Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thinking Thursday


uh oh, Miles is up to something - he keeps telling me the mothership is coming for me

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nicky Tuesday


No, I'm NOT a spazz cat!!! I just get 'acited about stuff and then haf to run really really fast and holler about it.  Like drinking water or peeing or pooping or eating or rasslin or playing wif the little bloo caps from mommy's insulin pens or waking up. 

Let's Dance ofur at Billy's!!! I's acited about that too!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is the Meezer Monday Miles report for today

The foods report - 3 horned steak (uh Miles, it's called tri-tip)(that's what Isaid) and macaroni wif butter.  mmmmmm butter

The What did Billy do report- the usual - running outside - but once he ranned outside after it rained and gotted  his butt wet.  MOL

The what did Nicky do report - he was better this week - he didn't whap anyfing onto the mom's head

The alien report by whacko-syko Sam - well ferst let me say once again how disappointed I is that I did not get mine Sunday Siamese Sammy report.  ::glares at the  mom:: Now that the alien hater  across the street gotted abdukted by the mothership, things haf been quiet around here.  Perhaps HE was the cause of all of the prollems.  Or maybe I just took a few more naps this week and missed stuff.  It did rain and I likes to nap when it rains.  Oh, and I was looking at traktors to buy too.  back to you creampuff hips. 

OR, his syko meds kicked in.  MOL

That is the Meezer Monday Miles report for today

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thinking Thursday


I's thinking that I would like to buy one of these.  I think that I would look way cool

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meow Like a Pirate Day



The Pirate Name Generator: I've been redubbed *Stutterin' Casey Straw* thanks to the The Pirate Name Generator.


Aye maties, we be goin ofur to the Meowers - they ushually haf a great day planned! (and arrrgh, the mom is LAME for not putting mine outfit on me now to take a new pikshur)


I be planning a mutiny here I'm telling you!   Our captain "the mom" suks.

The Pirate Name Generator: I've been redubbed *Slippery Isaac Slasher* thanks to the The Pirate Name Generator.


Miles says I has to swab the poop deck.  Or poop on the deck.  I forget

Pirate Name Generator
Your Result: Slim-eye Joe
Just an average deck-swabber name to go with your low-fuss life. You don't usually take many risks but when you do you always take necessary precautions. You probably have a lot of allergies or get sick a lot but yet you aren't very clumsy.
Plain Jane
Captain Silver Beard Jones
Captain Tessa Rose
Pirate Name Generator
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nicky Tuesday


I has been a GOOD boy!! I remind mommy efurry night to do her insulin injekshuns and efurry morning when the bad flashy light goes off and then the noisy part goes off, I make shur that mommy does her other insulin injekshuns.  I also make shur that her clothes match and that she brushes her teefs.  If it weren't for me she would be ded or worse - she woud haf bad bref and wear stripes and plaids togefur.   MOL. 

Come on ofur and haf a dance war at Billy's!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is the Meezer Monday Miles Report for today

The Foods Report - we had somefing called CAPON for dinner.  tasted like chick-hen to me. 

The What did Billy do report - he ranned out the door to see whe woofie that lives 'ahind us - and RAN ACROSS THE STREET to do it (dutchess was taking her person out for a walk).  The mom was elebety nine different kinds of MAD at him)

The what did Nicky do report - he calmed down about the beepy/flashy clock.  For now

The psycho report by Syko Sam - well, ferst let me say I's angry I didn't get to do mine Sunday report.  And Billy should NOT haf runned across the street to see the alien - the alien almost pulled her dinner person down onto the road so that she could eat sniff Billy.  Then he camed home all slobbered on.  I am doing scietifik experiments on the slobber.  Back to you custard thighs

::SIGH:: - I am hoping for frech toast sometime soon.  Otherwise I will get CRANKY

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nicky Thursday


I AM A GOOD BOY MOMMY!! I'm sorry that the alarm clock hit you in the head.  Why does it have a flashing light on it? It's ANNOYING and I MUST KILL IT.  MAKE IT STOP.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nicky Wednesday


Hi efurryone!!! It's me, NICKY!!! Unlike mine brofurs, I unnerstand that mine mommy has to werk long hours to buy us foods and toys and litters and stuffs.  I doesn't like it but I'm NOT whiney about it.  I doesn't get mad.  I gets even.  At 3am.  MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MOL.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Eleven years later

This is a repost of my 9/11/2006 post, with some new comments and thoughts.

I did not personally know anyone in the Towers, on the planes or in the Pentagon that lost their lives that day. However, I signed up to be part of the
2,996 bloggers to remember an individual who was lost on September 11, 2001. This is a rememberance of one of the lights that was snuffed out that day.

There are not enough words for me to begin to honor or remember. I hope that I can do a little justice to Marlyn's short life.

Marlyn C Garcia
Age: 21
Location: World Trade Center, Tower 1, 100th floor, Marsh and McLennan Cos, Inc

Miss Garcia was the valedictorian of her high school class at Bay Ridge Christian Academy. She was described as mature beyond her years. Smart. Sweet. Prom Queen. A young woman with character. Always smiling. Always nice to everyone. She turned down a scholarship to Syracuse University to remain close to her family, going instead to John Jay College, where, again, she touched so many lives with her kindness and smile. She was attending college as she worked at Marsh and McLennan. She would arrive an hour early each day so that she could leave to attend school in the afternoons. She wanted to work for the United Nations, travel, advocate for those who could not speak for themselves, to spread her light to others.
She had an entire lifetime ahead of her.
She had potential.
She was small. She was fearless. She was determined.
She loved her family. Her parents, her 2 sisters, her Uncle, to whom she wrote on Monday night, Sept 10 " I hope I get to see you Tuesday, I am going into work a little late because I want to vote" September 11 was New York City Mayoral Primary day.
She was a person that any young woman should look up to as an example of a caring and loving person. Someone to stive to be like. A loving Daughter, Sister, Neice, Cousin, Friend. A shining light.
In every rememberance of Marlyn that I have read, everyone has described her as being one thing - an Angel. She was an Angel on earth to so many. She was, sadly, in Tower 1 when the plane hit. One of the 2,996 called Home that day. Called Home to be an Angel looking down on everyone she knew and cared about. To now spread her light from above.

9/11/2006 I cannot believe that it has been five years. The emotions and feelings I have are still as raw as they were that day. In my cedar chest in my bedroom, I have copies of the New York Daily News, dated September 12, 2001, and showing all of the horror in still photographs. I looked at them on the day I purchased them. I have not looked at them since. I cannot ever forget those pictures. They are burned in my memory. I keep the papers to remember. I don't know why. I can't forget. I will never forget. None of us should never forget, so that will not happen again.

9/11/2009  When I wrote these words 3 years ago I could not believe the pain could still be so fresh in my heart. A couple of weeks ago, I went into my cedar chest and I looked at those papers dated 9/12/2001. I cried, gut wrenching, all out sobbing crying. And I thought about Marlyn. And I prayed that the terror for her was short.

9/11/2010 It's now been 9 years since that horrific day.  It seems a life time ago and yesterday, all at the same time.  Life changed forever that day.  Or  did it? It seems that the more years pass, the less our collective conscious remembers - that it was hatred that took over that day.  Hatred that is rearing its ugly head again - right here in our country.  Among our own citizens. Intolerance.  Hate.  The attitude of I'm right and you're wrong and we cannot have dialog anymore. We are living in times that seem to be even more dangerous than they were 9 years ago.  For the first time in my life, I'm scared for the future.  It's only been 9 years and it seems we have not learned a damn thing. Did all of those people, did Marlyn, die in vain? God, I pray not.  We need to dig deep inside and remember what we felt that awful day.  We need to remember how, when we reached out our hands that day, there was someone there to hold them.  Someone there to cry with, to grieve with.  To heal with.  We need to remember.  We need to remember the innocence that was lost that day.  We need to remember Marlyn and the 2995 others that were ripped away from us.  We cannot let their lives be lost in vain and hatred.  

9/11/2011 - Marlyn did not get to live these past 10 years.  She did not get to get married, have children, graduate from college, have a career.  We did.  We got to live, and yet we didn't change a damn thing.  It's amazing how much we forget in 10 years.  How much we THINK we have changed things... progressed.  But we have not.  We have regressed.  We HAVE forgotten.  It's a damn shame.  

9/11/2012 - I have always thought that we die when our mission here in this world is done - that we have touched the lives of those we were meant to touch, learn what we were meant to learn and passed the knowledge on to those who needed it or were hungry to learn.   How could 3000 missions have been completed all in the space of a few hours? I have struggled with that thought for 11 years.  I still don't get it.  Maybe I'm just naive.  I don't think that Marlyn's mission was done, and perhaps her spirit is still here, touching lives.  I hope so.

On the night of 9/11/2001, we had a candelight walk in our neighborhood, led by the children. Then we all put our candles out on our porches to burn down during the night. When I light a candle tonight, as I did that night, and as I do every September 11, I will light it in Marlyn's memory.

Marlyn Garcia I will never forget you.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is the Meezer Monday Miles report for today - it's short and sour. 

THE MOM ABANDONED US ALL WEEKEND FOR MR JAHB.  Yes, her WERK is more 'portant than US.  So what if she werked 10 hours on Saturday and 14 hours on Sunday - SHE ABANDONED US.  


you know, one who is lazy and lays in bed all day so that we can cuddle her.  except, of course, when it's time to get up and feed us.   

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Thursday Crabbing


Kidme infekshun or not, the mom is failing us left and right.  we haf NOT had stinky goodness for 2 days (yeah yeah yeah kibble shmibble), we haf NOT had brushies for 2 days.  The mom goes to werk and comes home and goes to bed.  or spends all night in the human litter box room.  She efen KICKED ME OFF THE BED.  I was not doing anyfing wrong, I was just laying there kicking her in the back like I always do!   She's MEAN and USELESS. 

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Meezer Tuesday Miles Report


Here is the Meezer Tuesday Miles report

The Foods Report - RIBS!!!!!!!!!

The what did Billy do report - oh yea, he ranned and ranned and ranned outside all weekend.  MOL.  He's doing the POLKA today

The what did Nicky do report  - he ranned outside too!!!!

The whacko report by syko Sam  - OH MY BAST.  The mothership came and took away the guy across the street that uses the vacuum cleaner to clean his lawn and driveway.  HE'S GONE!! there was a party and everything.  I think that all of the aliens are very happy 'acause he yelled at them all the time and threatened to do vary vary bad things to them.  The mom is sooper happy he's gone!!!!! I saw the mothership land in his backyard and take him and his stuff away.  (Miles - it had a clever disguise - a 10 wheel truck.  MOL)
Back to you boston cream pie hips. 

The mom report - well the mom has a kid-me infekshun that does not seem to want to go away.  she's had it for 2 weeks now  and it's messing wif her die-a-bee-tees too and making her sugar really really high.  hopefully it will go away soon. 

that is the meezer monday tuesday miles report for today

Monday, September 03, 2012

Happy Labor Day


I's taking a break from mine bizzy life to sellybrate Labor Day today.  I will ha mine report tomorrow. 

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sammy Siamese Sunday


Just because I made a happy purrfday post to that Orinch Meniss, don't think that I am getting soft.  He's still a MENISS TO SOCIETY and I whapped him in the head this morning for trying to get in my sleepy spot. 

Of course that made the mom mad and he got the spot anyway.  I should haf whapped her. 

I think I need coffee or somefing, I's a little cranky today

it's been a while

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