Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos!

We are very 'acited to be hosing the BKCFOC this weekend!! WOOO HOOOO!! You can leave your links in the comments section!!!

It's John Prine's birthday! Help Zevo and Nubiwan celebrate! Kick back with some Tequila!

Bad Kitties Bad Kitties are everywhere!!!! As a matter of fact, just this morning the mom was screaming at us to stop jumping on her and calling us PITA's. Now, I have NO idea why she was calling us pocket bread, but whatever. Beans is stoopid anyway.

Here are some really ANGRY kitties:

Tiny Tuxie terror (and my girlfriendcat) Abby Manx in full thwapping mode: Debra presents The Green Bag posted at MANX MNEWS.

The lovely Parker presents Formerly Feral Friday - Being On The Right Side Of The Door posted at Perfectly Parker. Although we are sure she loves being Formerly Feral, we bet she would crash through that door to chase a chipmonk or something.

This looks like our house at 3am (and oh how I wish we had such an awesome announcer!)

Too cute to be really bad Moi presents Friday Kitten Blogging - Caticulture! posted at Bloggg.

Is Holly hallucinating? Tybalt presents Tortie Tuesday - What Holly Sees posted at Tybalt the Prince of Cats.

Vincent presents Why I Didn't Go posted at The Adventures of Vincent & Mike. Way to go Vincent!!!

Now we see Mike's side of the story: Vincent & Mike presents I is Beautiful, Vincent is a Whimp posted at The Adventures of Vincent & Mike.

Babeth presents Leaky eyes posted at House of Chaos. Even with the eye goops Isegrim can cause chaos! (and Billy says that it's nice to see another cat with the herpes virus being fractious!)

Speaking of Fractious:

Oh dear Pumuckl: Chica & Pumuckl presents Pumuckl needs a Scarf posted at Chica & Pumuckl.

Cheysuli keeps going in the face of scary things: Cheysuli presents Meezer Rule Wednesday posted at Chey's Place.

iinfidel's Finally Friday - hey look, a cat NOT causing chaos for the moment
well, wait, Miz Mog didn't have much of a rest - the cats are getting high
and then pouncing on things. Then back to sleep.

Diamond's Lair is haunted!!! But perhaps Princess Daisy and Prince Harley can help.
Tristan can only get into trouble going out to the clubs! Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail presents Fashionable Friday posted at Tabbylicious: Tristan's Place on the Internet.

Wally and Ernie are being good - for now, but watch out Ernie, you might get a rude awakening

Luna is trying to help with the broken equipment. Or, was she bad and did something to cause it? (we don't think so). CatSynth (Amar and Luna) presents mp3 kitty cat synthesizer music - Preparing for performances next week. posted at mp3 kitty cat synthesizer music.

House. Trashing. Party. Need we say more? Samantha Black presents Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos #66 with Samantha & Mr. Tigger posted at Life From A Cat's Perspective..

Kashim and Othello are MAD at their mommy. It's good to be mad at the moms sometimes.


Anonymous said...

OMC! We are laffin and laffin at the Angry kitties video!! Mom actually got a stich in her side and has tears in her eyes. Gandalf started yowling back at that one looking in the window. We have to play that one again!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

too funny! i sure missed you little meezers while i was gone!

smiles, auntie bee

Anonymous said...

what a great post and lots of funny videos!! Thankyou!! :)


Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Oh Sammy, Miles and Billy the Bad Kitties are really bad this week! You are wonderful hosts! We sent our submission to the Carnival. Please let us know if you didn't get it! We are so glad our mom is back!
Your FL furiends,

mog said...

Loved the festival, the videos were too cute. You Meezers rule. :)

Cory said...

Hi Meezers, so happy to meet you! My mom played that angry kitty video with the sound too cats went flying and I ended up hanging by my claws off the banister!

Derby said...

Hey Sammy, Miles and Billy. Don't feel back about not visiting, I haven't had much time myself to visit lately.

The Island Cats said...

Great festival, Meezers! Those videos are the best! Good job!

Chesney Cats said...

Oh the videos were the best!! We couldn't quite figure out what was going on, but Mama had a real good laugh!

Hugs & Purrs,
Sammy, Festus & Emma

Robyn and HotMBC said...

Ooooh that's furry good yall!
Our post got losted wif blog carnival I guesses. Mommy was cussin about them yesterday. I fink she had fun cussin tho.
Purrrrrrrrrrrrs and nosekissies,
yore girlfriendcat Sanjee

zevo hussein calamari said...

So many bad cats... so little time.
Thanks so much.

Tesla said...

we jus luffed dat angry kitties video!

it's been a while

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