Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Booted Off Blogger


We gotted booted off blogger at the Calico's blog. We want to fank efurryone for coming out to celebrate Trixie's life. We are simply awed that so many furriends took the time to celebrate wif us. Efurry bean and poodin should take some time to sing and dance wif each ofurr once in a while.


William said...


Rascal said...

Booted off???? I'm sad because we had company last night and Mom wouldn't let me be on the computer all by myself. So I didn't get to come to Trixie's Memorial service.

I'm glad to hear you all are dancing. What a wonderful way to celebrate a Beloved One's life.

Gemini said...

I couldn't come last night. Perhaps I can drop by and purr at you and Miles for awhile?

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

dear sammy & miles--

we teleported in a little early last night, and missed seeing you. but it was a lovely gathering, and we purred and held paws and thought good thoughts about trixie. and mom lit a candle and sang you are my sunshine to us, and told us how dear all kitties are to their beans.

we are glad to hear that your mom is thoughtful enough to leave some trixie fur around until you don't need it any more. what a loving mom! eventually, you'll get to the point when thinking of trixie is only happy, not happy/teary any more. (actually, we think the fur's there for mom, too.)

blessings on your heads, dear furriends!


one of us said...

We all wanted to say your memorials for Trixie are so nice. And we will dance with mom in Trixie's memory. Sorry we couldn'ts make it to the blog the other nights but we wanted you to know that our hearts are thingking of you all and Trixie. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO and the Poiland Tribe

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