Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen


13 things Bill does that annoy me:

1. rides me like a horse

2. eats my foods

3. bites my neck

4. kicks my - um, slightly-less-than-man-bits

5. sleeps in MY sleeping spot

6. sneezes in my face

7. has stinkier poots than Miles

8. walks like John Wayne ( mommy calls it the "my man bits is too big for my little legs" walk)

9. breathes (sometimes he wheezes and it's annoying)

10. plays with MY toys

11. snuggles with Miles (sometimes I get a little teeny bit jealous, but I really only like to snuggle with Mommy)


13. makes really stinky poops in MY litterbox.

Now, before you all get upset and think I don't like Bill, I do. I'm getting more used to him - i don't get all grry or hissy anymore. But i'm a mancat and I need my space. How can such a little kitty make such a HUGE stink. One night Bill pooted in his room and mommy smelled it in her room!


michico*Adan said...

With you,
I think Bill will be a great cat~!
Bill gonna learn what is proud and dashing~!!!!

The Devil Dog said...

It's the ratio of poot to the size of the cat. The smaller the cat, the stinkier the poot. At least, that's what I think mom said.

We are glad you are getting used to Bill. It may take a while, after all, you are a manly mancat, not used to hyper little boycats.


DaisyMae Maus said...

Oh, Miles an' Sammy ... I feel for you, doods. When Charmee was a little itty-bitty guy, Mom nicknamed him "Mister Blasters" 'cuz he was the master of the butt blaster. He could CLEAR A ROOM with a single blast from his tiny boy buns. Bill's obviously getting the last of the parasite stench outta his colon. I suggest that you both stay upwind from ol' Bill.

Samantha & Tigger said...

Ah Sammy, you are going to be a great brother to Bill! We hope the poos get less stinkier though!!
Your FL furiends,

FrecklesandDeb said...

Sounds like Bill is starting to learn how to get along at your house. Hopefully the stinkiness will get better!

William said...

Oh, man, I feel for you!

Jimmy Joe said...

Hahahaha, Momma just said that teenage boys are teenage boys. Hopefully Bill the Cat will grow out of his stinky poots. You are a very patient dude, Sammy.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
P.S. Oh man, we did get that ice storm! It looked like a crystal fairy came last night.

Max said...

Oh man, Buddah used to ride me like a horse, too. I might not have minded so much if I'd felt better then. It's a good thing he doesn't try anymore because he's big enough I might break.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Sigh. It sounds like he is quite the kitten. Perhaps he will outgrow the poots.

Kimo & Sabi said...


DK & The Fluffies said...

The only good thing I can think of is that they are cat stinky poops rather then bun stinky doots!

WW said...

Have you tried gas masks?

Skittles, The Huntress

Renee said...

two words... Butt Plug!

carry on!

Parker said...

All you can do is stay upwind of him. I think it's a kitten thing...

Ramses said...

Iffen you're wondering about Bill and his poot issues, you need to talk to Yau-lin he can tell you all you need to know about brotherly smelly issues! ;)

DEBRA said...


Baby Bill is just tryin to learn how to be a mancat frum yu...he idolizes yu!

**wavin paws***
Bye Miles and Bill
Boo, Ping, Jinx and Gracie
**blowin kisses**
Bye to my sweet happy floofy handsome cocoa puffs
Purrs and Nosekisses
Your adoring little baby princess

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

just think how lucky you are honey, you have your own cat!!!

smiles, auntie bee

Tesla said...

Poots! oh nooooooooo!

tell him to stop that!

I'm sorry he's a pest. But, he's a little brother, and thats what they do!

or, thats what mommy says. I really dont know. & thanks for thinking of me and sending me nice wishes!

Hot(M)BC said...

Can't yoo just pick him up outta yore sleepin spot Sammy? Train him while he's small. *nods*
Good lucks!

Handsum Miles, wanna come ofur and snuggle? The yeti is still out and nice for snugglin.
Purrrrrrrrrs and nosekissies,
yore girlfriendcat Sanjee

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Its OK to keep him at paw's distance. I do that with Kaze. She's OK but I don't want to snuggle with her at all. At least Miles has a new snuggle friend.


Queen Snickers and Empress said...

PU! Could it be the food? Sometimes food doesn't agree with every kitties tummy and they get the SMELLY POOTS really bad. ~Queen Snickers

Daisy said...

Little Bill sounds like a real character. Maybe he can join Baby Mao's smelly cat club!

Mickey said...

Let's hope that when Bill adjusts to regular meals and good food his "problem" will go away ;)
Until then, better you than me :( Heeheehee (sorry )

Purrs Mickey

Java's Coffee House said...

Well one goods thing about Bill is he sure makde for interesting blogging.

Junior said...

I am betting once Bill gets used to good food his poots won't be so bad. And I am certain you will learn to love him very soon.

And just think....then all three of you can snuggle!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Sounds like Bill needsta join Baby Mao's stinky kitty club!

I was gettin all set to pounce Bonnie today, an Mom spoiled it. What's the fun of older cats if you can't pounce them?

The Crew said...

Sammy, I feel for you man, I really do. I've been through this 3 times when Tipper, Max & Misty were adopted. A newcomer, an intruder, an interloper trying to take over MY house!!

Hopefully Bill's stinky problem will go away once he feels better and eats regular food.


The Fluffy Tribe said...

sounds like Bill is really stinky ~ THe FLuffy TRibe

PB & J said...

Little brothers can be a pain, trust me I know. But the good news is that you get used to them (even the poots) and they are fun to whap when no one is looking!


Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

Poot smells carry, and they seem strong in kittens sometimes. I mean, I'm sometimes mbarassed by my own.


Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Do I evfur understandz da stinky poo ting. I has to share litter boxez wit four cats...well, mebbe we do haz five boxez, but dere gets to be some pretee ob-noxious odorz comin' outs of some of 'em. & it iz not just da Burr-man!!

goldenshade said...

Wow, so little yet so annoying. What will the next months hold?

~Shade and Goldie

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Bill sounds like one smelly kitty!

zevo calamari said...

I think we should draft him to lead the Poot Patrol in our next Bite & Run attack in DC! Biological warfare!


Eric and Flynn said...

I feel furr you Sammy. Flynn duzn't poot much, but you don't want to be in the same room as him when he poops.

Derby said...

All the things to adjust to a new brofur. You will do fine.

Lux said...

I must say, some of those things do sound just a *tad annoying! :)

Angus said...

It does sound like Bill and Skeezy have a lot in common in the way of odor(s). But, he's just a little feller gettin' used to living a civilized life..he'll get over some of that stuff. As for the rest, well, we've all got our little quirks!

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