Monday, April 07, 2008

Meezer Monday Memes


Our wonderful friend DaisyMae Maus has gived us this awesome award! We is so very honored! Thank you so much DaisyMae!

Book Meme:

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.

Well, apparently our mommy ill-lit-er-ate, she can only read magazines or something, so we will have to do the meme on the Martha Stewart magazine.

hmmm, page 123 is an ad. Pg 122
line 5-8
To remove oil that has leaked from a car's engine, blot with paper towels
Then cover the spot with cat litter and leave overnight
Remove the litter and repeat until oil is no longer being absorbed.

Hmmm, i can find better things to do with cat littler. like poo in it.

Mommy is giving us a day to think about who to tag.

BillyBoy wented to the v-e-t Saturday for his last round of kitten shots. He has gained about 3 pounds since he camed to live with us - he now weighs 6.7 pounds. (well, we really don't think he weighs that much, 'acause he eated an entire 3.5 ounce can of stinky goodness right 'afore he lefted the house. Then he burped in the v-e-t's face.). The v-e-t tolded mommy that when he wented for his hoo-ha-ectomy, efurryone falled in love wif him and wanted to keep him. They was going to find anofur kitten for mommy to take home, but they figured she might notice. The v-e-t saided that 10 minutes after he waked up, he started playing in his cage, so the assistants taked turns holding him and cuddling him all day. He was hardly in his cage at all until mommy camed to get him. and get this HE PURRRED FOR THE V-E-T! I tolded him to pee on her, but he didn't. he PURRRED. ::SIGH:: he's so untrainable.

and Oh, i did a very bad thing yesterday while mommy was sleeping. I bit her top front personal and private area. She was NOT happy with me. I didn't know it was there. I was kind of playing with a toy on the bed and got a little out of control. I would like to publick-lee state right now: Mommy, I am sorry for biting your personal private area and I won't do it again.


Mickey said...

Congrats on the Pawsome award! Mom likes Martha too. She wants to be intimadated by the best! Hahaha!! It's good to know that Bill is healthy and growing and that he is yours,heehee (hey,I have 2 sisfurs!)
As for biting your Mom! :o !!!!!
Yikes!!!!!!!!! I bet your Mom was mad! (you OK? )

Purrs Mickey

Cecil the Cougar: said...

Congrats on the award, your bloggie is exceptionally pawesome!

Baby Bill, it sounds like you had a good time getting your hoo-haa-ectamy! It was the same for me too, I woke up and was ready to play! Who needs those parts anyway!

Miles, that is very funny that you bit your Mommie's top front personal and private area yesterday, because I did too!! Oopsie. I was just playing with her and then...she screamed like this "ahhasdlakjsdklf!@#$@#$#@RD" Crazy womans.

Derby said...

Mum won't let toys in the bed, but the way she sleeps I don't think I could get a her private areas. But mum says OUCHY!!!

Good new for Bill from the VET but I growl the whole time I am there. Doesn't Skeezix like going to the VET? Maybe Bill will be one of those kitties.

Renee said...

Hey Miles maybe it isn't a bad thing that the V-E-T likes Bill...perhaps you'll get him out of your house and get more ham...although I wouldn't give you ham if you bit me.

PB & J said...

Concatulations on your award - you guys are Pawesome!

Oh and Miles, I boob walk on Mommy all the time - it makes her really angry!

Tara said...

That Bill needs to learn the proper way to treat a V-E-T!

Concatulations on the award!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

That is a great award. If you person doesn't like being bitten in any areas, she shouldn't have them.

Tun Tun said...

MEW! Congrats on the award! Billy such a cute little fella-burping in the vet's face! he he he! I betcha the vet was touching his little tummy and made him burp! and MEOWIE! your mummy had to have known you didn't mean to bite her there BWAH HA HA HA! headbutts

One-Eyed Jack said...

Ooops! Hope your mom's ok!

Persephone practically purrs for the vet too. The OTW keeps saying "That cat ain't raight!" about her! Dr Tara's nice and all, but I still think the best thing to do is hide under the furniture, just in case.


DK & The Fluffies said...

Are you sure Bill is a cat? I mean, who likes the vet... Dogs that's who. Maybe Bill is part dog!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Bill sounds like Merlin - he purrs for the vet too! What is it about these crazy kittens?

Congratulations on your award - it is very well deserved!


Parker said...

That's a great award! Concats! Maybe when Billy learns more he'll act more catly at the vet.
And for giving your Mom the bitey there? I just don't know what to say except OWIE! It's good that you said you were sorry!

Ramses said...

Oh BillyBoy is doing good gaining weight and all that, though I understand your frustration in his inability to train himself in the basics of vet abuse! ;)

Eric and Flynn said...

Concatyoolayshuns on your award. We fink your pawesome too.Miles I had to laff about you biting your mum cuz that's eggsakkly what Eric used to do when he wuz a baby. He used to do it to our dad too. He'd get in the bed and make a bee line furr them. Mum and dad started sleeping wiv their hands covering their top fronts.

DEBRA said...

Concats on your bloggie award..dat wuz grate!!!!! Billy we is so glad dat efurryfing cheked out at da Vets! Miles better be furry carefull where yu put da bitey!

**wavin paws**
Bye Billy
Bye Miles

**blowin kisses**
Bye to my sweet handsome floofy meezer man!

Purrs and Nosekisses
Your adoring little tuxie gurl

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Congratulations on your award. So happy Bill is doing well.

Hmm...better be careful where you put the bitey....ouchie!

FrecklesandDeb said...

That is a wonderful award -- you guys deserve it!

That Bill sure knows how to suck up to the VET! Guess he's making up for all the time he didn't get any love before he came to your house!

I think you are very brave for giving your mommy a public apology for hurting her, Miles! What a brave Meezer you are!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

thanks for the morning laugh miles! and sorry mommie... he won't do it again. *snort*

smiles, auntie bee

Anonymous said...

We have learned not to put the Bitey on Mom or she will withold our Temptations. Congratulations on your award, you are Pawesome!!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Concatulashons on yoor award! We is sorry we laffed about yoo biting yoor mommy "there" but Speedy does it on a regular basis. He's nuts, mom always sez "owe, yoo little sh&t". Zippy is da only one dat really gives da vet a hard time...

Tybalt said...

I'm sure your mommy will forgive you, Miles. Things like that happen sometimes when a mancat is playing. I'm shocked at Billy . . . actually PURRING at the vet! Maybe you can train him well enough that next time he'll pee.

Congratulations on your award!

Junior said...

Oh-oh! An accidental bite is just that, accidental. I am certain that once your Mom got over the shock of actually getting bit, she forgave you!

We are glad Billy is putting on weight!

The Meowers from Missouri said...

concatulations on the award! youse guys deserves it!!

"burped inna vet's face" - ahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

you put the bitey on her frontal appendages?? look out--she may poop on YOUR pillow!!

an' consider this: What disease did cured ham actually have to begin with?

The Furry Kids said...

Congratulations on your award!
I am very sorry that Bill's training is not going well. It sounds like you guys have your work cut out for you.

As for putting the bitey on your mom, blame BILL! hee hee


Java's Coffee House said...

Mommy says ouch.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

YAY FUR THE AWARD! an that's purrty cool that yur meme gotted at least sumfin ta do wif kitties. kinda. AN YAY FUR BILL TOO! we'z glad he'z doin' so good. an we'z glad you 'pologized. i dun that wif mine claws too an i'z furry sorry cuz the Lady sed owwch.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

A heartfelt apoplogy is always best!
Charmin' Billy strikes again, hmmmm?

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I though private areas were fun to trample on. Perhaps not bite though...


DaisyMae Maus said...

You are furry deserving to be one of the inaugural five to win my award. You're always so funny.

Good for Bill on the big burp ... Charmee was that way when he visited Dr. Hill at the Banfield when he was a tiny boy ... Efurryone wanted to keep him, too ... Until he passed a ginormous "blaster" in the V-E-T's face an' she coughed.

As for the bitey ... I dunno. I don't boob-walk either ... I cuddle.


The Furry Bambinos said...

Congrats on the award!! We really enjoy reading your blog!!

Ah, kittens! Seems like Bill still has some learning about how to behave like a cat at the V-E-T.

Padre, Panda Bear, and Meerkat

P.S. Mom here. Clyde, one of our cats who came before, did the same thing as Miles did. While I was sitting on the bed getting dressed, Clyde reached over and bit "lefty" DELIBERATELY. Miles, I am sure your Mommy knows it was an ACCIDENT, right?! :-)

zevo husssein calamari said...

Congrats on the award! Hope your mom recovers from that nasty bite... be careful!!!!!!


Princess said...

Oh wow.... Bob is a lot like Pierro. They were very sad when mommie came to get him and bring him home. Kittens, they have no dignity.

I am sorry you bit your mom. I know you did not mean it.

Congratulations on this fabbie awardie!!


The Devil Dog said...

Congrats on the award, that is great. Bill is very cute, so I can see how people would love him. As for biting your mom's personal and private spot, I would say, boy are you in for it. You better get your mom flowers or something, to make up for it. Or be really, really good, for the next like squillion years.


Adan*Michico said...

Congratulations on your award!!!!!!
I am sure your mommy won't might :)

Mr. Echo said...

Good job on the meme! It ain't much of a librairy heer neether. I once jumped on Daddy's sensitive playce. It diddint kill him, but he did trim my claws...

Samantha & Tigger said...

ConCatulations on your Award! You guys are absolutely Pawsome to us, too!

So glad Billy is all recovered from his operation! He is a cutie!

Miles you are so funny and so nice to apologize for bitting Mom where you shouldn't have!

Your FL furiends,

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