Saturday, December 31, 2016

Attenshun Party Goers


Attenshun efurryone at our Noo Year's Pawty!! 

We will be building the tower to drop the flashy ball from right now.  We need efurryone's help - it has to reach the ceiling. 

In other pawty noos, there is MORE HAM in the fridge.  AND REAL LIVE FRESH DEAD SHRIMPS. 

Also, a new supply of nip is in for the niptinis. 

Happy New Year - Graphic
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Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Party - it starts NOW


the party is starting NOW

We has FOODS, TOYS, NAP PILES, and there's SNOW outside!!!!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Merry Day After Chrissymouse


We hopes efurryone hadded a great chrissymouse.  We is just chillin out and waiting for New years.  Maybe we will haf a big pawty  

Thursday, December 22, 2016

I hope I's not too late!


Oh noes, I hope I's not too late for mine letter to Santy Claws

Deer Santy Claws

Hi it's me, Sammy Meezer.  I has been a good boy all year, and yet I get beat up by Nicholas NaughtyPants ALL THE TIME.  I wish he would get some coal in his stocking. 

I would like the following things for Chrissymouse

1.  toys - like nip nanners
2.  Something that tastes like the inside of the mom's nose - I can't stop licking there and the mom does not like it.  
3.  A new baby brother (or sisfur)

Also, it was NOT me that pooped on the floor last week. 



Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It's Time!!


It's time for the annual singing of 


Hammy Smells (sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Dashing frough the house
on my four furry feet
mommy's at the cold box
getting me a treat

On my feets I run
For a treat that is YUM YUM
I can't wait to get it
into my tum-tum


Hammy Smells
Hammy Smells
Hammy Smells so fine
and the taste
oh my gosh
it is so deeeeeeeeee-vine

City Ham
Country Ham
dices cubes and slices
salty good
piggy good
tastes better than mices

Monday, December 12, 2016

Deer Santa Claws


Deer Santa Claws

Hi, 'amember me? I'm Miles Phillippe Meezer - you 'amember me right? Well, I has been a good boy this year because I knows you has been watching me. Just 'amember that I is the one that the lilac point terror Nicky attacks.  A lot.  Well, he does, efen if the mom says I am a binstigator.  I doesnt' now what that means, but when she says it she says she doesn't feel sorry for me. Isn't that awful? I mean really, I'm just a little cat! She should get coal in her stocking. 

Anyway, I would like only one, two, three things for chrissymouse. 

1.  Some steps so that I can get onto the bed again. Mine back legs bother me a lot and I can't jump very much anymore.  I can manage to make it to the cowch, but not to the bed and I has to be there to keep the mom safe from the boogie monster.  Oh and she has to keep me safe from him too. 

2.  Warm and loving homes for all homeless fur babies.  

3.  People in this country to stop being so mean to each other. It's just getting stoopid. 

Thank you Santa Claws.  


Pee Ess.  It was NOT me that hid that piece of ham 'ahind the cowch and made it stink in the house. 

Thursday, December 08, 2016

I'm a WHAT?



Mommy:  Nicky why do you have to chase Sammy so much? You're bullying him

NICKY:  well, I doesn't really know.  maybe he says snotty things to me and I has to chase him. 

Mommy:  Is that true? 

NICKY:  Well, I doesn't know.  Maybe he insulted you.  And I has to chase him

Mommy: Is that true? 

NICKY:  Well, I doesn't know.  Maybe I just doesn't like his face. 

Mommy:  Is that true? 

NICKY:  Well, I doesn't know.  WAIT I KNOW!! HE FARTED.  

Mommy: is that true? 

NICKY:  YES!! THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED.  Then I had to chase him 'acause the stink was following him around and I had to get him to out run it so that he could come back into the living room without the stink following him. 

Mommy:  Really? Because he came in here, and saw you, and then proceeded to walk around the outside of the room, then over the furniture just to avoid getting near you. 

NICKY:  hahaha,  it werked.  Now he and his butt stink will stay away from me.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Deer Santy Paws


Deer Santy Paws

Mommy says I needs to write this letter to you RIGHT NOW. 'acause I is being BAD.  

I will try and promise not to do the following from now until Chrissymouse

  • 1.  Chase Sammy around the house and bite his butt
  • 2.  Chase Sammy around the house and bite his tummy
  • z.  Run full speed through the house, hollering at the top of mine lungs for no reason (there IS a reason, but mommy does not believe me that I see ghosty kitties here - Billy and some others that came 'afore) 
  • $.  Stand in the human litter box room and scream the song of mine people
  • 9.  Get unner the covers and bite her in the stomach
  • 6.  Eat all the foods and puke them up in the bedroom.  Wait, that's not me. 
  • D.  Chase Miles around the house and jump on him and make him scream like Jamie Lynn Curtis in that Halloween Movie. 
  • #.  Knock over any chrissymouse tree that may come into the house.  
Please be kind to me Santy Paws, I losted mine big brofur Billy 3 months ago and I is still sad and acting out.  

Thursday, December 01, 2016

I's in trubble


um, I's in trubble for breaking one of the mom's plates.  I kind of pushed it off the table onto the hard floor and it breaked.  

But the ham on it was good. 

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...