Friday, May 30, 2008

Finally Friday


::SIGH:: - another week has come and gone and we STILL haf not posted about the gifties we gotted from Grr, Midnight and Cocoa (contest winnings) and Skeeter, LC, and Ayla (auction winnings!). THE MOM is a lazy........... oh, sorry mommy, I didn't know you were behind me. I knows you're tired from your "job" but neglecting us and our furriends is a bad bad thing. And you wonder why you get kicked in the head in the middle of the night. and OH, we are OUT of crunchy foods. COMPLETELY OUT. THE MOM was too lazy...............oh, you're still there mommy? i know, you didn't realize we were out of crunchy foods until it was bedtime last night. Like that's an excuse to not go to the store. who cares if you're in your pajamas. I mean, there's plenty of other lunatics out there at the store in their pajamas too. Just buy some sort of adult beverage wif the cat food and you'll fit right in. Ok, no? well, don't be surprised if we try and eat you in the middle of the night then. Especially Sammy, you KNOW he gets crazy when he can see the bottom of the crunchy bowl. It's your fault if you get bunny kicked in the head again tonight. I'm just saying.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen Things heard around Casa de Meezer this week:

1. Billy, get off your brother's head
2. Miles, stop dancing on my bladder
3 Sammy, get off my head, it's hard to sleep with your foot in my ear
4. Sammy, I know where you're hiding and I'm not coming to look for you
5. Billy, get out of the dishwasher
6. Billy, stop pulling dust bunnies out from under the fridge.
7. Billy, stop playing with the toilet. or are you training to be a plumber
8. Miles, slapping my hand will NOT get you bacon any faster
9. Sammy, stop kicking me in the head
10. Miles, please don't lick my teeth
11. Sammy, seriously. STOP KICKING MY HEAD
12. Oh for Pete's Sake Sammy, if you kick my head again I'm going to............
13. oh Sammy, you're too cute. but stop kicking my head

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meezer Rule and Whapping Wednesday


WOW!! Over at Cat Crossings, our friends Dino and Egypt and Tuxie, Maxie and Midnight, there is a new Meezer Happening - sometime today they will be posting about Meezer Color Day! So all you Meezers (and those with the Meezer'tude) set aside June 11!!!


I will be answering questions Friday (but Tigmut'hep my friend, it's not the heft of what you whap but the distance that it flies and the artistry of the destruction you leave behind). I must commend young BilliamNortonSweetFeetsGingerSnap on the whapping of an entire roll of charmin (the kind that is equal to 6 rolls of regular) into the human litterbox while mommy was in the tub. I salute you young Billy. Making mommy cry while she is in the tub is an awesome feat indeed.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday's With Bill


GUESS WHAT??? ME is BIG MANCAT!!!! Wanna know why? well, 'acuse me gotted TAIL POOF like my big mancat hero Chase. The mom lady person taked me outside wif her for a walk around the house (me could not get down though) and me sniffed the wind and it smelled really good, and then me gotted the love paws and head bumpied the mom lady person (and wiped my eye goop all over her face!! hee hee) and then she putted me in the back her big metal monster wif wheels - it's all open in the back and has a plastik floor wif ridges that me did not like furry much, but she lookded and saided that ME hadded TAIL POOF!!! Just like Chase!! so ME says ME is big mancat, efen if the mom lady person says I'm still a baby 'acause I has a little teeny baby face.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Finally Friday - Day of Hugs and Happy Purrfday


We was gonna post pikshurs of us opening pakages we gotted from Grr,Midnight and cocoa, and also Skeeter, LC and Ayla, but we would just like to take a few minutes to say a few werds to our furriends.

Losing our furriend Bonnie yesterday was completely heartbreaking. We said in our last post how special Bonnie was to us, and how she and her family made our mommy feel so good by just giving some fleece blankies to Trixie and Norton to make them feel comfortable in their final days and weeks. It was our first experience with how wonderful and caring the people and kitties of the cat blogosphere truly are.

We wish that there was something special we could do for Bonnie's family to let them know what they have meant to us, but we didn't know, so we just decided to put it out there for them to see when they feel like visiting the blogs.

We just want to say that we love all of you in the blogosphere, you have been more than kind to us during our hard times. we have shared joy and sorrow with each other and we are very proud to be part of such a caring community.

Losing a friend like Bonnie so suddenly made us realize that we can never say Thank you or We Love You All often enough.

A year or so ago, we had a Day of Hugs due to an unfortunate circumstance, and we all felt that we needed to heal. We propose that we have another Day of Hugs, not to heal but to appreciate each other.

So, here is our HUG to all of you. Now go hug someone!!!
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Also, we want to wish Mommy ML a very very happy purrfday

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Goodbye dear friend

Goodbye dear Bonnie. We will miss you so very much. You and Victor were our very first secret paws when we joined the blogosphere, and we know that Trixie and Norton were there at the Bridge to greet you and presonally thank you for thinking of them and sending them such wonderful gifts.
We will never forget you

MEMEMEMEME Thursday - by Billy


ME gotted tagged for a MEMEMEMEMEME by my furriend DaisyMae Maus!!!!
the "I Am Useful" Meme (aka: Seven Useful Things Meme) ...

1. ME is useful for whapping toy for Sammy

2. ME is useful for snuggling toy for Miles

3. ME is useful for rassling partner for Sammy and Miles

4. ME is useful for eating all the foods

5. ME is useful for looking WAAAAAAYYYYYY cute to mommy

6. ME is useful for pulling stuff down off the 'tainment center

7. ME is useful for ........... being loveable!!!!

ME tags the blogosphere - there's too many kitties that I want to play - so please efurryone play!! PLAY!! PLAYPLAYPLAYPLAYPLAY!!!! PWEASE?????

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meezer Rule and Whapping Wednesday


Meezer rule for today: martini's is not water, so don't go fishing in there for the olives.


I will be answering more questions on Friday - Mommy was "too tired" to help me tonight. whatever woman. That's ok, because I whapped alot today and I'm tired. Lets see, when mommy left for "werk" there was foods in the food dishes on my dining room table. when she gotted back, the foods was on the floor. The table in front of the couch (it's a tv table used as a "end table thing" was whapped and everything on it was all over the floor. I had not done that in a while so it was time. Young Billiam whapped the tem-tay-shuns off the fridgerfrator again. The wireless router was on the floor (another favorite of mine to whap). The phone was on the floor (yet another favorite of mine to whap). Tonight for good measure I will whap mommy's head when I settle down to sleep in bed.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesdays with Bill

Me needs advice!!
Ok, me is now calling the lady "the mom". And the mom likes that. At bedtime, the mom carries me upstairs and gives me my stinky goodness and water and steals my poops (how weird is that? why would she want them? me didn't want them that's why me pooped them!). But she saided yesterday that my belly is getting big and that me should NOT haf stinky goodness at night when she puts me in my jail cell
(Mom's note: he has a HUGE pen with food and toys and a bed and fleece blankies and a litterbox! Sammy and Miles are envious!) How does me convince mommy to still gives me stinky goodness in my jail cell at night? And stinky goodness in the morning? And maybe at dinner? After all, she leaves me wif the meezers ALL DAY long!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Meezer Monday

Remember my purrfday?
well, I gotted a wonderful purrfday purresent from my girlfriendcat Sanjee (aside from her jumping out of my purrfday cake)
She has wonderful penmanship!!!
I gotted HAM and mousies!! LOTS OF MOUSIES!!!
But the bestest purresent was this bandana (not to be confused wif bananer).
Look how it matches my eyes!!
I am so purroud to be wearing it!
And then Sammy opened his big yap and started laffin at me
I am giving him the stink eye
But that didn't werk so I had to go "PFFFFBBBBTTTT" to him
Sanjee, fank you so much for my wonderful purresents!!!
I love them all!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meme Thursday


Our wonderful friend Tesla tagged us for a meme!!!!

The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player than tags 4 or 5 people and post their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you have posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? none of us was even borned yet!

2. Five Things on my to do list today. Whap the beepy thing that wakes up mommy. Bite mommy's toes. Get hair all over mommy's clothes. whap Billy. NOT stand in the human litterbox

3.Three snacks I enjoy. HAM!!! HAM!!!!! TEM-TAY-SHUNS!!!!

4.Things I would do if I were a billionaire - buy a small country and move all the homeless kitties and woofies and buns and all ofur animals there with endless supplies of foods and treats and staff to pet them all the time

5. Three of my bad habits. whapping. (What? that's not a bad habit). biting toes (ME likes TOES). I don't have any (Miles)

6.Five places I have lived. Outside (billy and sammy), wif my ferst daddy (miles) and here. that's it. (oh, sometimes wif the foo-ton dude aka Meezer Dad)

7. Five jobs I have had. - um looking cute. that's the only impawtant job!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meezer Rule and Whapping Wednesday


My rule for today: if you want to stay on the mom's good side, do NOT try and eat her leg while she is brushing her teefs. No matter how starving you are.


More questions to answer!! WOO HOO!

Miss Zevo Calamari asks: Thanks for all the whapping tips. My pet human said i am being very rude since i whapped Nubi when he came home from the hospital.What do you think? I really think he deserved it.
Dear Fearless Pooses for Peace Leader Zevo: No, you're not rude. If he smelled funky you have every right to whap him. But don't make it a habit.

Daisy asks: Can I ask you a whapping question? I like to whap my sister, Pixie, but she always tries to whap me back. Is it better to whap and run?
Dear Daisy: Yes, whapping and running is preferred, but, maybe you could let Pixie get in one whap a week to make her feel good. I'm sure she probably doesn't whap really hard, right? If she did, then you can whap her back and run.

Ayla asks: So I haf a question. When whapping soft fuzzy stuff, should it be claws or no claws? With claws, stuff sticks to my paws an thats fun, but Im worried thats more "playin" than "whappin".
Dear Ayla: well, yes, that is more playing than whapping, but remember, whapping first and foremost should be fun!

Angus asks: Your Total Whap-ness:What's the highest object you've ever whapped, and what happened after you whapped it?
Dear Angus: I whapped our squillion Seville off the entetainment center, about 5 1/2 feet off the ground. Mommy was MAD. but Billy recently pulled her off it and now she needs facial reconstructive sugery.

Chey and Gemini ask: This was very good advice on whapping Sammy. Now, is there anything too heavy to avoid whapping? I mean like computer monitors or printers? I have been known to whap at them but they don't go anywhere. Should I stop wasting my time?
Dearest Chey and Gemini: um, no not really. I haf whapped heavy lamps, ceramic heaters, and once even a whole end table!! You need to put a little "oomph" behind it - or maybe tag team it.

Auntie Bee asks: i whapped sarge a really really good one the other night. he said "hey" real loud. what does he mean by this? he was sleeping at the time of course. i would never whap him if he was awake! i'm not stupid!!!
Dear Auntie Bee (we loves you!): I'm sure Sarge was going to say "HEY! That was a great whap" but he fell asleep before he could finish the sentence. Keep up the good whapping!

Tigmut'hep asks: need advise on whapping kittens... I'm purrfectly capable of whapping 'em, it's the getting away with it bit that I totally suck at. :( Any ideas as to how I can get away with more kitten whapping and not getting caught and told off?!
Dear Tig: Oh I feel your pain brother!!! whap and run, just whap and run!!!

Chase ask: Dear SMART meezers (my family excluded),What are the rules with tail whapping? I find that I can flick stuff off of tables and keep that "who me" look thing going but the humans appear to be catching on fast. I think its the noise. How can I make tail whapping quieter?
Dear Chase - its always better to whap stuff onto the carpet for optimum noise reduction. If you must whap onto something harder, make sure to move your tail to the opposite side of your body as fast as possible. Also, curl it around your front feet as you sit there looking all innocent

Captain Jack and Dante ask: Okay whapping question - how hard must one whap to shut that little brat up? We keep whapping and whapping Fagin but he just pays no attention. Perhaps whaps do not have an effect on stupid kittens? Or are we not whapping him often enough?
Dear Captain Jack and Dante: ::SIGH:: our kitten LIKES being whapped. So we just whap harder and more often. It's fun fo us so we don't care.

Eric and Flynn ask: We are furry inchrested in all your whapping tips, but we haf a furry seeryuss kweschun. Mum has big white grass in a big pot in the lounge. She calls it Pampas grass. Well yesterday it wuz hot and she had all the windows and doors open, but it wuz windy and the grasses blew ofurr. We didn't whap them ofurr. We came indoors and we knew sumfing wus diffrunt so we bofe floofed up and stalked them, then we started whapping them. What we want to know is, is it ok to floof up and whap at the same time, cuz mum wuz laffing at us and we don't want her to fink we wuz skeered.
Dear Eric and Flynn - ferst, did you whap your mum for laffing at you? that's just rude. Second, you have every right to floof up and whap when something invisdible knocks something over. After all, you never know when your whapping will make something invisdible turn visdible.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesdays With Bill

Guess what? My feets was dry all weekend!! And mommy didn't even haf all the human litterboxes closed!!!
Efurryone can come ofur and PLAY!! PLAYPLAYPLAYPLAYPLAY!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Meezer Monday

uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh. I fink I now know how much nip is too much nip.
Fank you all for celly-bratying my purrfday wif me this past weekend.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Purrfday Miles!!!

SURPRISE MILES!!! we didn't forget your purrfday! you only turn 3 once! Zooaltry made the beautiful card for Miles!

So, come on in!! We has a Chatzy Room for the party!!! (the pw is pounceonit) We will be in the chatzy room at about 9am EDT.

Here is the cake that Sanjee sent ofur!! It's AWESOME!!
Wait, where's Sanjee?

Sanjee!!! WOWIE!!!! I think Miles just peed his pants a little bit before he fainted In the tent outside is all kinds of foods and niptinis, and meowgaritas

Inside we have climbing towers, and soft beds and nip plants!

Have a great time everyone!!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Finally Friday


YAY! It's finally Friday. And it's my turn to blog! so I get to blog about anyfing and ferst thing - MY PURRFDAY IS SATURDAY (that's tomorrow)! I fink that efurryone forgotted about it. Except my girlfriendcat Sanjee, who sented me purresents which I will post pikshurs of tomorrow.

Second, my furriend Kavan tagged us for a meme and I'm going to do it today, and Sammy will do his on Meezer Monday, and Billy will do his on Tuesdays With Bill.

So here we go:

In case you aren't familiar with The Naming of Cats, in the Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, by T.S. Eliot, we all have three names! So, in this meme, you must link to the originator of the meme (Tara and Kavan), list the following rules, and then tell us:
1. The name that the family uses daily (such as Peter, Agustus, Alonzo, or James)
2. The name that is particular, a name thats peculiar, and more dignified (such as Munkustrap, Quaxo, or Coricopat)
3. What you are doing when you are thinking of the name that only you know, and will never confess (when engaged in rapt contemplation), that deep and inscrutable singular nameThen tag three cats (and let them know they are tagged) to give us their names.

So mine are:
1. Miles
2. SirMilesMeezerpants (ok so the meezerpants part may not be too dignified)
3. Laying on mommy's legs making love paws.

I tag:
1. Prince Frostin
2. Mittens
3. William

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Me is fankful that me has a nice couch to lay on

We is fankful to haf so many furriends purring for our daddy yesterday. He finks he didded well on the innerview, but he doesn't really know if he is kwalified for the jobbie, so it's all still up in the air. It will be a little while 'afore they makes a decision. Fank you so much for the purrs

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Meezer Rule and Whapping Wednesday


'afore I post my meezer rule, I has a purr request to make:
Daddy has a really really ‘portant jobbie innerview at 4pm today for a really really ‘portant posishun!! It’s somefing that he has nefur done ‘afore but he finks he can do a really really good job at it. So we need to purr all day today!!!
UPDATE:: it's 4pm and we is purring and purraying hard for you daddy. we hopes that the jobbie is somefing that you likes and if it is that they likes you!!

Now for me meezer rule:
When you haf goop-itis in your eye, avoiding looking at your mom will only get it noticed faster.


Whapping Q&A:

From The Meowers: next to each other, we finds pens to be the most whappable things, acause they go spinnin' off the table an' then we can jump down an' hockey-whap them all ofur the floor. but sometimes the dambrowndog traps 'em an' eats 'em while we're playing. how does we convince her to give 'em back wifout getting ourselves damaged?
Well meowers, this requires teamwork. Someone needs to go into another room and whap something heavy or china onto the floor to make a loud noise to distract the woofie and then she will forget all about them.

From my protoge Pepi: Sammy the Whapmeister,Can you tell us the special tricks of whapping siblings and getting away fast so they can't whap you back?Purrrrrrs,your student Pepi
Pepi, this just takes practice, practice practice. Try doing wind sprints up and down the stairs twice a day for a week and then try the whap and run.

From my buddy Latte: I have a question. Is whapping and running and the coming back to whap and run again OK? I find with nightstand whapping sometimes I have to leave and then come back to whap when the Toy Man is almost asleep again.
Latte, the serial whap is the best kind of whap!! especially when the beans put all the stuff back that you just whapped and then you come back and whap it all over again.

From Prince Tybalt: Is it acceptable to whap back at your mommy when she tells you not to do something you want to do? I have been trying this out recently . . . for example, I was trying to steal one of her socks to chew a nice hole into it, and she told me no and took it away . . . and I WHAPPED her!I is that ok?
Tybalt: ABSOLUTELY!!!! how else are we going to train the beans?

From HRH Yao-lin: Dearest Sammy and MilesReference: Whapping. I have been following your Whapping lessons for some weeks now and I must say they are an INVALUABLE source of education! Regarding what is deemed to be acceptable whapping - my human recently went to the optician and purchased her first pair of glasses to the tune of £140! (That's almost $300). My question is this: What is the best way to whap the glasses from her fat face? I have actually whapped them (whilst she was reading) once or twice. Sadly, this was to no avail and it is driving me crazy. I want to give her a nervous breakdown by smashing her precious glasses to bits. Please help! Kind regardsHRH Yao-Lin xx
Yao-lin, this requires some serious stealth whapping. Haf you considered whapping her glasses from the table or nightstand? Aim for the wall and they should shatter nicely. If you must whap them from her face, you need to sneak your paw up under the lens and do a very quick flick and get them off in a single motion. Very advanced, but being a meezer of your stature, it should be no problem.

I will keep answering questions till they are done. I love this!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Meezer Monday Miles Report

The Weather Report: I rained and rained and rained and RAINED on Saturday. Then it was COLD on Sunday. And the crazy lady hadded the windows open overnight when it was FREAKIN' cold

The Foods Report: Turkey, HAM, pork, stinky goodness, tem-tay-shuns. ice cream. it was a good weekend

The Meezer500 results report: I WINNED!! I hardly efur win, but I WINNED (I don't care if you did haf to jump ofur Billy on the final lap, Sammy, I WINNED)

Other thing to report: I hollered ALOT this weekend. efurrywhere I wented in the house, I hollered. I hollered to mom that I was there, and then I hollered when I was leaving. She usually saided "Thank you" when I reported my location.

The gas report: Billy had a LOT of it this weekend.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Finally Friday


It's finally Friday! Mommy said that I could answer more whapping questions today!!!

So, here we go with whapping questions, part 2

Gandolf and Grayson (yesterday was their purrfday!) write: We think everything is Whappable, and we act accordingly. Is it ever inappropriate to whap?
2G's - in short NO. It's never inappropriate to whap. Just ignore your mom when she says it is. Mom's just like to hear themselfs say NO alot. At least mine does.

Earl Grey asks: I'm having trouble with whapping. I tend to just push stuff off with my head. Does this count as whapping or is it only whapping if I use my paw? I think I need more lessons. It's like there's like a whole untapped world of whapping out there waiting for me. Help!
EG: Headbutt whapping does count as whapping. But please EG, don't headbutt anything heavy or hard! You would think that seeing birds and stars when you whap your head into somefing would be fun, but it's really not.

TT asks: I has tried to whap, but don't thinks I has the idea of it yet. I tried once to whap the Mommy Bean when she was playings with me and then gotted scared she woulds whap me back, so I hid. Do you know's how to cure this fear?
TT my friend, you has to start small. Whap the back of her hand a little - not real hard, but just a little. if she's doing stuff on a table start by putting your paw on it and sliding it around a little, then slide it to the edge of the table and let it go.

I will answer more questions on Whapping Wednesday!!!

Haf a great weekend! We will make mommy take pikshurs this weekend too.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen Fings That ME Likes



5. biting toes

9. playing BANZAI cat wif Sammy (me runs and flies in the air and lands on Sammy's head while hollering BANZAI)

e. pushing stuff into the baftub

k. standing in the human litterbox (the "get out of there" lady tries to take my pikshur but so far all she can get is me leaving in a blur)

2. purrringg

6. biting fingers


r. sleeping in the tent


p. my brofurs (even is Sammy gets mad at me)

q. the maybe-mom-lady

did i do good?

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...