Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Purrfday Billy Boy!!!


Yeah we love you little buddy.  You shur was a mess when you gotted here, but you're all growed up now and we love you!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012



OH. MY. BAST.  Cats talking to aliens??????   Huh, maybe I'm really the one talking to the mothership and NOT the woofies aliens outside.  MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.   Or not. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nicky Tuesday


Well Billy is still a little  skunky smelling and I does not like that.  I hope he stops stinking soon!!

In other Nicky news, I whapped a bunch of stuff from the bedroom into the hall last night and the mom tripped over it.  MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Come dance wtih us!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is the Meezer Monday Miles Report for today

The Foods report - chick-hen and bacon and eggs  I was kind of in the mood or French toast though. 

The What did Billy do report - OH BAST.  BILLY GOT SKUNKED!!! Well, he got into somefing that a skunk sprayed and OH MY BAST DID HE STINK.  He needed eleventy five (the mom says seven) bafs.  And he STILL STINKS.  But not nearly as much.  He was NOT HAPPY.  And we are NOT HAPPY wif his stinkiness. 

The what did Nicky do report - whatefur it was it was not as bad as being skunked!!!!

The Alien Report - so now we haf NEW STINKY aliens!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH.  this is just bad bad bad.  I think I will go make shur Auntie Bee is ok from the storm and get away from loud aliens and stinky aliens. 

Well that is the Meezer Monday Miles report for today - time to gif Billy anofur baf. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday - camping and trashing


Hey! We're camping this weekend - and house trashing.  Just 'acause we haf not had a house trashing in a while.  Come on ofur and haf some BBQ hammm and chick-hen and burgers and stuff - and niptinis and milk and meowgaritas.  And Miles will catch some fish for us. Bring a sleeping bag. 

Nicky doesn't quite get the tent part.  Someone will have to help him
 Miles gets it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nicky Wednesday


Well, I am rested up from our adventure, so it's time to go over to Billy's and DANCEDANCEDANCE!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meezer Tuesday Miles Report


Here is the Meezer Tuesday Miles report for today

The Foods Report - hahahahaha should I say chick-hen?? 

The What did Billy do report - he made friends with lots of chick-hens and they all ran outside!!!

The What did Nicky do report - He made friends with lots of chick-hens and taught them how to spazz out!! 

The whack-o report by syko Sam - Well, I must say that chick-hen was a great co-pilot, even though I could not understand him (or was it her? I don't efen know!). The aliens on the trip were furry kind to me and didn't scare me (I prolly made them poop their furs a little bit though wif mine driving).  The aliens in my nay-bor-hood though are a different story.  They are still rood to me.  I hope that mothership comes soon!

The we has a sad report - our dear furriend and leader of the Pooses for Peace, Zevo Hussien Calamari has gone to the Bridge.  I (Miles) was leader of the Poot and Run Brigade and Sammy was leader of the Whap and Run Brigade.  We will bravely carry on Zevo's mission in her name.  One day we will meet you at the Bridge dear Zevo............

Well that is the Meezer Tuesday Miles report - Billy will be dancing TOMORROW.  He' still a little tired.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

The end of the Great Chick-hen caper

Well sadly our chick-hen capering days are over.  It's time to teleport back home and SLEEP .

We took London by storm - with the help of some VERY LARGE chick-hens!!! well at least they could be ridden into the city.  We're sorry about the fur and fev-vers clogging up the gears in Big Ben.  We hope they get it fixed soon. And we also apologize to the Palace Guard for the theft of their hats.  When Giant Chick-hens want your hats, you should give them up without a fight.

We are also sorry about the Tower of London - some cats wanted to see the crown jewels, and well, it was and ugly scene.  And we really dont' know HOW Vidock got on the upper part of the Tower (well, ok, we do, but we're not telling!) The chick-hens seemed to love their buffalo wing hats.

The rest of us took a tour of Parliament.  We hope that the yak and fur come out of the upholestry.  The debates got a little heated. 

We would like to thank you all for pawticipating with us! We had great fun! And somewhere out there are a bunch of traumatized chick-hens who are wondering just what the heck happened!!! No chick-hens were deep fried or harmed in any way during this adventure.  Well, physically anyway.  MOL

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sammy Siamese Sunday


::blink blink:: eh what? Oh, it's Sunday?? SHEESH where does the time go?? Our photographer is having a little "issue" finding, um, appropriate pikshurs to post for our last day of chick-hen capering.  It seems that SOME of us were hafing fun wif the chick-hens, teaching them to dance and giving them meow-garitas and nip-tinis.  It was ugly.  Very very ugly.  Lesson learned - chick-hens don't handle drinking very well.  Neither do some cats.  MOL.  And chick-hens wearing Buffalo Wing hats is very very strange.  Lastly, we has to think about HOW we is going to get back home to the United States (for those of us who live there).  We could always all just move in with Eric and Flynn though.  I'm sure their parents would love that - I mean, they have that big farm, they'll never know.  MOL. 

Ok so check it out tomorrow - cats and chick-hens dancing, chick-hens in hats, London terrorized by roving gangs of cats and chick-hens.  I think they revoked our passport

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Great Chick-hen caper - day whatever


Well we are all a little jet-lagged so we are holed up in a hotel sleeping.  we skidded down the runway somewhere in england.  We will be back tomorrow with the final day of our adventure. 

We is having SO MUCH FUN!!!

and um, Sadie were you really kissing the horses?

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Great Chick-hen caper Day 4

Well it was a 'citing day! We gotted to the airports, and showed them our passport (um, ok so we kind of thew it over the counter and ran like crazy!)  I don't think it was entirely legal. 

We ranned out to the runway and finded a HYOOGE 747 plane.  It was just sitting there.  So we ranned up the stairs.  We got inside and it was AMAZING!! We all finded some seats and then realized that SOMECATS chick-hen napped some chick-hens from the festivals, so they was running around the plane skwaking.

While we was sitting there waiting to take off, we realized something - we had no pilot.  We held a meeting and elected one - and a couple of co-pilots.. 
Pilot Sam, co-pilot Abby and co-pilot Chick-Hen were ready to take off.  We all just hit the bar and some cats disappeared into the bathrooms to play wif the big litterboxes there.  The last thing we heard from the pilot was "I wonder if this thing goes supersonic" followed by co-pilot Abby answering "what happens if I press this button?"

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Great Chick-hen Caper - day 3

So, it's day 3 of the great chick-hen caper.  Fortunately the bail money was not needed because Finnegan J Katz, Esquire, joined us and he talked the judge out of prosecution.  Thanks Finny! After MORE car switching, caterwauling and niptini drinking, we ended up at a few festivals for some foods and fun. 

Some of us went to a Buffalo Wing Festival (um, we may need to do more fund raising to replace the blow up sign, who knew that claws could do that much damage! MOL)

Oh yeah and the hats - well we're cats and we like fun and what's better than cats on a chick-hen hunt wearing chick-hen hats (or buffalo wing hats) MOL

There was also some sort of prairie chick-hen festival somewhere, and a bunch of us decided to "commune with nature" . Some of those chick-hens were scairty!!

And then there are various other chick-hen festivals.  With lots of good foods and midway stuff.    And the screaming - oh the screaming of the people at the fairs.  You would have thought that they had nefur seen a gang of cats in buffalo wing hats running wild at a fair! SHEESH

Or hanging out ON the midway

or trying to get cotton candy and funnel cakes. 

Have you ever seen 50 cats crowd into a photo booth to take a passport picture?  Neither had anyone else.  We're going to see if our passport works to get us to europe. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Great Chick-hen caper - day 2

So, after racing around yesterday and drinking meowgaritas and niptinis, caterwauling to the radio and trying to keep up with speed demon Sammy, and after several stops and car switches, some kitties ended up at the holy land of chick-hen - the ORIGINAL Kentucky Chick-hen store.  The people there did not know what hit them.  It was pandelerium.  One thing we forgot to bring with us - money.  Thank goodness for the fund raising car.  MOL 

Here's the Kentucky Chick-hen group

Another group found a grain mill and decided to hang out and catch the chick-hens as they arrived to eat.  That kind of didn't werk out as well as they thought. 

Stay tuned there are more pikshurs coming later today - yet another group found a really cool statue to play on, and even more found another car.... We may also need some bail money......

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Great Chick-Hen Caper


WELCOME TO THE GREAT CHICK-HEN CAPER!! So today we all chose our cars to travel in - we had a variety for today adn we all hadded fun picking them out and picking who we would be going with.  We stopped to take a pikshur before we all piled in. 
Car Number 1 - well this is gonna be interesting  - this group went all the way to whiskerconsin to get this truck.  They're obviously fund raising too on the tour. 

Car Number 2 - they went to the fair and "borrowed" this one.  At least there is straw in the back for sweet Violette to lay in. 

Car Number 3 - ooo Auntie Bee is going in this car - and she doesn't have to drive either!!!  um Oui Oui and Ernie, you better come down off the roof of that house.

Well we are going to try and find some of these places this week:

So off we go - there's plenty of niptini's and meowgaritas for everyone - the radio's werk in each of the cars.  And all you lucky furries in Car Number 2 - NASCAT driver Sammy Meezer is at the wheel for you.  Buckle up and drink plenty of fluids.  I'm sure the rest of us will catch up with you down the road...........

Monday, August 13, 2012

Meezer Monday Miles Report



Thursday, August 09, 2012

Terrible Thursday


OH. BAST.  The mom has GOT TO GO.  She hadded roast chick-hen from the store last night and I DID NOT GET ANY.  She's MEAN and ROTTEN and AWFUL.  

(the mom)  Ahem little man, why don't you tell the truth? 


(the mom) - um where were you when the chicken was being given out to Billy? And even Sammy got a little bite! And Nicky took a piece too.  Where were you? 

upstairs sleeping

(the mom) and did I call you? 

You SAY you did, but I would haf heard you hollering mine name and you KNOWS I come running whenefur I hear mine name being called.  'Acause you might haf foods for me.  

(the mom) I DID call you.  You were up on your ham-mick sleeping and did not move.  

YOU DID NOT!!!!!!!!!!  

(Sammy) - hey ho-ho butt, she DID call you - I heard her.  You were snorking and drooling on the ham-mick and didn't want to get your fat butt up.  You know mom's rool around here about foods being doled out.  YOU SNOOZE YOU LOOZE.  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  LOZER. 


Don't forget to email us your pikshurs for the Great Chick-Hen caper! Send them to themeezers AT gmail DOT com. And don't werry, we will put a gag on Miles so that he doesn't whine the whole way.  MOL

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Werld Cat Day


It's Werld Cat Day and I has a few things to say about that.  

Ferst, my wish is for all kittehs to haf homes like ours - full of love and toys and corn and stuff (oh other foods too if that's what they want).  (i wish all aliens and buns and hammies and fev-vers and other critters get homes too, but it's all about cats today)

Second, I wish our the mom would STOP WERKING so flipping hard and be home for more than a couple of hours a day 'afore she goes to bed.  This is very inconvenient.  I has things I need done - I needs to be brushed and petted and, well, basically worshiped.  That is just not happening.  Get with it woman! 

Therd, the aliens need to keep it quiet around here.  Oh since it stopped raining like the 2nd coming of that ark thing, the aliens have been outside just YAMMERING all freaking day.  It's very upsetting.  Mine ears are sensitive, and it's all just so much noise.  

Lastly, that little rat Nicholas PoopyPants needs to GET OUT OF MINE SLEEPING SPOT.  

That is all.  Happy Werld Cat Day.  

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Nicky Chick-hen tuesday (dancing with Billy edition)


Don't forget to email us pikshurs if'n you wants to go wif us!!
So, when we go on THE GREAT CHICK-HEN CAPER in our chick-hen car (with real live chick-hen chau-fur)

 or maybe this chick-hen car
Or maybe a chick-hen truck
OR we could ride around in the guts of a roasted chick-hen

we will be singing and dancing too!!! THIS IS GONNA BE SOOOOO MUCH FUN

Hey Sammy says that the lady in the middle has the same big stupid head like our mommy

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...