Monday, September 22, 2008

Meezer Monday Miles Report

This is the Meezer Monday Miles Report!
The Foods Report - it was a BAD food weekend. Mommy DID NOT share her steak last night. HUMPF. We hadded eggs, bacon and hamburger this weekend. No ham. No steak. No lobster or caviar or anything good like that.

The Alien Report - By Sammy
It's getting worse at the house next door behind us. The alien disguised as a boxer woofie named Dutchess has been out in the yard jumping and hollering all weekend. At least I have seen the girl sticky bean that lives there, so I know that the alien has not eaten her. No sign of the man that lived there though. It's not looking good. Do you think I should call the government? Back to you Miles

No, Sammy, I don't think you should call the government, I think you should call a sigh-ki-a-trist.

The Mom Report
The mom did not get the my-grane that she thought she was going to get. but her back is herty. she's a wreck.

The Bill Report
Ok, mommy is just flustrated with Billy. He has peed on the bed in the middle of the night every night for almost 2 weeks. It's making mommy nutso hafing to get up in the middle of the night to change the sheets. She cannot close us out of the room all night 'acause that's where our litterboxes are, and that's the only place they will fit. She gotted some feliway, so maybe that will help him. She's not mad at him, she's just flustrated. And tired. really really tired.

The weather report
Apparently even though it's getting cooler out, i still give mommy the hots by playing velcro kitty. last night i was laying on her side and she complained that she was getting the hots, and she picked me up - her shert was all wet from sweat where i was laying against her.

The Meezer Dad Report
Daddy's jobbie is ending on Sept 30. He has a innerview today for a new jobbie, so please say some purrayers that he gets it, so that he's not out of werk again.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well i don't think the foods are that bad. did you get any gravy? cause in my house gravy is a beverage. i hope billy stops peeing on the bed cause i wouldn't like that too much i don't think.

smiles, auntie bee

Sweet Praline said...

Another interesting day at the Meezer household. I hope your dad gets the job if it is what he wants.

My mom tends to get her "own personal summers" lately!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

No steak! unbeeleevabul!

And Billy...yoo shuld probublie be gud until yer daddy is finished inturviewing fur the new job. Purrs fur yer daddy!!!

Anonymous said...

We hopez your Dadda gets the job very much! Iz not very nice to be no working.
Haha I iz Velcro Kitteh too! I gives Momma the hots too! I iz lucky coz Momma is a sucker and lets me stay there and just takes the sheets off.. mwwahahah


Tara said...

Oh man, that was quite a weekend! I hope your Dad gets a jobbie and your mom gets some sleep!

We know about stress, the movers come TOMORROW!!!!


We3Katz said...

Billy, whatz wif the peein stuff? U gotta quit that dood, before u have tu spend the nite in a cage!

Purrz fur Da Dad an a job.

Eric and Flynn said...

Aww Miles, no steak or ham?
Sammy we think you need to get the Men in Black to investigate.
Billy, you haf to stop that peeing on the bed. It's not nice or mancatly and your mum needs her sleep.
Good luck to your dad. We're purring that he gets the job.

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

Time ta purr on the Mom an sit on her backy! She will like that. So doit now!

Anonymous said...

We will purr and purr for your Dad to set another job!

Billy, what's up with that, buddy?

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Very good reporting. Oh dear, Billy, have to stop peeing on the bed. Please.....

Simba said...

Time for Billy to spend the nights in a cage. He needs to be broken of such a bad habit. He obviously considers it normal to pee on the bed more than Feliway is going to cure.

Dragonheart and Merlin said...

You are lucky that you get any human foods at all!

We will purr that your dad finds a new job ASAP!

Tigmut'hep said...

Oh you poor cats not getting steak and other good food... I suggest legal action be taken straight away! ;)


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

You guys have some really interesting weekends! Thanks for posting Meezer Monday for me, I just really was feeling down last night so it was all I could do to post on our blog.


Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Our mom got the migraine. She had it for 3 days. He medicine was not working and she felt sick to her stomach. She is better today.
Your alien neighbor is starting to sound more & more suspicious. Keep alert!

HotMBC said...

Oh fooey on no steaks or hams, Miles. Yoo just gifs yore Mommy the hots cuz yoo's so warm n snugglies. Human beans don't handle warm n snugglies as good as we cats do. If yoo fink Sammy reely needs a sigh-ki-a-trist, send him ofur fast. Mommy's goin to her today and she could take him. heeeeeehehehehe I'll come ofur and tell him myselfs. And a'course then I'll hafta stay to play n snuggle wif yoo. Yeahhhhh I has a plan! hehehe
Purrrrrrrs n nosekissies,
yore girlfriendcat Sanjee

Forty Paws said...

Doodz. Hast Billy bin to da V-E-T abowt his wettin? We hasn't seen all yur entries so we dunt know if yu entered that. 'Member how Dorfie kept peein efurrywere an da V-E-T kept sayin itz waz his anx-y-tees, but itz wuz his toofies? Anyway, hast him checked owt. We has Feliway sprayers in owr howse. It helped Dorfie a lot, but Obi still pees when G.T. or Dorfie skeers him cause he gitz all flustrated.

Luf, Us

DEBRA said...


That was some weekends!
Last nite I slept on top of Momma and Boo laided down a'tween her legs so she said she udderstands how yur Mommie feels about velcro... I don't gits it?? I am sharin furr wif her.

Billy no more pees on da big bed cuz it causin yur Mommie to not git nuff sleeps. Time to be da Big boy dat yoo is...

*wavin paws*
Bye Billy
Bye Miles

*blowin kisses*
Bye to my sweet handsome floofy alien watchin meezerman...

purrs and nosekisses
Your adoring tiny tuxie angel princess

The Devil Dog said...

That's an action filled report. We wish your dad the best, and will say some prayers for him. As for the food, well, I didn't get any either, so no sympathy there. Billy peeing in the bed, well, we won't go there, because when mom doesn't sleep, mom gets really bad! MOMZILLA times ten gazillion!


dennis said...

Dennis notices you had a much better weekend than Dennis did. Steak would have made it perfect, though.

Tybalt said...

My mommy is really really tired because of Ivy. Update on that tomorrow. I'll be purring that your dad gets the new job!




The Island Cats said...

Another interesting weekend in meezer-ville...thanks for that update. We think having bacon would be pretty kool...we've never had bacon before.

Billy...maybe you should talk with a sigh-ki-a-trist about your peeing...

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

zevo hussein calamari said...

We are sending lots of prayers and purrs your way.

Has your mommy tried Rescue Remedy for all of you.. esp pee Pee Billy Boy? Put about 3-4 drops in your water. It will not interfere with any meds.

Does Billy have a UTI? Maybe that is why he is making so much pee pee? Or he could be "pissed off" literally about something.

WE hope your mommy feels better soon.

whatloknows said...

okay, we just wanted to say we think your picture is really cute!!!!!

-wlk crew.

Junior said...

I give my Meowm the hots too!~~Orion

Billy~you gotta start peeing only in the litterbox!~Junior

We are all purring for your Dad to get the job he is interviewing for!

Junior, Orion and Meowm

Daisy said...

I am purring my best for your dad!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We'll get right on that. We don't want your daddy out of work. We want him happy, healthy and able to buy you ham, lobster and goodies.

Very good report, guys!

The Furry Kids said...

EG gave Mama the HOTS, too this weekend. She woke up all sweaty. hee hee

We are purring and purraying for your Dad!

Fat Eric said...

Oh dear, no hammm plus peeing on the bed.

All the suggestions we have made have already been made by someone else. We would suggest getting Billy checked out to make sure he doesn't have a UTI, and in the meantime putting him back in the cage at night, you can't have the peeing on the bed every night!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Billy! What is up with you and that blanket thing?! That is not okay!

Have you been to the vet like Eric suggested? Also, can you put Billy and even a makeshift litterbox in a bathroom somewhere (even for a night or two to see if that helps retrain that this is where you go?)

Maybe he is trying to mark you as his territory?! UGH. We don't know what to think

We will just purr about all of this.

Aoise said...

Billy, you musnt doo dat ! If I lie next to miewmie, she says " Aoise, miewmie's getting too hot" then she tries to release the bed clothes on the opposite side. Its quite funny. I'm keeping my paws crossed for your daddy.

Lux said...

Oh, I will definitely say purrs for your dad, that he'll find something really good ...

I would've been *happy to get eggs, bacon and hamburger! :) Just boring old cat food here.

Princess said...

My mom gets the hots a lot too.
I hope your dad gets a good jobbie I will purrr a lot for a good innerview.
Billy, use the box buster otherwise you are going to be put in a room all by yourself with your own box!
Maye a diaper would help.... ok, maybe not
purrrs and <3

Simba said...

Here's another suggestion about Billy peeing: I REALLY liked it when my folks switched over to clumping litter because it didn't hurt my toes as much as the "regular" clay litter did. I only peed on a bed twice, but since my litter change I have not peed on the bed at all.

Good idea Billy to be checked for a U T I at he V E T

Victor Tabbycat said...

Sammy, my boy has a good sigh-ki-a-trist if you need one. It's defintly unner cover season, efun if moms complain they's too warm dat way. 3:14 AM (Pi) is my favoritest time to nudge Mom to open up the blankies fur me.
Purrs, Victor Not Squinting!

Mary, Feliway helps with spraying, but not urinating. No bladder infection, right? Does Billy use the litter box the rest of the time? What about shutting just Billy in the bathroom over night - and wearing ear plugs? Otherwise, you may be doomed to plastic sheets :-}

Mr. Echo said...

We gots sum fillay minyon, but we ran out of stinky goodniss! None for two hole days! Mom stocked up today tho. Phew, jes in time!

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