great secret paws package. Enjoy all your goodies. We gonna get mom to find some of that nip spray - that sounds interesting.

Midnite & Stray Kitty

Forty Paws said...

Wowee Kazowie! That's a totally cool Secret Paws package! How lucky are you?

Luf, Us

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Sammy! Happy Secret Paws! We are glad the package got there for you and glad you like your goodies! You can use the calming mat when your mom starts to sing like a "screaming cow".
We are happy to help take care of you guys!

Hot(M)BC said...

Miles, I'd luf to come ofur and haf a campin party! I'll be rite ofur!
Purrrrrrs n nosekissies,
yore girlfriendcat Sanjee

Geesh, she's so easily distracted. Those look like great goodies, Sammy! We have to make Mom send out our Secret Paws today. She is using the fact that she had to get more info on the address as an excuse to be slow. *snicker* Oh, can I have a temptation? We don't get any here any more cuz somecats barf a lot when they get wheat. *sigh* Oh well.
your bud Pepi

Captain Jack and Dante said...

Oh wow - what great Santa Paws presents!!!

Vincent and Mike said...

Those look like great prezzies. We wish our mombean would get her act together and mail our secret paws package.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

yowza!!! oboy!!!

smiles, auntie bee

Snickers said...

Wow you made out like a bandit! Have lots of fun with your presents!
~Queen Snickers

Daisy said...

WOW! I have never seen a "MEGA" bag of Temptations before! Ever!

Tybalt said...

Wow, Sammy! What a great secret paws you got! And your mommy even got a present, too! That is super cool!

Chance said...

Ooooo, mommie gots me wun of dose calmy mats too for my loooooong journie. I snuggled it all da way home from pittttburg. It got all warms and toasty which is gud cause mommie drivez wit da winnow opens all da time and it was chiwwy in my cagey.

The Tower Hill Mob said...

Good swag, bucko..enjoy!
BTW, Mum wants to thank you two for teleporting over in the middle of the night to show Lydia how to play tampon hockey.She's REALLY grateful!
*snort, chuckle,chuckle,snort.*

PB & J said...

Wow wee Sammy that is a super package - what fun! We'll have to tell Mommy about that nip spray, sounds like good stuff.

Eric and Flynn said...

What a grate pakkij!! We nefuur heard about nip spray befurr. Yoo better watch out cuz my niphead bruvver Flynn is on his way ofurr to check it out. That's a purrty bracelet yer mum got too.

Mosaic Cats said...

What a haul!
And you just made us remember that we need to go to ebay right now and order some calming Bach rescue remedy for our big trip to SC for Xmas!
(I will get in trouble for sharing this but last night Mosaic Lady woke up several times to pee and she kept smelling the funkiest odors. She was sure the dawg had pottied in the house. Even turned on the lights to look!!! It was her breath. ICK. Gross.)

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Nip spray sounds really good. I wish Momma would get me some of that!


Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Dat iz one nice lookin' pack-age. Dis is furry good dat my meezer pals gets da goods. I yam gonna has to take dis up witt da momee. She haz not only been neglectfull wit da bloggie, I feel she haz made me miss out on a great weekend wit my palz.

Derby said...

Sammy what a great box of goodies. Hope you have fun with them.

Angus said...

What an awesome gift! Scooby, Shaggy and Scout have great taste in toys and treats, too. It's almost as fun to watch my friends open their gifts as if I'd gotten them myself-almost :)

Beezer said...

That is a great Secret Paws Package. I think all the kitties are really doing a great job this year.

Enjoy your temptations!!

TT said...

That is a greats secret paw package. Mommy Beans is sendings ours out todays we's cant wait to see how our surprise paw likes it!

Junior said...

Those are some great gifts!!!!

William said...

Those are great presents, Sammy! Have your mom warm that calming mat and I bet you'll just curl up on it all toasty.

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