Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Rant


Hey Orange Menace, STOP BITING MY TAIL!

::SIGH:: the mom, what does you want? NO! I DOES NOT FLICK MY TAIL IN HIS FACE TO TAUNT HIM!

why is you NEFUR on MY side the mom? ::SNIFF SNIFF:: ::wipes eyes:: that's not fair! my tail flicks ITSELF in the orange menace's face.  I doesn't do it.  You KNOWS that my tail thinks for itself! please just ONCE take MY side??? ::sniff sniff::

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is the Meezer Monday Miles report for today: 

The Foods Report: We hadded chick-hen and ham.  she's still being stingy wif the foods.  somefing about Billy's manpurse jiggling when he runs and my fat butt pushing her off the cowch.  whatefur . ante up the foods woman! 

The Alien report by our resident whack-job Sammy:  right.  thank you lard butt.  Well, it seems that we haf a LOT of aliens in our neighborhood. It's a infes-tay-shun.  We haf the pit-chow alien next door, the boxer alien 'ahind us, the yappy alien across the street, the fench aliens 2 houses ofur, and 'parently now we haf another pit, 2 hotdogs, and a dal-may-shun.  AHHHHHHHH.  They're invading!!!!! 
Back to you my hefty furriend. 

Right, Thanks.  Please take your pills.  

The What did Billy do to get in trouble this week report: Well, he runned outside again.  he's getting to be BAD.  Oh, and he stealed the moms werk ID and hided it on her.  that was funny. 

The Mom report: The mom is getting better.  The grampie gets his stitches out of his forehead today.  So the beans is getting better. 

That concludes the MeezerMonday Miles report for today

Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally Friday


It's Friday and the mom is STILL sick, we didn't hardly get ANY cuddles last night and only ONE dinner.  (pssst: Hey fatso, we ALWAYS only get ONE dinner - Sammy).  On the plus side, while the mom was asleep on the cowch, drooling all ofur herself and snorking, Billy and Sammy played "who can whap the mostest stuff".  It was priceless seeing the mom wake up, wipe her face and look around the room and just go "crap, you guys are driving me insane".  Then she went back to drooling and snorking.  

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday


We are thankful that our the mom is going back to work.  having her here moaning and flopping around and being miserable was torture (a pain not covered even by the cheapest pet insurance)..  oh and we didn't get any extra meals or anything so there's really no point in having her around.  and she still cannot talk.  she makes these squeaking like noises that are very harmful to our delicate ears, so we all just run away.  which makes her moan and flop around more. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dancing with Billy - postponed until Wednesday

BBILLY SweetFeets Norton Gingersnap

we has to postpone dancing wif Billy until tomorrow.  Our the mom lady person was at the bean hospital last night with grampie until 3:30am and she is now tired and also very sicky - she can't swallow or talk.  Grampie is ok though so that's good.  

we will be back tomorrow wif a good dance.  

Monday, September 21, 2009

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is the Meezer Monday Miles report for today: 

The Foods Report: Chick-hen, snausage, and ham.  that's it.  The mom has been "busy" this week.  She wented to a drunk fest, er, wine tasting class the other night at the local booze barn um, licker store.  so she didn't efen fix dinner until BED TIME .  she's a drunk.  er, hard werking tired mom.  right.  lush.  

The What Did Billy Do to Get in Trouble this week report: Well it seems that the orange menace has been a good boy this week - no running outside.  Just tossing stuff into the bath tub in the middle of the night.  BORING.  

And now here's my insane psycho brother Sammy with the Alien Report:   Well, it seems that the alien next door is brain washing our the mom.  She goes of there and TOUCHES it . And then it puts its slime all over her.  Oh, and she says it's feet smell like corn chips.  Back to you you fat tub of goo  Miles. 

The 'puter report:  Hopefully our new hard drive will be here on Tuesday.  we just has to find someone who can get our .pst file and our pikshurs off.  we has backups till about 4 months ago.  Stoopid the mom.  

I live in a house of stoopid boring people.  I think I need a new and interesting place to live. 

Saturday, September 19, 2009


"Sharkbait" Hidalgo Kidd - Billy SweetFeets Norton Gingersnap

We is hafing prollems wif our puters and innernet connekshuns, and we losted all of our pikshurs for our post for today on the broked puter.  we is MAD.  but ME is sailing on the Black Furrball wif my bestest furriend in the whole werld FAGIN!!!  Sammy and Miles is going to sail on several other pirate ships today so AVAST YE SCURVY KITTIES!!! FEAR ME!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009



Our the mom is really weerd.  Ferst the hard drive in the freezer - it didn't werk.  She still gotted the same "hard drive not found" message.  The spindle or whatefur she called it is broked and the plates won't spin.  So we told her to take the plates out and put our stinky goodness on them.  

Then she blamed US for her falling asleep on the cowch and not getting up until 2am and hafing her neck all herty.  RIGHT.  It's not like we wasn't poking her and stuff while she was asleep.  It's not our fault that she can't stay awake.  She obviously does not nap enough at werk.  

And to top all of that off, I cawght her outside yesterday PLAYING WIF THE ALIEN NEXT DOOR.  AAAGGGHHHH!!!! She's going to become a pod person. 

Thursday, September 17, 2009



So, our the mom has gone crazy.  she akshually putted the hard drive from our broked 'puter in the FREEZER.  she says that she finks the "spindle" or somefing like that broked and that hopefully she can boot it up one more time to get her mail file and pikshurs off, and then get a new hard drive.  She doesn't need to replace the entire 'puter, which is good  She says it's out of "warranty" whatefur that means, but it sound like maybe the 'puter is hungry for some warranty or somefing. 

All of this has affected our routine.  Last night she ::GASP:: did NOT gif us dinner when she gotted in the door.  we hadded to wait a SQUILLION hours for dinner and then we thoughted that she was going to go to bed wifout feeding us!! (themom's note: it was only 15 minutes guys, and I never go to bed 15 minutes after I get home, although I often want to).  And it taked her longer than normal to scoop our box and poor Billy hadded to hold it.  When he finally did go the mom called him a race horse.  See? She's going INSANE!!! He's a cat - a little cat! A freaking little cat! he's not a horse! sheesh! She's losing her mind!   But to top it all off, she opened the door to the cold box and put potato chips in there.  we was laffin and laffin, but then we felted bad 'acuase she's losing her mind,  and a mind is a terrible thing to waste.  

Wednesday, September 16, 2009



ARRRRRRGGGGGH.  Our main 'puter puked last night . It maded a whining sound and then shut off and now we gets a error message: hard drive not found, and we cannot boot it up.  Forchunately, we haf the netbook that we winned from Max that we can use, but all of our pikshurs is on there.  Yeah, we haf a backup, but it's OLD and not all of our pikshurs is there.  So we has to get a new hard drive and then re-install EFURRYFING.  ARRRRRGGHHH.  Stoopid *ell 'puter! It's just ofur a year old! and stoopid the mom for not backing efurryfing up efurry night.  ::mumbles:: useless help.  can't find good help anywhere!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dancing Tuesdays with Billy SweetFeets


WOO HOOO!! ME IS BACK!!! and ME has a GREAT DANCE today!!!!

::shuffles off singing:: pardon me boys, is that the cat who chewed your noo shoos.......

Monday, September 14, 2009

Meezer Monday Miles Report

Here is the Meezer Monday Miles report for today

The Foods Report: After the Hams of the Werld Tour we was kind of hammed out for a day or so but we gotted bacon, chick-hen and steak this week. Oh and I tasted brussels sprouts, green beans and arugula. Stoopid the mom keeps putting the veggies where I sticks my paw on the plate.

The What Did Billy do this week to really get grounded for efur: He RUNNED OUT OF THE HOUSE AND INTO THE ROAD. AND THERE WAS A METAL MACHINE COMING. The mom runned out right 'ahind him and shreiked his name and then he stopped and the metal machine stopped and the mom grabbed him. (the mom's note: the car was quite a ways up the road and with all the speed bumps on our street we can only go about 10mph at the most). The Mom yelled at Billy and offishually grounded him FOREFUR. He is not efen allowed out on his leash anymore. (the mom's other note: well not for a while. It seems that when I let him out on the leash he thinks that he can go out anytime he wants)

Now here's the speed demon weener driver Sammy wif his alien report: GUESS WHAT? the red headed girl bean AND the blonde headed girl bean are BOTH back. However, they are spending ALOT of time with the slobbering alien next door, which is driving the bouncy alien behind us nutso.

The what are we going to do with the fund raising money report: OK CB kitties, we is gonna haf a vote on which CB kitty to send about $170 to. Please leave in the comments which CB kitty we should give the money to. We knows that Jan's Funny Farm could use some monies as there are lots of them and the green papers are really really tight there. So we is voting for them, but we wants to be fair and take other sugjestions too.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The 2,996 - I Remember Marlyn delCarmen Garcia

This is a repost of my 9/11/2006 post, with some new comments and thoughts.

Meezers Mom Mary:

Where were you when the world stopped turning"?
I did not personally know anyone in the Towers, on the planes or in the Pentagon that lost their lives that day. However, I signed up to be part of the
2,996 bloggers to remember an individual who was lost on September 11, 2001. This is a rememberance of one of the lights that was snuffed out that day.

There are not enough words for me to begin to honor or remember. I hope that I can do a little justice to Marlyn's short life.

Marlyn C Garcia
Age: 21
Location: World Trade Center, Tower 1, 100th floor, Marsh and McLennan Cos, Inc

Miss Garcia was the valedictorian of her high school class at Bay Ridge Christian Academy. She was described as mature beyond her years. Smart. Sweet. Prom Queen. A young woman with character. Always smiling. Always nice to everyone. She turned down a scholarship to Syracuse University to remain close to her family, going instead to John Jay College, where, again, she touched so many lives with her kindness and smile. She was attending college as she worked at Marsh and McLennan. She would arrive an hour early each day so that she could leave to attend school in the afternoons. She wanted to work for the United Nations, travel, advocate for those who could not speak for themselves, to spread her light to others.
She had an entire lifetime ahead of her.
She had potential.
She was small. She was fearless. She was determined.
She loved her family. Her parents, her 2 sisters, her Uncle, to whom she wrote on Monday night, Sept 10 " I hope I get to see you Tuesday, I am going into work a little late because I want to vote" September 11 was New York City Mayoral Primary day.
She was a person that any young woman should look up to as an example of a caring and loving person. Someone to stive to be like. A loving Daughter, Sister, Neice, Cousin, Friend. A shining light.
In every rememberance of Marlyn that I have read, everyone has described her as being one thing - an Angel. She was an Angel on earth to so many. She was, sadly, in Tower 1 when the plane hit. One of the 2,996 called Home that day. Called Home to be an Angel looking down on everyone she knew and cared about. To now spread her light from above.

I cannot believe that it has been five years. The emotions and feelings I have are still as raw as they were that day. In my cedar chest in my bedroom, I have copies of the New York Daily News, dated September 12, 2001, and showing all of the horror in still photographs. I looked at them on the day I purchased them. I have not looked at them since. I cannot ever forget those pictures. They are burned in my memory. I keep the papers to remember. I don't know why. I can't forget. I will never forget. None of us should never forget, so that will not happen again.

When I wrote these words 3 years ago I could not believe the pain could still be so fresh in my heart. A couple of weeks ago, I went into my cedar chest and I looked at those papers dated 9/12/2001. I cried, gut wrenching, all out sobbing crying. And I thought about Marlyn. And I prayed that the terror for her was short.

On the night of 9/11/2001, we had a candelight walk in our neighborhood, led by the children. Then we all put our candles out on our porch to burn down during the night. When I light a candle tonight, as I did that night, and as I do every September 11, I will light it in Marlyn's memory.

Marlyn Garcia I will never forget you.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Hams of the Werld pikshurs

Thirteen Hams of the Werld Pikshurs!!!

Hey wait, was that HAMS IN SPACE up there?

There's still time to order your nip pigs. See Victor's blog for the prototypes! See our Tuesday post for the link to order.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

No cats on the internet day?


The mom lady person says that we will be doing our thursday thirteen of pikshurs from the Hams of the Werld tour.

If'n you still wants to buy nip ham toys you can - here's the linkie.

And the mom lady person says that there WILL be cute kitties on the innernets today - ME!! aren't my baby pikshurs CUUUUUUTE??

Last Day of the Hams of the Werld Tour

So, yesterday we wented to London to go to the Smith-field Meat Market and pork out! While we was there we picked up Ginger Jasper, and Milo and Alfie, and also Pixel and Simba joined us!
So today we are heading back to pick up the weener-mobile and go to see if MrsSkittlesMom is feeling better and perhaps haf a ham fest and do some yoga.
Here we are getting ready to go back to the states
Relaxing inside the Tardis after a great game of THoE (and no grease! MissKarenJo, the paper towel idea was great!)
Once back in the states we boarded the Weener-Mobile again. Thank goodness we lefted the windows open to air it out!
Freya and Khyra are having fun poking their heads in the windows and ceiling openings.
Some of the CB's lovely ladies having a rest and chatting
Today is the last day of the tour - but there will be some final pikshurs tomorrow.
We will keep the donayshun button up until Friday for you to order your ham toys. We will announce on Thursday which CB kitty we will help and also which organization we will donate the other half of the monies to, to help kitties who haf been displaced by the fires in Cat-i-fornia.

Billy SweetFeets is wondering if there are any woofies on the tour that want to play "Lion Tamer" wif him. If you do, please don't bite his head off when he puts it in your mouf.

At 10pm we are going to be playing "hide and go seek". Please, if you are the one seeking try and remember to akshually "seek". And if you is hiding, sticking your paws out from unner the seats or doors is a shur giveaway of where you is hiding. So don't get all hissy.

Karre-o-kee will be held in the furry back of the weener mobile. Please please please for Bast's sake, don't efurryone choose Memories from Cats. While we all love caterwauling, something more up tempo might be nice.

Please remenber to order your toys! $2 EACH for the ferst two and then $1 for efurryone one after that.

Monday, September 07, 2009

We are now Hams in Space

We haf had a change of plans. MrsSkittlesMom has been furry sick so we is going to head to London TODAY!!!
Sammy flew, er, drove the weener-mobile to Roswell and we gotted something else that will help us get to London.
We have elected DAISY as our commander and pilot
Look how happy she is!!!! I think her exact werds "AHHHHHHHHH" We elected Buddy (the woofie) as co-pilot. He ran around chasing his tail for a while 'afore he settled down. We think that means he was happy.

Chey, we think that is the bestest way to get you out of the country for a while.

A big thank you to MrsZippySadieandSpeedy'sMom for volunteering to clean out the litterbox room in the weener - mobile! We will be back to the weener mobile for a trip to Skittles on Tuesday if her the mom is feeling better. If not, then it's off to OUR house - we haf about 1/2 a pig in the freezer and a smoker to make our own smoked ham!

Ok, now, whoefur keeps hollering "SQUIRREL" and making the woofies bark at the windows, please don't do that on the trip to London - we would not want a woofie to fall out the window. Also, we now have a room for pee pads for the woofies - it's kind of hard to stop and let you all go out while we are in space.

THoE (Thundering Herd of elefants for those who don't know) is scheduled for 8pm. Using waxed paper to clean up the ham grease on the floor wasn't a good idea in the weener-mobile and it's prolly a werse idea here. Ok, well it WAS fun to watch efurryone slide all ofur the place, but when we ended up in a big ham grease, wax and fur pile at the back of the bus it was BAD.

Don't forget to purchase your toys! You doesn't haf to purchase to tour and you doesn't haf to tour to purchase. Remember $2 EACH for the ferst 2, then $1 for each additional ham/pig nip toy.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Off to Texas!!!!

We are off to see Anugs in Texas - he's making us pulled pork
So, back in the weinermobile we go!

Sammy is back at the wheel!
Hey Chey, you better be hiding - we are back in the States!
Oh, and whoever is in charge of the litterbox room - tossing the clumps out the window while we are on the road is prolly not the best idea - it makes the cars 'ahind us angry.
One more note, it's going to be hot in Texas - so we need to pack the coolers with more ice - it's starting to smell like a pig farm in here.
The THoE game will be taking place at 10pm - please make shur that you haf all of your hams up off the floor and clean the floor - it took hours for everyone to get the pig grease out of our furs last night.
OK Angus............ here we come

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Off to Canada!!

We hadded a GREAT time in Porkopolis and at the weenie factory!!!
Now we are off to Canada! We haf a speshul invitashun from Magoo, Bella, Dolce, Baci and Smudge's dad - he's gonna make some BACK BACON for us!!! That's Canadian Ham y'all!!! (plus we can wish Baci a happy purrfday!)

Back Bacon!!!!
Hey Scooby, Boni, Bennette and Ariel! Look out, FLYNN is driving this leg!

As you can see, we have some ham-hangovers here.
Titus, Gracie, Ayla, Millie, and Pepi are telling Eric that things like a bloo boa will happen when you haf too many hamtinis
Don't forget to order your toys! You don't haf to tour to order and you don't haf to order to tour!

Tomorrow we is off to ANGUS's house for some pulled pork sammiches!!!!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Hams of the Werld - Porkopolis and Madison

What an awesome day yesterday! OH BAST!!! Those people at Smith-field didn't know what hit them. I bets we eated at LEAST eleventy thirteen hams! Not to menshun the hams that we all lugged back to the weiner-mobile for our road snacks!!
So now we is off to Porkopolis!! Mr Hendrix suggested that we visit there - I hopes that he's home!
Below we have a shot of the inside of the weiner-mobile! Waiting to leave are Daisy, Maverick, Samantha, Sammy, Abby, Skittles, Mr Jinx, Zippy and Lucky.
They have NO CLUE what they're in for! I bet we make it to Porkopolis in 1 short sleep.
It seems that Porkopolis has Hams on Parade. Now that's really handy! Here are Boo, Freya, Khyra, Buddy, Grete, a spooked Rambler and Earl Grey (or is that Hurl Grey) checking out a ham on parade. I wonder if the wings were good?

Some of the group checked out the flying hams at the park. KC, Me, Chey and Chevelle thought that flying pigs were pretty weerd.

We hit the town for ham sandwiches and some chili (I shur hope that's litterbox room up the stairs there!)
Relaxing after a large lunch are Mr Tigger, Missy Blue Eyes, Zoey, Roxy, Kirby, and Maya.

In one short sleep, we arrive at the home of Oscar's Foods!!
Chef Harley is ready to help cook up an early mid afternoon snack. Derby and Angel are hanging out waiting for some of the chef's foods!

We will be hanging out here for a while and then we take off for the trip to Catifornia and a yoga lesson and some HAM at Skittle's place!
Look out Oscar's Foods - there's a bunch of kitties and woofies on the loose looking for some delishus HAM!!!!
Please remember to order your nip ham toys if you wish! You doesn't have to tour to buy and you doesn't haf to buy to tour!

Tomorrow we will catch up with Sweet Praline, Tazo, Sanjee and all the hotties, and Millie to see if they are enjoying the tour!


I'm fixin to see how fast this here hot dog can go!

Your driver Sammy Meezer
Ok, wait, he's not REALLY gonna drive that fast so don't werry. Just let him think that he is and everyone will be happy!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hams of the Werld - Day 1

IT'S HERE!!!! The big day has arrived. We are all teleporting over to Auntie Deb's to haf some brekfest and then we will leave for Smith-field HAM!!!!
Hanging out in Auntie Deb's Kitchen - waiting for breakfast - ham and ham omelets, ham and ham sammiches, ham and grits, and also more arrivals.
Left to right: Nina Torbie, Buddy, Sassy, Allie, Tamir and Wally
Everyone is having a good time hanging out with Auntie Deb, and Sassy, Sam, Seaborne, Sadie and Summer. They are very gracious hosts and will be travelling with us too!
After brekfest the WEINER-MOBILE arrived!! HOLY BAST!!! What a WONDERFUL vehicle!!!!! Sammy will be doing the driving - so I hopes that you all didn't eat too much for brekfest.
Pictured below - waiting to board the Weiner-Mobile:
Top Row: Ferris, Nigel, Speedy and Sadie, Sol and BJ.
Middle Row: Ed and Igmu, Madison, Ellie, Cecilia, and Ginger
Bottom Row: Crystal, Ellie, Xing Lu, Smokey, Khyra, Faith Boo and Tour Guide Victor.

Amidst choruses of "99 containers of nip on the wall" and the consensus that none of us are really good at counting backwards after 98, we hear the cries of OH. MY. BAST!! THERE IT IS!!!!!!!!! The Holy Grail of Hamdom. The Taj Maham. BuckingHAM Palace......... PORKTOPIA!!!!
To Be Continued.......... Tomorrow we travel in the weiner-mobile to visit Mr Hendrix and tour "porkopolis" and also visit the O-S-C-A-R Meyer place in Madison, WI.
Now, Victor's Mom has offered to make some nip ham toys for us to purchase to remember this trip and to also help raise money for cats and dogs and other animals in LA who are effected by the fires, and also for a CB cat (to be named near at the end of the the Ham tour). The nip ham toys are $2 EACH for the ferst 2 and then $1 for each one after that (so 3 for $5, 4 for $6, 5 for $7, 6 for $8, 7 for $9, 8 for $10, etc). Please consider helping!

Pee Ess: There's STILL time to join the tour. If you haf joined and doesn't see your pikshur yet, no worries, we is still printing out the pikshurs from the camera - it's kind of hard when you're riding in a giant hot dog that's being driven by a total maniac.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wednesday Rant


WOW!! The Hams of the Werld Tour 2009 is taking shape nicely!!

So, we is offering ham nip toys (Fank you Victor's Mom for making them!) for your soo-va-neers for the tour. You doesn't haf to be on the tour to buy them! We is going to raise green papers for the rescue organizations helping with the fires in California, and a CB kitty. The ham nip toys is $2 each for the ferst 2 you order, then $1 each for efurry toy after that (so 2 for $4, 3 for $5, 4 for $6, 5 for $7, etc). So let us know how many you wants when you order.

Let us know if you would like to haf your pikshur in our group pikshur. Send me a e-mail at themeezers AT gmail DOT com wif a pikshur if you would like, otherwise we will go grab one from your bloggie (if you is a catster only cat or woofie please let us know and send us a pikshur.) We already haf a number of kitties AND woofies coming wif us! Oh, and Sammy has saided that he will be our driver 'acuase he can drive eleventy seven miles an hour and get us places FAST. We will be providing the barf bags.

Our the mom is also werking on getting some buttons and magnets to sell - prolly on Zazzle. We hope to haf that up by Friday night.

Remember, we will be meeting at Auntie Deb's on Thursday Morning!!!!

My rant for today: people haf to stop hollering at our the mom and making her feel bad, 'acuase it takes away OUR fun when we try and make her feel bad.

If you would like to start ordering please click on the button below

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...