Friday, June 29, 2007

Why Why Why??


Today is the last day that Kukka-Maria will be blogging. It has been such a sad week for losing friends, and now my ferst love Kukka is going into self-imposed exile.


::pauses to wipe tears from face::

Even as a small baby, she showed how sooper-sexy she was!

I remember the ferst day I saw her blog - so witty, so sassy, so grown up!! ::blush blush:: I was hooked. I became a member of her Tom-cat Stable. We had so much fun.

I did not even get jealous when you revealed that you and Brach were married!

I know that I was too young to marry a sofistikated woman like you, and Brach is really probably a better match for you - I am very demanding of attenshun and treats myself, so we prolly would haf argued most of the time.

Kukka, I don't know what I am going to do without you! I haf a hole in my heart and I will miss you so much. At least I can go back and visit the memories of you - thank you for not taking down your blog totally. Please Kukka, come and visit me sometimes! I love you!

Good Bye Kukka!!!

:: waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh::

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Farewell Dear Furriend

Buzzerbee, farewell our furriend. We will miss you terribly

See you at The Bridge.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Results are in


The v-e-t lady called Mommy earlier and told her that Cornell tested my bloods fast and she hadded the results

i doesn't haf FIP!!!! My FIP titers wented DOWN!!!

Howefurr, I did haf Toxoplasmosis, but 'acause I has been on aunty's bio-tics, those titers wented down (about 1%) and she is not concerned anymore. I doesn't haf to take any more medi-k-shuns right now.

I just haf to go back to get more bloods stolen for the platelet test. If my blood is clotty or thick, then I might haf to take heparin or aspirin (yeah, I know, isn't that bad for kitties? well, maybe not if your bloods are thick).

Thank you all for your purrs and purrayers!!!

Meezer Rule Wednesday - by Miles


When you has to go to the v-e-t to get your bloods stolen, make shur that you clot them all 'afore they get into the vial so that it is useless.


Miles, Miles, Miles - think about that rule - now you has to go back to the v-e-t when we get back from Daddy's to haf more blood stolen for one of the tests (not the FIP or toxo test, but the CBC test to see if he has too many platelets making his blood thick I think that the answer to that might be YES, DUH)



OK - when you go visit your foo-ton, demand that ham and shrimps be waiting there on it when you arrive. (Thank you Daddy)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

well, this was 'apposed to be Tailsday


I am mad mad mad. We was 'apposed to haf Tailsday pikshurs today, but we is leafing to go to Daddy's. While I am happy that I am going to see my foo-ton, I really didn't want to go in the metal machine wif wheels again! See, Monday I hadded to go get more bloods stolen from me. So, into the PTU and off to the v-e-t again. Mommy felted so bad for me 'acause I was just shaking and shaking waiting for the tech to take me and stab me and steal my bloods. He's my favorite purrson there, but I peed on him anyway. I tolded him I was sorry as he cleaned me up. I think he believed me. He tolded Mommy I was a good boy, so I guess he and I are still buds. Mommy says that hopefully my bloodwerk will come back 'afore the 4th of July so she doesn't haf a stroke or heart attack or something like that. so, cross your pawsies and eyes and say purrayers that it all turns out ok and that I'm not sick.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Rest Well our Dear Friend Chatham
We are so sad that Chatham has run off to the Rainbow Bridge.
Be happy and free dear friend.
We will miss you!
Watch over Salem, and your Cat Couch and Dad
One day they will come to get you
and you will all dance over the Bridge into Forever.

Am I weird?


Ok, so when I go to our brekfest dishes in the morning, I haf been doing somefing a little weird maybe. Mommy gifs Miles his food ferst, 'cause he's, well, Miles, and he would cry and carry on if he didn't get his foods ferst. While she is dishing my food up, I walk around Miles and stick my nose, well, somewhere not polite on Miles. Mommy laughs and asks me if I'm waiting to see if the food shoots straight out of him as soon as he swallows it. After I do this, then I go and eat my brekfest.

I don't know why I does it, but I does.

Sorry, comments are on now.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

At least SHE's laffin and laffin


Does you SEE what I has to put up wif around here? SHEESH. At least she amuses herself.

Wait, i just fought of somefing - wif 2 moufs I could eat twice as much ham and holler twice as loud. She may be on to somefing. Maybe wif my sooper powers I can grow anofurr mouf.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday


When your brofurr declares himself the greatest rassler or sooper hero, you must kick the stuffing out of his head!

We gots our Spicy Vixen Snuggle that we winned in an auction! It camed wif squiggles and primo nip. Fanks Sophia and DKM!!! That's what we was rasslin on - and for. and I WINNED.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Poos-a-nator


I deklare myself Miles - The Poos-a-nator, rassler ex-tror-da-nare, striker of fear into the soft squishy-ness that is Sammy. Or sooper-hero. you 'acide!

Here's how it happened:

We was chilling in the lifing room - I was laying 'ahind the curtains, pulling on the sheers so that they would rip (i pull on them and they rip from the seam at the top, not claw holes, heh heh heh) and Sammy was laying in front of the couch, where mommy was sitting. All of a sudden, I was infekted by nuke-lee-ar ray-dee-a-shun and my eyes glowed green and I gotted muscles. I had the urge to attak. So, I standed up, and I was HUGE!! I crouched down and wiggled my butt and leaped HIGH into the air, flying out frough the curtains wif ease, and landed right on Sammy's head. It was AWSOME. It scairt mommy! It scairt Sammy!! I bunny kicked him a few times and WHOOOOSSSHHHH, I ranned off up the stairs. When I camed back down, I was my normal self - no huge muscles, no glowing green eyes, no leaping high in the air. But, I'm going to hide my sekret - I fink I can tap into those powers at any time.

Now, off to design an outfit for THE POOS-A-NATOR


Monday, June 18, 2007

Meezer Monday

It's Meezer Monday!!!! I present ME in all of my Meezer glory.

MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM - stop playing wif fotoshop. That's not funny.

That's MUCH better.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day


Efenn fough our daddy lifs 300 miles away, we loves him furry much! Happy Daddy's Day daddy!!!


Happy Daddy's day to my foo-ton caretaker!!!! I loves you daddy!

Happy Daddy's day to all of the wonderful daddies (food doods and Mr TF's too) of the catblogsphere!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

::SIGH:: I'm sorry


Deer Mommy

I am truly sorry for ripping down yet anofurr set of sheer curtains on the patio window. But, why can't you just get somefing that doesn't rip so easily?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Furrsday Furteen - by Miles Meezer


Furteen Fings I haf eated this week:

1. Ham
2. Turkey
3. Chick-hen
4. Ham-burger
5. Butter - yes, I eated a whole stick - mommy forgot and lefted it on the eating table
6. Spots Stew - mommy gotted this at the orgami store (oh organik). it was ok but too many begetables for me. Sammy eated the begetables and not the meats. we bof didn't like the brof too much
7. Grammys Pot Pie - I LOVE THIS
8. Goat Cheese
9. Soft boiled eggs wif crackers and cream in them
10. Lemon Gelato - Turkey Hill Duette ice cream - banilla and lemon
11. some bug that was on the floor
12. clams
13. popcorn

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday


If there's a stick of butter hanging out on a plate on the eating table, then the kitty gets to eat it.

I eated a stick of butter last night.

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Dino and Egypt

Ok, mommy 'splained my blood werk to me and then the v-e-t called and saided that she talked to Cornell, who didded the test, and they (I fought Cornell was a v-e-t, i guess it's a place) saided to wait until June 30 to test my bloods again. So, instead of going tomorrow, I haf to wait until June 30, then wait about 10 more days after that for the results. I fink mommy will haf a heart attack 'afore then. It's ok wif me, they nefurr give the blood back after they test it, and I fink I needs it. Maybe I'll save some extra up just for the test.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Miles' blood work

Meezer Mom Here:

The v-e-t called with the news that Miles has elevated FIP and Toxoplasmosis titers and needs to be re-tested to see if he is actively infected, or has just built up anti-bodies. I don't know if the FIP being 1 in 120 is good or bad. I am scared to death that he might have FIP and that I will lose him. His toxoplasmosis titers were much higher than the FIP, but that can be treated successfully. Please pray that his levels will not change and it's just a build up of antibodies and not an active infection.

My ferst five days


My little brofurr, Miles the brat-boy, tagged me for the my ferst five days meme, about my ferst five days here in my furefurr home.

Day 1. I doesn't know what the HE__ happened to me. I was inside and then I was outside, and no one camed to get me, and I wandered around. I doesn't know how long I was wandering, but I was HUNGRY and there was these big mean ginger kitties chasing me and then I smelled somefing that smelled like foods somewhere, so I followed it and there was a dead bunny in a garden. I hid in there and eated some of it. Then i gotted wet from the sky. THEN, it gotted sunny again, but I was scairt, so I didn't move. THEN, there was ANOFURR ginger kitty sniffing around the garden, but he wasn't mean, he was old and really really nice, and he tolded me that he would go get his mommy. But 'afore he could go, his mommy camed around the corner and she was MAD at him for leafing the patio, but he would not leaf me, so she camed and saw me. She leaned ofurr and said "oh my! what does we haf here? come here baby" and she pickded me up. And I hissed and spit and growled but she didn't put me down. She and the nice ginger kitty camed back to the patio and then we wented inside. there was yet ANOFURR ginger kitty inside, a nice old lady. The mommy purrson taked me somewhere and dunked me in some water and I cried and cried and splashed and hissed. But then she wrapped me up snuggly in a towel and we wented down and sat down and she rockded me and talked nice to me and sang songs to me, and I quieted down. The nice old ginger kitties saided their names was Norton and Trixie. Trixie was a little hissy, and Norton said she's always hissy to new kitties. But he was really nice. Then I felled asleep.

Day 2. We waked up and the mommy purrson gifed us some foods. Norton was still really nice to me and Trixie was still hissy. The mommy purrson showed me where the litterbox was and where the foods would be, and then she closed the door to the room where we was and she lefted!!! For a long time!!! Norton and I gotted along well, and after a few sleeps, Trixie 'acided to be nice to me. Norton let me play wif his toys. He saided that he would not need them to be his babies anymore, 'acause I was there. He saided that he losted his bestest furriend Ralphie a while ago and was lonely for another brofurr. Then the mommy purrson camed home. She pickded me up and I hissed a little, but she kissied on me and it was nice. She tolded me that she wented door to door around the neighborhood to see if anyone losted a meezer kitten, but no one would claim me. She saided that she was going to make up flyers to put in mail boxes too. Oh, how I hoped that no one would claim me. She gifed us foods, wrapped me up in a blankie and rocked me and talkded to me and kissied on me again. Then I falled asleep.

Day 3. Mommy takded me into the kit-chen for brekfest. It was noisy and I was scairt and hissy. But I eated. Then she wented to the door and said "I'm going to werk, be good boys and girls today". Then she was gone for a long time. When she gotted home, I was unner the couch. Trixie was hissy. Norton was laying in the window. Then we gotted foods. Mommy saided that no one called to say that I was theirs so I could stay anofurr day. YAY! She wrapped me up in a blankie again and rockded me and kissied me and talkded to me. I falled asleep.

Day 4. Foods in the kit-chen. "be good boys and girls today. I'll be back later". More foods in the kit-chen. No one called to say I was theirs. Wrapped in a blankie, rocking, kissies, talking, singing. I falled asleep.

Day 5. Foods in the kit-chen. "be good boys and girls today, I'll be back later" More foods in the kit-chen. Mommy wrapped me up and sat down wif me and said "your name is going to be Sammy and you will be staying here wif me and Grampa Norton and Gramma Trixie. It's too late for anyone to claim you, 'acause I loves you, and Grampa Norton loves you too and you is good for him 'acause he was furry lonely wifout his little brofurr, and he needs you furry much". I could stay?? FUREFURR???? OH BOY!! I gotted a furefurr home and the most wonderful Grampa Norton (efen though I rided him down the hall like he was a horse and he was real geezerish) and Gramma Trixie (efenn fough I tried to ride her down the hall too). And I loved my mommy so much - I sleeped wif her in the bed from the furry ferst night I was there. Efenn fough she maded me get a hoo-ha-ectomy.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Meezer Meme Monday


I was tagged by Yao-Lin for a meme about my ferst 5 days in my furefurr home.

Day 1. So, I was lounging around the house wif my mommy kitty and my sisfur kitty, and this giant purrson walkded in and started talking to my ferst daddy about me and my sisfur. My ferst daddy saided that he wanted to keep my sisfur to lif wif him and my mommy kitty, so I was "available". I didn't know what "available" meaned, but 'parently it meaned that I got to be snarfed up in a blankie and taken into the outside and then into the metal monster wif wheels. I hollered to my sisfur and my mommy kitty that someone was kitty-napping me. I could not hear them anymore. So, I hollered at the giant purrson. The giant purrson tried to pet me and tell me it was alright, but I hollered that it was NOT alright that I was taked from my mommy kitty and sisfur. Then, i was put in the blankie again and taked inside - I was so happy that she bringed me back home. But, it was a DIFFERENT home. I hollered "crappity-crap-crap-crap". I was taked to a room and put in a giant metal cage wif blankies, a litterbox and some foods and water. FOODS. Foods is good. It was stinky goodness. Baby kitty stinky goodness. it was good. There was ofurr kitties there, 2 geezer ginger kitties that saided they was my grampa norton and gramma trixie, and anofurr meezer like me who saided he was my brofurr Sammy. SIGH. crappity-crap-crap-crap. the giant purrson camed in the room and tried to snuggle me. I hollered and hissed. She put me back in the metal playpen and wented to bed

Day 2. I could not figure out how to escape during the night. The giant purrson, who Sammy saided was "mommy" pickded me up and tried to snuggle me again. I hollered and hissed. She KISSED me. I hollered and hissed some more, and then she saided "does you want brekfest?". well YEAH lady. So, she putted me back in the playpen, gifed me some brekfest and then shut the door wif Gramma, Grampa and Sammy in the room wif me. She lefted me all day. I was SCAIRT. Gramma hissed at me alot. Grampa sleepd on the bed and Sammy growled at me. When mommy camed home, I gotted more food and more snuggles, and I just hollered, but didn't hiss. Then we wented to bed.

Day 3. Still could not figure out how to escape, but I didn't dwell on it. I seem to keep getting foods from the "mommy" so it was ok. I gotted taked out of the giant play pen and could run around the room. We gotted lots of foods left and we was all locked in the room again while the mommy wented out. When she gotted home, we was all sleeping on the bed. No hissing from Gramma, no growling from Sammy. We figured it out - Grampa Norton was top cat, and I was bottom on the totem-pole. More foods, snuggles wif no hollering and bed.

Day 4. I gotted taked out of the locked room and taked downstairs. Brekfest was 'parently served in the kit-chen most days. I was put on the counter wif my bowl, but the water fing scairt the poop out of me, so I jumpded on mommy for pro-tek-shun. I gotted to run around the house and hid unner the couch. I camed out after a while and ran after Grampa Norton. Then we snuggled togefurr in the sunbeams in the big glass door in the lifing room. It was great. Grampa Norton was wonderful. Mommy camed home and we gotted foods. I spented the day trying to 'member my kitty mommy and sisfur but it was hard.

Day 5. Brekfest in the kit-chen, Cuddling wif Grampa Norton in the big glass window. Mommy camed home and we gotted foods. THEN, my ferst daddy camed ofurr to see how I was. I hollered at him LOTS. I efenn hissed at him a little for taking me away from my kitty mommy - I could smell her on him but could not really 'member her too much. I tolded him I wanted to stay here. He unnerstood. I hadded a furefurr home!!!

Oh, I tag my brofurr Sammy.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Know what's fun?


After mommy eats her salad while she is sitting on the couch werking on her laptop, jump up and turn around and put your tail in the dressing when she is not looking. THEN, after she takes her plate out to the kit-chen and comes back and sits down, walk across the laptop on her lap and wave your salad dressing covered tail around so that it smears on the screen AND her face.

THAT my furriends, is eleventy eight different kinds of fun!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Furrsday Furteen - by Miles Meezer


13 Things I learned while I was sick

1. Being sick stinks
2. Tipping ofurr the 1st time makes mommy laff.
3. Tipping ofurr more than once get me taken to the v-e-t
4. Peeing on the v-e-t is FUN
5. Peeing twice on mommy is also fun
6. The v-e-t finks I love mommy 'acause I clinged to her neck and buried my head in her shoulder. I was just scairt
7. When they take your blood, they don't gif it back, efenn fough you need it
8. I get lots of HAM
9. I get lots of stinky goodness
10. The spot-bot makes lots of noise
11. barfing 5 times a day is NOT fun
12. I haf lots of furriends
13. I love all my furriends.

I am feeling better. We is still waiting for the rest of the bloodwerk results.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

BlogBlast for Peace

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Meezer Rule Wednesday - by Sammy


If the human in your house is going to take a pikshur of your brofurr, make shur you gets your Meezer butt in the pikshur.

See Egypt for more Meezer Rule Wednesday.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday Monday


Well, it's Meezer Mancat Monday. And does I haf any pikshurs to post? NO! Mommy has been too wrapped up in trying to get Miles to feel better. But, that's ok I guess. We is waiting for a phone call from the v-e-t to get some of aunty's biotiks for Miles. He only sleeped on the bed for a while last night - he mostly sleeped downstairs. He is furry quiet this moring but he didded eat his brekfest and hasn't yakked it up yet. I guess that's a good fing too.

We will post later when we hear back from the v-e-t.
Fank you all for your purrayers and purrs.

UPDATE: The v-e-t called and is getting some of aunty's biotiks ready for Miles. Somefing different than the ones he hadded for his teefs. He is happy that he doesn't haf to go back to see the v-e-t today.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday's Tipsy Topsy Update


Well, for a while yesterday I was better, but then I wasn't. I yakked up my brekfest, my ham and my tem-tay-shuns. I tried to jump on the windowsill for my windowsill kissies, and I ended up in the trash can. I tried to jump up on the bed and missed. I fink I will just stay on the floor. I hasn't been itching my ear anymore but I'm still dizzy. Mommy gotted the stuff in my ear once yesterday, then she gotted it all ofurr my head the 2nd time, 'acause I would not let her touch me.
She saided somefing about calling the v-e-t in the morning to see about aunty's biotiks. One reason the v-e-t has not put me on them up to now is that I didn't react to well to them when I hadded my teefs out - I gotted a fever and kept yakking up efurryfing. But maybe this time will be different. I don't know. I just want my head to stop tilting to the left and I want to be able to jump up on the windowsill for my windowsill kissies.

I really want to fank efurryone for all the purrs and purrayers. They make me feel all warm and snuggly, and they make my mommy feel better too. Mommy says fank you all for all the suggestions you haf made. She is more useded to dealing with geezer cats who is sick and not young kitties like me who gets sick, so she gets more werried. Fank you so much and I loves you all!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

::SIGH:: Good news and bad news


(good news) Well, I doesn't haf to go back to the v-e-t today. (bad news) But mommy callded her early this morning to tell her that I was skratching at my ears last night and jamming my ear into her finger whenefurr she petted the left side of my head and now I haf to haf some kind of ointment in my ears.

(bad news)
Some of my blood werk came back and mommy is still furry werried. My platelets is high which means my blood is more thicker than it's 'apposed to be. My proteins and liver enzymes was high too - but the v-e-t saided that it could be 'acause I didn't eat anyfing 'afore i wented there yesterday. I haf to get stabbed again in about a monf to see if it's all better, or if I needs to go on medi-k-shun to make my blood thinner.

Latte menshuned that the bloodwerk won't show if I haf FIP, and that is true, but it will show if I has to haf a biopsy for it. I doesn't haf any of the obvious symptoms for FIP, but the v-e-t is just 'vestigating all possibilities. Mommy doesn't fink it's FIP eifurr.

I didded eat some ham last night and didn't yak it up, so that's good.

So, please keep your pawsies crossed that the rest of my blood werk is not as wonky as the stuff that camed back this morning.

Friday, June 01, 2007



Crappity crap crap crap!!! (sorry if this is on anyone's bad werd list).

I hadded to go to the v-e-t AGAIN!!!
So, Mommy has been following me around wif the stoopid flashy box taking videos of me falling and being tipsy. So she could see what was going on wif me.
This time I didn't get as stressed but I did pant some once I gotted into the torchur room.

I saw the same lady I saw last night. Oh, and I gotted weighted again - this time the girl bringed the weighty-fing into the torchur room and I weighed 15.8 lbs - down from the 16.3 from last night. But I had not eated anyfing all day

Then the v-e-t lady bringed me into the back room to TAKE MY BLOOD!! I askded her if she was going to gif it back, but she just smiled at me and didn't answer. So I peed. I was wrapped up like a burrito in a towel so it didn't get all ofurr her. But I hadded to get a butt baf again. Then all the girls petted me and tolded me I was a good boy and not to werry about that and that I was beautiful (well, yeah I am). She hadded a different v-e-t look in my ears and he didn't see anyfing wrong wif them eifurr.

So, she finks I might haf FIP, or toxoplasmosis (or somefing like that) or some sort of vestibular disease, we haf to wait for the blood werk to come back from Cornell in about a week. She tolded mommy to give me Dramamine to make me less nauseous so that I might start eating again and being less lefargik, and that I CAN HAF AS MUCH HAM AS I WANT. Maybe I will want some later.

Fank you all for the purrs and purrayers. It makes my mommy less nuts, but she is still pretty werried.

Back to the v-e-t

Meezer Mom Mary

Thank you everyone for all of the purrs and purrayers. I am taking Miles back to the v-e-t this afternoon at 2:30. He is not any better this morning. He fell jumping up onto the bed and refuses to eat his stinky goodness. I am very worried. I have been following him around with the camera taking videos. His head is a little tilted to the left and he is kind of unsteady on his feet when he moves too fast.

Please keep up the purrs and purrayers. It may be nothing, but he's acting very unusual.

Thank you

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...