Monday, June 29, 2015

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Well, I did get some chick-hen and a little cake frosting for mine gotcha day.  I did NOT eat the karrot kake - because, well KARROTS.  They're BEGETABLES.  UGH.  Sheesh.  A BEGETABLE cake for her purrfday and mine gotcha day.  How gross is that? 

I also gotted a little bacon.  

We haf 'acided that the new alien is just a bitisor.  He is snoopervising the werk being done on the house next door.  And then Sammy says if the werker guy does not do a good job, the alien will eat him.  I doesn't know about that.  He seems like a very lazy alien to me.  He just lays around on the patio.  

Nicky is about done with the condos.  He will haf an announcement tomorrow. 

Billy is still hafing breathing prollems.  The v-e-t says that there's not a lot that they can do wifout hafing to take a lot of really 'spensive pikshurs.  ::SIGH::


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

For Bast's sake, I NEED some REAL foods


5 bites of chick-hen is NOT sustenance!!! I NEEDS more foods!!! Really, dry kibble is for animals.  MOL

Monday, June 22, 2015

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Happy Meezer Monday Efurryone!

Why is I so happy? Well, I doesn't know.  It's not like I had mine own cow or pig to eat last week, or any of that lovely fluffy toast made by those French people.  Or even a piece of baloney. Maybe I'm just da-leer-ee-us.  I spent some time screaming at the furniture.  Sammy spent time on high alien alert because there was a strange alien at the house next door.  we don't know if it's a new naybor, or if it was just visiting.  
Nicky spent lots of time in his new box.  Personally, I think that he spent a lot of time in there because it's very tall and he can't get out without tipping it over.  Once he's out, the mom stands it back up again, and he gets right back in.  Then he can't get out without tipping it over. I hear him in there talking about condos and how he and a lot of kitties are going to have a fabulous adventure in July.  Sounds interesting. 
Billy spent a lot of time wheezing.  I feel bad for the little guy 'acause when he's not wheezing out loud, he still breathes very hard.  The steeroids are not werking like they used to.  Poor guy. 

I think I heard the mom say something about chick-hen for dinner tonight.  So i'm just going to go scream at the cold box for a while until it gives up the food. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Now accepting applications


OMC -seriously? What are realestate pants? Mom has gone off the deep end. 

Anyway, I am now accepting applications for my 6 condo box.  There is really no rent, just a desire to maybe end up in parts unknown with guys that look like Sammy in straw hats and mustaches, or Billy in grass skirts, or Miles in Hawaiian sherts, none of whom speak english.  You can squeeze in as many as you want into your condo - it's kind of ever expanding.  MOL. 

Let me know who would like to go on this adventure.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Meatful Tuesday


Well I guess that my wandering around screaming at things in the house FINALLY got to the mom.  She made PORK CHOPS last night.  So while she was sitting on the cowch with her plate, I stalked the meats.  I did mine best Billy impersonation and stuck mine feets right in it.  Except that I missed the meat and got mine feets into something called PINE-APPLE.  It did not taste like the chrissymouse tree OR an apple - and I've tasted both.  It was VILE.  
So then I just leaned over and STOLE a piece of pork from the plate.  Stolen pork tastes even sweeter than pork that is handed to you.  (The Mom's note:  I cut some pork and put it on his side of the plate for him to nibble on.  but if he thinks he stole it, that's ok).  Then that Orinch Meniss got into the act.  Except he forgot how his mouth worked.  The mom tried handing him the meat like she always does but all he could manage to do was lick it. She put it down for him and he licked it again.  Then he started at her and said "I forgot how to get it in mine mouf".  Oh brother. FINALLY he remembered to OPEN his mouth and the mom picked it up and shoved it in his pork-hole.  MOL.  

Monday, June 15, 2015

Meezer Monday Miles Report


It has come to mine attenshun that  you, the mom, intend to continue eating those dreadful begetables most of the summer.  What kind of craziness is this? Can't you see that I am withering away to nothing? I must be down to, like, 18 pounds now! SHEESH woman.   You must be down to 1.3 tons yourself.  Your pants are falling off. Put some meat on that plate.  

Oh wait, yeah, you did give me 5 bites of chick-hen the other day.  yeah lady, that was enough.  NOT. 

BORED, BORING, BORED, BORED, BORED.  There's nothing to watch out the back slidy door now.  ::SIGH::

The 6 condo box is coming along nicely.  I think that it should be ready for travel, er, living in soon. Now, how to get MILES in it this time........... Oh yea, put a steak in it.  ROTFMMBO

::WHEEZE:: ME is hafing a hard time breathing.  It's hoomid and ME cannot breathe in the hoomid. ME is going to just lay down ofur here for a while.  

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy Purrfday Sammy


well the mom messed up big time - she did a post for Sammy's purrfday wif party stuff and everything, but then she thought she saved it to post and she didn't, and it's gone.  And she JUST noticed it. 

The Mom, you owe Sammy BIG TIME!!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2015



MOM LADY PERSON:   Last night ME was hungry and ME sticked mine feets in your plate when YOU was not looking.  

That stuff on your plate was NOT FOODS. 

It was SOUR and had leafy crud in it.  Then there was that big ORINCH round thing that smelled like SQUASH (ME LOVES SQUASH) and it had something that might haf been MEATS but when ME sticked mine feets in that, it tasted WEERD - like sour maply syrup.  

Look, ME does not ask for much - an occasional escape to the OUT, and the crunchy bowl full of foods, and once in a while (ok for EFURRY MEAL) a taste of the MEATS - so can you PLEASE go back to eating REGULAR FOODS? Like real MEATS? SHEESH. 

FYI - she saided to ME that she was hafing SALAD wif POM-E-GRANITE VIN-A-GRET and squash wif POLISH SNAUSAGE, wif MAPLY VINEGAR on top.  GROSS. 


Monday, June 08, 2015

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Well, no french toasts, no chick-hen, no ham, no roast beast.  Just NOTHING.  The mom is in a "salad or soup for dinner" mood.  I hate it when she's in those moods.  

Sammy is upset that the neighbor woofie (er alien) moved away too.

 I don't think I have a purpose in mine life anymore - the alien next door ate his entire family and had to move away to find more people to eat.  (Mom's note: no, the entire family moved far away for a new job). The alien in the house behind us is not out that much 'acause she has too much to do with watching her people - they are sneaky and escape often.  Plus, their orinch meniss kitties help the people escape - the orinch meniss kitties run out of the house and then the people haf to chase them down.  Must be an Orinch Meniss thing. 

Hey, I resemble that remark Sammy


Mine luxury condo box is coming along nicely.  Does anyone want to rent a condo? There is space for 3.    

Friday, June 05, 2015

Finally Friday


ME is feeling a little better about mine furriend moving away, but ME still misses him.  Maybe another dance party will help! 

Nobody puts Billy in a corner


Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Sorry about your um, b**bs


Deer The Mom

Sorry that I jumped on, and scratched, your boobs I was in a hurry to smack Sammy in the head and, well, you were in the way.  



Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...