Monday, February 03, 2014

Karma - or a very lame ending


Ok, so I's ready to see what's going on down in the dungeon.  I keep hearing voices calling me down there.  Something about "it's fun" down there.  Well YEAH it's fun down there - there's things down there the mom does not want me playing wif - like the chrissymouse wreath wif all the fake snow on it, and lots of things to climb in! But I's not sure of the voices, some of them sound like Miles, but I's sure I packed him up and sent him to Bora Bora. 

At ferst when I heard the voices from the dungeon I thinked that it was this:

No way was I going down into the dungeon for that!!!!! ::shudder::

Then I thought I would meet up with this:   (can you see it?  EEEKK)
So taking mine life into mine own paws, I wented down to the dungeon.  And I finded THIS:  Looks comfy!!! and nice!!!!  Hey Miles, glad to see you back from Bora Bora!!
Miles??  Nicky!!! how are you? Billy??  How come no one is answering me??  uh, wait, they're just STUFFED ANIMALS??  um, guys????  where are you??? Come on out,, this is not funny.  Oh hey bartender dood, has you seen mine.................AHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS ARE YOU???????????   SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!
:::shaking::: Sammy, wake up buddy!! wow you had a long nap!! are you ok??
::opening eyes:::  nap?? The mom?? is that you?? 
::the mom:: - yes, you had a long nap sweetie!! did you have a bad dream??
Dream?? I doesn't know, was it a dream?? or am I still in a nightmare???


Georgia and Julie said...

The big dream! Well, Mom said it worked on "Dallas", whatever that is.
Good to know all is well and the dungeon is still...a dungeon :)
What on earth did you eat before that nap :o
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
and Angels Tiger and Tillie

Flynn said...

That was a long scary nightmare! I am glad Pennywise didn't get you.

Basil Widdairs said...

OMC!!!!!!!! That clown was furry scary!!! EEEEEEEK!!!

Just hopped over from the Pet Parade to say Hi!

Bestest purrs

Basil XOX

Jans Funny Farm said...

Wow, good thing that was a dream. Scary.

meowmeowmans said...

Oh, we hope it was just a bad dream! Because if you're still in a nightmare, that clown is still around somewhere!

The Swiss Cats said...

Bad dreams are made of this... We wish you lovely dreams during your next nap ! Fortunately your mom and your buddy were beside you ! Purrs

Two French Bulldogs said...

That clown alone was enough to terrify me

ANGEL ABBY said...

Glad it was a dream Sammy

purrs and nosekisses your adorin Angel from the Bridge

The Island Cats said...

MOL! Sammy, we're glad it was just a bad dream...or was it??? ;)

Derby, Ducky said...

A dream or alternate reality?

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Sammy, we beleeve in everything ya saw. Just cuz you was nappin when the Mom woke ya up doesnt mean they werent real.

But SOMEHOW, we are just a TAD suspishus about ya hearing Miles voice callin ya down there. We bet it was the clown imitating him.

Rascal and Rocco said...

Good choice, not to go down into that scary dungeon! Glad you stayed safe upstairs

Shaggy and Scout said...

Sammy....lay off the niptinis before naptime, ok?

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