Monday, December 24, 2012

The Night 'afore a Meezer Christmas - repost from 2007 wif some changes

'Twas the night 'afore chrissymas
and all frough the house
the Meezers was running
and made mommy grouse

The stockings was hanged
by the tv wif care
in hopes that saint santy paws
soon would be here

The Meezers weren't settled or
snuggled in bed
but mommy hadded an ice pack
slapped on her head

when up on the stairs
there arose such a clatter
daddy sprang from his bed
to see what was the matter

the nightlight shone on the
white tiled floor
the Meezers were hiding
behind the litterbox room door

with a "QUIET" and a "STOP IT"
and "get out here on the double"
we knowed in a moment
we might be in deep trouble

"Now Miles, Now Sammy,
you both know the rules
HEY BILLY - listen up
NICKY, you too
Get into the bedroom
get into the bed, settle down
now cover your head

As sad Meezers before the wild races run
when met with their scheming for a paw in mom's eye
they sneaked down the stairs
and in their tents they did lie

And then in a twinkling we heard on the roof
Santy Paws? VISHUS DEER? we might need some proof
We drew in our heads and conferred with each other
and then down the stairs came there came.....

She was dressed in all fleece from her head to her feet
and also old socks, her feet weren't so sweet
a huge glass of water she grasped in her hand
she looked quite a fright, for so early at night

Her eyes, how they squinted! her dimples, how funny!
her cheeks were all pale, her nose was all runny
her big funny mouth was drawn up in a bow
and she mumbled and grumbled and then stubbed her toe

the stick of a popsicle was stuck in her teeth, her hair stood straight up
circling her head like a wreath
she had a round face and a round little belly
kind of like a snowman, made out of jelly

she was wobbly and bobbly, and mumbling no sense
and we was laffin and laffin in the dark of the tents
but with a glare of her eye and a twist of her head
soon gave us to know - uh oh, we're dead

She spoke not a werd, but went straight to the sink
and filled up her glass, and took a long drink
and laying a finger aside of her nose
and giving a nod, up the stairs she rose

She jumped into bed, so we knew we were safe
we ran up the stairs and kissied her face
We heard her exclaim as she drifted to sleep
Merry Christmas my Meezers

Merry Christmas to all of our wonderful friends! We hope you all get just what you wish for!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Secret Paw


We gotted our secret paw gift - and NICKY TOTALLY bogarted it!! He forgot the rule that ALL TOYS ARE MINE - ESPECIALLY AWESOME NIP CIGARS!!!

So, who did it come from? Um, well.....
What was in it? PAWEOMSE STUFF!!! Any Nicky's head.  MOL

Thank you secret santa!!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The mom is a grinch


We gotted a SECRET PAWS pakage! And mommy will NOT let us open it until chrissymouse.  So, we doesn't efen know who sented it to us, but whoefur did, we gotted it but mommy is a GRINCH.  We will post pikshurs after we open it!!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An oldie but a goodie....


6 years ago, my furriends Grr, Midnight, and Cocoa challenged me to make up a chrissymouse song about Ham, to the tune of Jingle Bells (it was to raise $ for a sick cb kitty at the time).  Well, I did, and it has become a inter-nash-a-nul phe-nom-a-nom (mmmmm noms).  (Sammy's note: if by international you mean more than you remembers that you efen writed it, then, maybe. )

::clears throat:: Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, here it is, by popular demand (Sammy's note: if by popular demand you mean you trying to call radio stashuns and request somefing that was nefur recorded...) ::jumps on Sammy and takes him down::................

::ahem:: here is 

Hammy Smells 

Dashing frough the house
on my four furry feet
mommy's at the cold box
getting me a treat

On my feets I run
For a treat that is YUM YUM
I can't wait to get it
into my tum-tum


Hammy Smells
Hammy Smells
Hammy Smells so fine
and the taste
oh my gosh
it is so deeeeeeeeee-vine

City Ham
Country Ham
dices cubes and slices
salty good
piggy good
tastes better than mices

Monday, December 17, 2012

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is the meezer monday miles report for today

The V-E-T report: Well grammie gotted sick on Friday and hadded to go to the people hospital, so WE didn't go to the v-e-t.  Then the bad bad thing happened in Connectcat and the mom was all sad.  All of us were going to go to the v-e-t on Saturday, but the mom only taked Billy and Nicky.  Supposedly Me (the pee king) and Sammy (fraidy cat) are supposed to go this coming saturday  we will see about that. 

The Foods Report:  chick-hen and some ham.  that's it.  it kind of suked.

The What did Billy do report-  HAHAHAHAHA the v-e-t said Billy is TOO FAT and has to go on a DIET. wait, what? we ALL haf to eat diet foods?  DARN IT BILLY why did you ruin it for all of us!!!  Oh, and he's back on steer-oids for his breathing prollems, and the v-e-t was not happy that his bad eye is all cloudy now.  He may haf to haf it removed.

The what did Nicky do report - He HISSED when the v-e-t stabbed him.  But he's NOT FAT so it's NOT FAIR that he has to eat diet foods too. 

The alien report - here is syko scarity cat Sam - ok, well, um, once I heard that I was going to haf to go to the v-e-t I teleported to Auntie Bee's and hid wif her  So I didn't get any alien news for today.  Back to you twinkie thighs. 

That is the Meezer Monday Miles report for today

Friday, December 14, 2012



NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  I does NOT want to go get mine rooster shots.  I HATE YOU THE MOM!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Deer Santa


Well, um..... the mom says that efurryfing depends on Friday for me.  If I am a good boy at the V-E-T then I will get lots of good pressies.  If I am not, then not so much wif the pressies.  Well, I WILL be a good boy.  MILES is the one that will be peeing all ofur efurryone.  I will just be growling.  

Santy Paws, I loves you!!!

Samuel Alfonse Meezer 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deer Santy Claws


Deer Santy Claws

I am writing you 'acause I would like to 'splain that I AM a good boy.  I really is not grumpy and growchy all the time like the mom says, and although I does things like slap the mom in the face in the mornings and stuff like that, it's for her own good.  She sometimes ofursleeps and I needs to make shur that she gets up for werk, or else she will get fired.  That would be a bad thing.  Also, I akshually does like Sammy and does not think he's really syko, he's just a bit "unique". 

I would like for all furries to get their own homes for chrissymouse.  And HAM.  And a year's supply of French Toast.  


Yore friend Miles Philippe Meezer

Monday, December 10, 2012

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is the Meezer Monday Miles report for today

The foods report:  Scrambled eggs, and hamburger (I still doesn't know why it's HAM burger when it has NO HAM in it)

The what did Billy do report - He ranned outside when it was wet, and then he putted his wet feets all ofur the mom's face when she picked him up to bring him inside.  MOL

The what did Nicky do report - his new thing is to sit on the coffee table right in front of the mom so she cannot see the talking pikshur box

The whacko-syko report by syko sam:  thanks eclair thighs:   so, it's been cold and rainy and the aliens have been quiet.  too quiet  it's like they're all gone.  But i know they're not.  I look out the slidy door and see them  And they just stare at me.  It's furry scairty.  It's like they look at me and try to figure out what kind of soup make out of me.  i don't like it one bit.  i think they ate all their people and are now hungry.  i think i'll go hide unner the bed. 
back to you pudding gut. 

::SIGH:: - some day he will wake up on this planet and realize he's just weird. 

That is the meezer monday miles report for today

Thursday, December 06, 2012


Billy SweetFeets


ME has been a GOOD BOY all year!!! The mom lady person says that ME has been BAD running out of the house, but ME has mine reasons.  Yes the OUT is a nice place, but the mom lady person SAID she NEEDS EXERCISE 'acuase she is FAT and she says ME needs exercise 'acause ME is FAT too.  SOOOOOOOOOO ME is just making shur that the mom lady person and ME exercise alot.  Isn't that being a GOOD BOY???? 

ME would like it if you delivered some yummy treets to me.  Like chick-hen.  And squash.  


Your Friend
Billy SweetFeets Norton Gingersnap

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Deer Santa


Deer Santa

I hope that I has been a good boy this year.   I hope that you has forgotted all about the times I opened mommy's insulin fridge.  And all the times I pushed stuff off tables. And all the times I wrestled Miles and made him scream like  a little girl (MILES: I DO NOT SCREAM LIKE A LITTLE GIRL). and all the times I made Sammy mad by sleeping in his sleepy spot.  In my defense, I am cute and I snuggle mommy alot and I give great purrrsss.  So I hopes that I will not get coal for chrissymouse like mine brofurs are saying.  Although I hear you can use coal to heat things like the house - so maybe if i gets a lot of it I can give it away to someone who has a cold house.  

Nicholas ChristmasPants

Monday, December 03, 2012

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...