Saturday, May 27, 2006

'puter problems


We hadded 'puter problems last night, so we couldn't post after we joined the healing purrayers for Edselsmom . We wented to the patio door and looked up at the sky, and Mommy said some werds help us along for a couple of minutes, then we all gotted quiet. Sammy and I and Trixie purred, and Mommy hadded her hands folded and she was all quiet. When we wented to bed later, Mommy put us all on her lap and put our paws together inside her hands and we said anofer purrayer for Edselsmom and a purrayer for Brandismom 'acause shes losing her job and needs to find werk.


Patches & Mittens said...

You are good friends. We need to all stick together in times of need.

Patches Lady

Hi, Best Friend,Trixie!!Momma broughted out Vacumn Monster and so we girls left until he had his fill. Now it is time for a can teleport over anytime and snuggle.

Mittens Pollypaws

DEBRA said...


That was really sweet to send your purrayers out for Edsel & his beanMom. We are also purraying for her too.

You are indeed so sweet & thoughtful Sammy!

Zeus said...

We were terribly late to the purrayer meeting as well since the human pet got called out and didn't come back until 10 our time. We sent our purrayers for Edsel's mom up to heaven too, though, when the human pet came home.

You Meezers are so kind and thoughtful! Hopefully, Edsel's mom will be a-o-k.

Gemini said...

We purred for her last night, late too. And then again today. In fact, Chey is purring now, but I think that's an I'm hungry purr and not a thoughtful one--


Timmy said...

Prayers am all way good...they help out Momma and Grammie a whole lot. I'm sure Edsel's Momma am happy to know there are so many prayers said on her a'half... it makes me purr just thinkin' of it...

Maggie & Molly said...

Me and my mama have been thinking about both Edsel and Brandi's mama a lot and we are praying on good things will come to both.

brandi said...

Mama and I have been purraying for Edsel's mom. And we thank you for thinking about us, too, in this scare-y time for us. We are so grateful we decided to join the catblogging world. We have so many to laugh and cry with and pray for and to be prayed for, and it is just so wonderful to be a part of all of you dear furry ones and beans!

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