Monday, November 29, 2010

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is the Meezer Monday Miles report for today:

The foods report - eggs, sausage, ham.  it was fair.

The What Did Billy Do - well, he's back to old tricks - he ranned out 4 times this week.  SIGH

The What did Nicky do report - do someone haf some prozak for him? He's OUT OF CONTROL. 

The why we did not visit our furriends on the holiday weekend report - THE MOM had a furry furry bad my-grane and twitchy eyes. She prolly got it from Billy running out in the cold. 

Well, i guess it's time for the whacko report.  Here's cottage cheese brain.............. 
Thank you ricotta hips.  Well, we have yet ANOTHER alien out back - this one is golden and shaggy and named Maggie.  She seems nice. We had somefing weerd happen this weekend though.  the dood that lives akrost the street from us called the COPS on the guy next to him - 'acuase his alien pooped in his yard, right near his rose bush.  The cop hollered at him and told him if he called them again 'acuase of alien poop, he would put him in jail.  I wonder if alien poop is toxic?

Back to you baconfat thighs. 

Well, that's the Meezer Monday Miles report for today. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Rant (aka Whiney Wednesday)


hey the mom! where's the turkey? WHERE'S THE TURKEY???? he better be de-icing somewhere and we BETTER get some this week!!! oh oh oh oh oh this is not good - I cannot find the turkey!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is the Meezer Monday Miles report for today

The Foods Report: well, there was chick-hen and eggs.  and just when i lost all hope the FRENCH TOAST appeared!!!! wif MAPLE SYRUP!!!!

The What Did Billy Do report - he ranned out in the rain.  MOL. 

That What did Nicky do report:  well, everything.  he's a one kitten wrecking crew.  (NICKY) - AHEM.  I is a MANCAT now.  I'm a one mancat wrecking crew.

The whack-a-do report: 

So, this week is Turkey Week!! I cannot WAIT!! Turkey soup, turkey sammiches, turkey stew, turkey turkey!!!!!

That is the Meezer Monday Miles report for this week.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thug Thursday


ME is THUG!! ME will slap you!!   MWAHAHAHAHAHA. 

The mom lady person say's ME is too cute to be thug. 
But ME hijaked this bloggie instead of posting on mine own. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Rant (aka Whiney Wednesday)


the mom - come on.  it's NOT funny that stuck mine paw in your baked potato tonight.  I was 'spekting chick-hen!!!! I thought it was funny when i SNEEZED in your plate though. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is the Meezer Monday Miles report for today

The Foods Rep............................(SAMMY) MILES!!!!!!!!!!! MILES!!!!!!!!!! HEY LARD BUTT!!!!!!!!
(MILES) - oh crud.  Look who's back.  What do you want mush head?
(SAMMY) - MILES!! I HAS to do mine  report RIGHT NOW!!!!
(MILES) - why? The Foods Report is ALWAYS ferst! Efurryone is DYING to know what we eated last week!
(SAMMY)  BUT MILES!! I was abducted by ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!
(MILES) - uh you had a cold and you SLEPT all weekend. 
(SAMMY)  - NUH-UH.  I was abducted by ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAS TO GIF MINE REPORT NOW!  They said that I would 'amember only for 5 minutes! TIME IS WASTING
(MILES) - No, YOU'RE wasted.  I'm doing the Foods Report

The Foods Repor......................... (SAMMY)  PLEASE MILES!!! I HAS TO TELL EFURRYONE ABOUT THE MOTHERSHIP AND WONDERFUL TIME I HAD THE MESSAGE THAT THE ALIENS WANT TO SEND AND..........and............ and............ um..................... wha................. uh....................... what was I talking about?
(MILES) - you were talking about the foods report
(SAMMY) - um ok there were no begetables so I doesn't care
(MILES) -can I finish now?

Sheesh - The Foods Report - bacon, ham-less hamburger and eggs. 

The What did Billy do this week report - Billy was good this week but he did lay on the mom's face once.  MOL

The What did Nicky do this week report - he was good too - well, except for his trashing the whole house during his party.  He got into the nip a little bit. 

Ok and now here is grits for brains with his insane report - take it away weirdo.  (SAMMY)  - uh some stuff happened and the aliens was loud and and there's yet MORE in the neighborhood.  I'm a little fuzzy on the details 'acause i hadded a cold last week.  Back to you creamcheese hips.

hmmm, maybe I should put cold medicine in his foods more often. 

That is the meezer monday Miles report for today

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Purrfday Nicky - today you is a mancat!

Welcome to Nicky's purrfday party!!! There's plenty of FOODS

no Nicky, really A-N-T-O-N is just another way to spell N-I-C-K-Y.  we didn't STEAL the cake or anything like that.

Don't cry baby brother, haf some
Shrimps and Lobsters


Chick-hen dancing:


Lots of fun drinks for the "adult" cats (and woofies and buns and efurryone else)

And for the younger crowd, well, I thinks you're going to haf to milk this one yourself:

Don't worry about Sammy - he's been, uh, taken to a health spa

We is so happy that you are here to celebrate wif us!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010



Forgib be, I fink I hab a cold.  Toborrow is Nicky's purrfday and we is habing a party - I hopes that you all combe and celebrate wib us!!!

Now, I has to go and rest up and feel better toborrow

Oh and our Veteran's Day post is at The Mom's Blog

update:  Hey efurryone, one of our oldest blogging furriends (well, furriends that haf been blogging for a long time -we doesn't want to call them old) are having a bit of a hard time right now. Frostin's (and Princess Ashlyn, King Obsidian, and Queen Munchkin) DadBob is out of werk and while he's looking for a job (he has a innerview today!!) they are short on funds for MomMonika to akshually GET to her job.  We knows that money is tight and stuff but if some of you could donate a couple of green papers with us hopefully they will be back in business soon. They has a paypal donayshun button on their bloggie.  Fank you so much  

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Rant (aka Whiney Wednesday)


Deer The Mom

I's sorry for trying to stick mine paw up your nose while you was sleeping, then sticking mine nose up your nostril after that.  I doesn't know why I did it.  Except maybe to get you to STOP SNORKING.

Sheesh woman, sounds like that should not be coming from a human.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Nicky Tuesday


GUESS WHAT?? I has somefing called a PURRFDAY coming up this Friday!!! 'Apposedly I is going to be a MANCAT then!!!  I's not quite shur what any of that means but Billy says that it's aciting and that I has to wear a party dress or somefing like that.  Oh and I can has a PAWTY too!!!!

Who wants to come???

Monday, November 08, 2010

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is the Meezer Monday Miles report

The Foods Report:  Ham and Shrimps on the foo-ton at the dad's house! YAY!!!!

The What Did Billy do report: Well, since we were at the dad's house, he was good. 

The What Did Nicky Do report - he was relatively calm at the dad's house. 

The Whack job report from the resident alien hunter psycho whack job - take it away mush head:
  Well, we were at the dad's house last week and there are aliens there.  I'm sad to report that we finded out that one of the aliens ranned away - we is purring that he finded a new mothership. The other aliens were much quieter than the aliens on mine street - I think that their mothership communicates with them more where the dad lives, or they just have more people to eat there. 
Back to you frito thighs. 

SIGH - this from a cat who spent most of his time at the dad's either UNNER the foo-ton or laying face first in a corner.  weerd-o

I's happy to say that we hadded a nice time a the dad's house last week.  when we gotted back home, Nicky spent almost a whole 30 minutes turning in a circle in the living room - he could not stop and he could not go anywhere else.  Efen I felted sorry for him.  He was obfiously 'afused or somefing.  His poor head was almost tipped completely upside down.  He's better now though.

That is the Meezer Monday Miles report for today

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wednesday Rant (aka Whiney Wednesday)


Who said that PEOPLE were allowed to sit on MINE foo-ton??????


NO I MEAN IT- get off mine foo-ton!! It's starting to smell like people butt.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010



the mom gotted 'tacked by a pumpkin that some skwerl throwed out of a tree* and the stem punkshured her hand so she cannot type for us furry well.  we will be visiting you but maybe not commenting alot until her hand heals more. 

*we doesn't know that a skwerl throwed it out of the tree, the mom gotted this stoopid idea to put pumpkins in the trees for hallowscream and one falled on her.  she would like to think it was a evil skwerl though. 

Monday, November 01, 2010

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is the Meezer Monday Miles report for today:

The Foods Report: bacon, eggs, steak, ham.  not bad. 

The What Did Billy Do this week report: He ran right out in the rain and flopped in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.  The mom was MAD MAD MAD.  Then a couple of days later he ate pumpkin guts.  Pumpkin is ok for kitties but, dude,  GROSS

The What Did Nicky Do report:  The one cat wrecking crew trashed the powder room one day.  MOL. 

The Holiday Whacko Report by Whack Job Sammy:  Well, so, I gathered all the stuff to sit in the corn field and wait for the Great Mothership to come and give bones and stuff to all the good little aliens, and I was all set to go.  But then I remembered that I don't like the outside, and it was cold out and it SNOWED so there was no freaking way I was going.  But there were sticky little people running around the street last night in the freaking SNOW and the mom had a fire going in the driveway and they were making a lot of noise and they were all happy, and the aliens were all happy so I guess the great mothership showed up!

The Other Noos report: We is going to see mine FOO-TON and the foo-ton dude today!  I can't wait - shrimps and ham on the foo-ton!!!

That is the meezer monday miles report for today

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...